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Affliction - Execution Is Necessary cover art

Execution Is Necessary

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresThrash Metal
LabelsPoem Productions
Album rating :  -
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Execution Is Necessary Lyrics

Submitted by level DevilDoll (2011-03-04)
1. Retribution (3:06)
How many dreams you've shattered
How many lives you've ruined
Now it's time for vengeance
You will drown in your sin

Echoes from the past
Chasing you through the nightmares
You are the demise of your own
Prayers are useless

Your soul shall find itself alone and desperate
Prepare yourself to that cruel solitude
Which is not as loneliness, ca use their red orbs
Will burn and scorch your soul forever

Would that god I could awaken
For I dream I know not how
And my soul is sorely shaken
Lest en evil step be taken

Would that god I could awaken
For nightmares I've been crawling
And my soul is sorely shaken
It's been a long time, I've been forsaken
2. The End (4:05)
Why hold their ears
Why make them deaf
If there is something that they wouldn't hear
Or (they've) heard already

Why blacken their eyes Why make them blind
If there is something that they wouldn't see
Or seen already

Veins of existence are getting choked
Strings of time start to tear apart

Stars are getting disappear
The moon is beginning to fade
A black curtain has been drawn
The story is over

Why all these punishment
Why make them suffer
If they deserve all that
What would be their sin so great

Mankind will be sentenced dreadfully
It's the beginning of a miserable journey

Stars are getting disappear
The moon is beginning to fade
A black curtain has been drawn
The story is over
3. Palaces of Hell (4:53)
As I stand on the borderline of
The sharp edge of life and death I'm roaming to
I've been killed many times but I'm still alive
The Wheel of fate is turning for all of us

I tried so many times
To keep my self away

Even the saints are becoming sinners
Nobody is innocent, nobody is clean
Crushing hand of regret squeezes my heart
Trespassing through all those years

I tried so many times
To keep my self away
I tried so many times
Open my eyes

Wash away my dirt, wash away my stains
Erase my sins and make me pure again
Save me from the darkness of my past
Free from the guilt let me take my last breath

I've carved their soul end sucked it all
Left them wasted, like an empty shell
Beguiled by all their greed and envy
I've served the evil, now my palace will be hell
4. The Question (4:26)
I'm acting like everything is alright
But deep inside, storms are breaking

In my mind, always the same question
But still I have no answer
Time of elegies for me are coming
Every passing day is getting worse

Dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn years were passed by
The time has come, time for my mourning
Wasted my life, while I've been searching
But still there is no answer

Misery is growing, it will be my hearse
But still I have no answer

Tell me who am I?
Tell me who I used to be?
What is the purpose of my own existence?

Tell me who am I?
Tell me who I used to be?
In the end, I'm the end my persistence is useless
5. Hollow (3:57)
The words are losing their meanings
Statements are changed, fixed or denied
They are covered up and disguised
With or without awareness

Fools, pursuing uncertainty
They don' t know the reason why
Nothing satisfying anymore
Like it used to be

The reality is scary
Delusion is playing the role of truth
No one is brave any more
No one knows which one is pure

We are on a road
Which is enlightened by the dark
We are numb we are deaf we are blind
Everything is as we want, HOLLOW
6. The Cause (4:42)
In the far city of madness
Desperately seeking for quite and calm safe house Nothing but dire ruins
Am I lost in the darkened fallen city's veins?

I thought I was an armored saint
I thought I could help them all
The gate to bliss sealed by demons
The seal from memories I recall

The causeless blood on my hands
Nameless feeling burns my soul, cursed and damned heart
Is a mirror what it shows,
Is a misery or I am the cause in the city's veins

Brings all memories back
Which I've just left behind
Grinning demons on every corner
Looking through me to see my past
7. New World (4:27)
The gate of hell is opening
With every single sin that's committed
The Road to perdition is getting longer
With exclamations from the shelters

I feel tired
I See hopes are nearly lost
I'm about to be exhausted

Everlasting greed and cupidity
Inhumanity reign in the cities
Innocent lives are taken by dirty hands
Crimson rivers are flowing on the streets

Babies are born marked by the guilty past
Open their eyes in irresistible agony
Crying out what is our sin?

