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Alghazanth - Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity cover art

Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
LabelsWoodcut Records
Album rating :  -
Votes :  0
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Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity Lyrics

Submitted by level DevilDoll (2011-02-09)
1. Introduction (The Broken Talon) (1:12)
2. The Unbounded Wrath (4:41)
The sky has blessed us by revealing its obscure side
From which the stars look upon us, begging to be taken away
For we are the ones who already fell from amongst them, to weaken the light of day

With the reality of blade we'll cut the wings from your dreams
The mighty darkside mocks your saviour, laughs at his screams
We are the embodiment of war
We are the whip of Satan himself
We are the whirlwind upon your kind

Merciless towards you all we are
With all the pride of a fallen star

Suffer, you christian bastads
We'll force you to drink your own blood
And the last thing you'll realize will be the cruelness in our eyes

The sky has blessed us by revealing its obscure side
From which the stars look upon us, begging to be taken away
For we are the ones who already fell from amongst them, to weaken the light of day

Shudder before the might of our Lord and His legions
Cry in pain when these claws of Death reach your heart
The wrath we hold within is strong enough to crush even mountains
Be ready to feel it, you'll all die on your fucking knees!
3. My Somberness Surmounted (4:45)
I close my eyes and your light is ignored
I entomb my memories and your words are forlorn
Subconscious walls imprison me no more
The blade runs upon my skin, my hands become sore

It must be the crasp of Death that pulls me under the surface, over and over again...

At last I'm setting myself apart from your useless ways
At last I forsake the burden you created for me
Your illusions are like dust to me
Just some reflections of worthlessness

Hate breathes within me
I see thousand times farther than any of you can
You failed to sense the harvest which you've become
You revealed me the weakness in man

Bitter sweet is this view of solitude
...take me but not my flesh...
Confused I am by all these dark emotions;
Am I to sink in these infinite black oceans?

I see cursed bodies dance around Devil's fire
My Dark Father! Receive me... complete me... impale me with immortality
4. Of A Stormgrey Vision (4:47)
Let Thy sword fall upon the necks of the feeble and the foolish
Raise thy fist in glory, smash the crosses to thousand little pieces
Give your commands unto the firestorms, may the flames caress the sky
Lead the whirlwinds towards the masses and as harvested they shall fall

Agony and fear arise in black shapes, both are here to torment the weak
Listen how they cry for their "god" that never existed the way they thought
He is not a saviour nor is he a king, never was and never shall be
Only a coward without any reason to be a ruler

This world shall be given to those who roam the paths of the dark Unseen
This world shall be reborn to greet its true owners
This world shall be laid in the shade of lightless day, dawnless morning

Just give us Thy sword, it'll be our scythe
Just give us Thy sign, and we will be the Damnation

All the honour is Yours
I feel Thy unclean powers run through me
A river of blood, all shed with our hands
Faithfully we follow Thy commands
5. He Awaits... (3:55)
Take a look beyond this mortal world
Can you see what awaits thereon?
Listen! Can you hear those voices call your name?
Different words but they all mean the same

Wooden gates are closing behind you
No turning back, walk onwards on your path
Coldwinds are blowing against your face
Be prepared to feel the most gruesome grace

A place where the fire has its lair
You can't turn away, you are already there
Burn with passion!

Let the mist move aside, let it clear your sight
Can you feel His presence?
Stars as His crown, mountains as His throne
This is your destiny for you are His own
He awaits...
6. Towards The Tempting Infinity (4:01)
Enter through the door hiding in your dreams
Step forth and explore our domains with mesmerized eyes
Lift your hands towards us and invoke us from the deeps of your mind

Open your eyes to behold
The chalice is overflowing with blood
With the blood from your arms
Feel the thunders as they reach for you
Welcome them on your knees

Watch the shadows dance in that mist
Hear how a nightly hymn bewitches
And know that we are the ones who walk where stars never sleep
Under the eyes of the Superior One

Raging sound of the spiritstorm is closing in
Death is calling you to bathe in eternal sin
Tempting your most deepest desire
Soul to burn in the everflaming fire

Now, drink from the warm stream of your own blood
Break down your mortal bonds and blaspheme the worthless one
For your place is with us here where sun is never shown
And the obscurity gives you everything you seek
So you stand above the foolish and the weak

Enter through the door hiding in your dreams
Step forth and explore our domains with mesmerized eyes
Lift your hands toward us and invoke us from the deeps of your mind
Under the eyes of the Darkest One
7. Ensnared In Moonshades (4:50)
Above the silvery shining surface of the water
Beneath the breath of the cruelest breeze
Through the foggy and untouchable blackness
From the blackest rain that couldn't freeze
The shadows of my Lord approach

The touch of the evening mist, colouring views black for my eyes to see
The magical reign of the darkest infinity
Thee I praise, the Mightiest one
Proud I am to be Thy son
Come and bring Thy shadows to veil my existence

Let me become a permanent part of Thy kingdom
Let me drown in the shades of Thy greatness
May I feel Thy presence stronger than ever before
May Thy flame embrace me like the waves embrace the shore

Thou who art the ruler of the deepest
Thou art merciless to those who don't follow thy obscure paths
But never to Your sons and daughters

I give my life away and my soul is at Your hands...

I descend into images so dark and deep
As one with the night I sleep
With rejoice I die and fade away
For never again touches me the light of day

Now darkness remains as eternal to me
Blessed I am by His supremacy
For there is a star enthroned in the forbidden side of the sky
...and that star is I!
8. When The Spirits Dance In Grief (3:15)
9. The Thorns Cry Blood (5:42)
Peaceless is my grim existence
I am my own shadow, your tormentor
When the dark no longer slumbers
I will take your thoughts into the weeping veil of stars

Hear my hymn you lightseeking mortal
You can find the truth from these dark views
But by turning away only ignorance and weakness shall clothe your soul

See me standing in the shades of the eclipse
Flames by my side, storm as my companion
I'm the one hidden behind the velvet mist
Watching you unwounded by the thorns of agony

Await no paradise, receive no salvation
Forget their lies, become true Damnation

Don't try to deny the attraction of infernal powers
Let them fill your within with their torturing pleasures

Haunting whispers silently piercing your mind
Follow me to the path of silence and thus I reveal you the answers you long for
Open your lightblinded eyes, kiss the seducing face of the night
See the thorns cry blood, feel my Masters might
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