The brand new world is rising
There is no dream and no feelings

Serenity has almost died out

Eras of breed of loathing
8. www (4:36)
You will stuck
And suffocate in the cruelty you've made
Offspring's blood spilled
Orders of greed are fulfilled

Mourning grief and sadness turn into
Wrath and madness
God bless you. Cause no one will

Black tears of the souls
As the oil for the hole
Will become the furnace of your sin

You shall alone
Against the whole world which you've left in the mess
Can you hear the sound?
It's the sound of the anger you surrounded

Tyrant of the jaded earth
Lust for blood, quench your thirst
Never-ending hypocrisy
Are the lands now free?

World Wide Wrath
Is growing with the every chaos you've just sown
The path you've followed
Will lead you to the end, your grave now.
9. Dark Side of Creation (4:46)
Uncanny shades make me haunted
Fireflies seem like a demon's eyes
The sharp edge of the night stabs, shedding blood
Eternal darkness imprisons my frozen mind

Black leaves are calling me
Growing fear inside of me
With every whisper that I hear from the mist
The evil is searching and chasing me

Under the roaring of the sky with red blaze
Then Swallow me the dreadful and everlasting flames
I'm doomed to live in pain eternally
They will torture me infernally

They want to take me, take me down to hell
The dark side of creation is waiting for me there
Torment in obscurity, my soul will possessed
A stern assembly I have to face

The heat will have grown cold
Then there will be nothing in my world
But the greater terror, I will be slain
Neither my bone nor my flesh will remain
10. Raven (4:38)
I wish my footsteps would suddenly fall silent
My shadow will lead me to another street
May I forget everything all about me
And wandering to uncertainty

There is a certain way which could set me free
But I'm a coward, I have no courage

Another painful reminisce
Every privilege has a consequence
As my soul is intoxicated
Drifting dragging to the unknown

How I wish that I could be a child again
The time of innocence, no sorrow no pain
How I wish to break the hourglass
Stop the world and freeze the space

My past as a raven, flying over my head
Dark alloy is on its wing and on its tail
An essence fall as it fluttered
Powerful to destroy, annihilate my soul
11. Promised Land (4:55)
I hate the world but you defend them and be aegis for all
I shut the door but you make hole on the their wall
All I want to do is make you to see what they are trying to be
The awful truth behind what you call it reality

You hate the world and I will, I will kill them all
You shut the door and I w ill burn down the hall
All I want to do is make you to see what they are trying to be
The awful truth behind what you call it reality

I'd serve the order of grace
I'd serve the chaos of their flames
They both the same, no differences at all
And there's no promised land, no promised land to go

No turning back without an explanation
Stop violating creation
Who keep the will to kill inside
Who's left the tragedy behind
12. Chaos of Two Thousands (3:54)
Bells of death toll for the time of steel
This in complete design will all be ruined
Marching the troops full of animosity
No one could survive they will all be annihilated

What can come after the reign of persecution?
Who can stop the forces of the downtrodden?
This is an awakening of the centuries
The system of exploitation has collapsed

Future is abysmal, future is black
They couldn't see the growing rage
Useless, everything is useless
This is the chaos of two thousands

Affliction, grief, tears and blood
All that you have left behind
What you've done will hunt you down
You will reap what you've sown
13. Sweet Darkness (5:06)
I'm going to deeper end, deeper of hell
No fear, going to face my sweet darkness
There'll be no regret when I kill him
He'll feel the pain of many years

He had always made me fall down
From the highs of the mountain I've climbed
My every trial of resisting his fires
Was resulted with burns on my

Now days of enlightenment are coming
I'm not going to feel this pain anymore
This bittersweet darkness is about to collapse
I'll gain my self esteem and destroy

My sweet darkness, go back to hell
I don't want to feel your pain anymore

I'll bury you deep with a plastic bag
This will your final judgment, your end.

My sweet darkness, the nausea, the sickness
Will ceased with the fever that maddened my brain
This torture, the worst, will be abated
I won't let you flow any more in my

I'm going to deeper end, deeper of hell
No fear, going to face my sweet darkness
I'm not going to feel this pain anymore
I'll gain my self esteem and destroy
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