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Adramelch - Broken History cover art

Broken History

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresEpic Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal
LabelsUnderground Symphony
Album rating :  87.7 / 100
Votes :  3
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Broken History Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-02-08)
1. Intro: Fantasia I (0:31)
2. I'll Save the World (4:09)
(Music: Corona - Lyrics: Ballerio)

Fall tears of sorrow
down day by day
Until tomorrow
Darkening thy way

Now, heavy clouds, hide the sun, hide the light
No hope to light a candle
No hope to light mind and heart
Now a heavy cage is trapping our spirits
No more free interpretations
No more free flight for our thoughts

Three hundred and thirteen
A flash on Constantine
Comes the time of worship
Comes the heretic infidel’s yoke

The year three hundred and twenty-five comes
Nicea ratifies
The Emperor banishes
A jester tells a story for our memories
Oyez: the emperor proclaims
But is it truth what he declaims?

Ten ninety-five
Urban the second
I’m loyal to my Truth
I’ll save the world
3. Cluny Calls (4:46)
CLUNY CALLS (mp3 sample)
(Music: Corona - Lyrics: Ballerio)

Cluny is calling, in august voice the believers
enemy in faith, your duty’s to wake up and go
fight the impious, the Jew profanes mocks and tramples
the Christians must fight, in the name of the father

Screams the Holy Jerusalem, by muslim trampled
invokes loudly freedom Turkish infidels go home
Urban the second calls the believers, gather‘em ‘round him
the crusade calls, it ain’t my voice asking for, God’s will be done

Universal faith
Rising from the earth
Unchains, buttresses, nails
It’s the new law

Obey you have to
Faith that will rule
Kneel on your knees
Oooooooohhhhh people!

Open my eyes, on a golden dawn promise
sword in my hand shines under the sweetest sunlight
armored saints fighting for higher reasons
cross on my chest, will light my way and protect me

Heads roll along our way, rivers of blood flow
in Christ’s name we’ll bring love and peace all around the world
steel shines as symbol of truth, along these valleys
and who dies for the mission will have his sins washed away
4. Choral Prelude (0:35)
5. Broken History (4:21)
BROKEN HISTORY (mp3 sample)
(Music: Corona - Lyrics: Ballerio)

Choked’s the faith
by slip noose
Broken History
time is unchained
so cold, so glazed

Hashammaim are held by earth’s cold grip
We’ll make the Faith be, your will

the crusade’s calling you
I will be your Truth

rich and poor
pure hearted white capes
monks and servants
nobles and saints

everybody run, to roll call
sold or lost away, thousands of souls

Man shouts: "I’m the Truth"
cruelty and useless crimes
is it fake or am i blind?
was this your Lord’s word?
6. Beloved Jerusalem (4:29)
(Music: Corona - Lyrics: Ballerio)

Full’s the sky, of jubilant yelling
Full’s the earth of rejoicing glory
Sings Jerusalem now free again
Handed to the crusaders of Jesus Christ

Jerusalem pretends this to be its heyday
It must hide its astonished terror
I hear voices arriving from the Holy City
But what do they say? Are they singing or screaming?

Full’s the sky of agonies, screaming
Full’s the earth of crimson blood, welling
To conquer you Jerusalem
Flaming Faith crusaders advance slaughtering

"Our side chased’em till Solomon’s Temple
by terrible blows they killed in towering rage
rivers of blood they wallowed in till their ankles
streets covered with chopped heads, hands and feet"

Empty eyes with no more no tears to cry
Paralyzed with no words to say
Look at me, would I be the cause
Of this hell on earth brought by your sword

Full’s the sky it is obscure and dumb
Full’s the earth of languishing lament
Beloved Jerusalem have you
Been delivered? was really this Christ’s desire?

Jerusalem vomits shed blood
The price of death will be soon repaid,
Jerusalem vomits shed blood
The price of death will be soon repaid
7. Heap of Bones (5:26)
HEAP OF BONES (mp3 sample)
(Music: Corona - Lyrics: Ballerio)

Which was the tribute due to you? Sinless lives lost...
by the sword died half a million,
maids were ravished, grain was plundered, desolation reigns
Every law is broken, null and void

A heap of bones grew day by day
Higher than every temple here
they’ve become good foundation for
The new master’s walls

Staunch people
Fire, slaughter
Tell you that you’ve won, or you’re right?

Will come the time the end of XIIth century
The earth is covered by the greatest fear...
Gloomy sky will spread the black plague,
Conceited Europe will feel the lash

the fourteen sixty-eight will come
Catholic lands shout as in a voice
Holy inquisition banishes or burns
Dangerous heresies

Witches, Cathars
Under false trials condemned

Nailed bodies on - a burning cross
Roll, roll, roll in blood - knight crusader
drunk with force given - by his shield
Nostrils sated with - with blood’s smell

Twentieth century - barbarism
Common people are - executioners
History taught how - to use
charisma and power

the unrevealed
Life and Death are not into your hands
8. Dethroned in Shame (6:03)
DETHRONED IN SHAME (mp3 :: 5.6 Mb)
(Music: Corona - Lyrics: Ballerio)

Let the second Crusade leave, Damascus must be caught
Ready we are, come on and let’s go
Now that Christ’s shield and power every treasure must be taken
Gott mit uns and victory is shown

Stealing and killing with a cross on their hearts
Sack of the town with no mercy at all

Yet the battle is on and there’s fight down in the streets
Still some quarters on fire, smoke raises high
Still the clang of the swords, but we have no time to loose
Let’s divide the city here and now

Suddenly attacked and already expelled
It’s the Muslim Arab that regains the town

So the second crusade sorrowfully close the door
Won and expelled, shame and dishonor
Led by thirst for power more than faith and dethroned in shame
No cross no shield have been worthy nooooo

Rough Europe’s craven kings go back, go home!
Empty hands, heavy hearts and the red river flows and grows and grows
and grows
9. Darts of Wind (4:58)
Darts of wind cannot be unchained,
they scream out thru' the time,
what you wanted to hide,
covering our eyes
the usual faithful sky persists,
the truth in it resists,
bloody earth japes the time,
man look what remains!

Listen to the poems, the legendary tales,
Tellin' 'bout the glory, the suffering the pains
Knights crusaders donate their own life for the cause,
Listen and you'll know the justice of the world

* the sacred armies, and the godly knight - godly knight
that the great sepulcher of Christ did free
I sing; much valor and foresight - and foresight
and in that glorious war much suffered he

Earth tells to the common man:
don't care about the death,
spread all along your way,
Don't waste your pity
Look at his knights, just for Christ
They abandoned their homes
No fear in their pure hearts
No mercy at all

Gone for JC with his shield covering their hearts
No fear of the end just In the name of his love
Love that has to reign although death will call ‘em up
Show no mercy at all, and trust my words above

* We need not mourn for thee, here - laid to rest
Earth is thy bed, and not the grave the skies
Are for thy soul the cradle - and the nest
There live, for here thy glory never dies

Darts of wind cannot be unchained,
they scream out thru' the time, our time
what you wanted to hide,
covering our eyes, with bloody hands
10. Different Times, Different Places (5:52)
(Music: Corona - Lyrics: Ballerio)

Now that our flag is fluttering on top
of the highest tower of the town,
I watch the horizon all around me
everything around is under my control

But how can sleep the eye behind the lid
on evil such as those to rouse every
sleeper while your brothers have no place
to rest but the stomach of the vultures

different times and different places
in the name of Love and Truth oh
different peoples and different races
or in the name of their own purpose?

Faith is chocked by slip noose on public squares
from the ground raises a scary fog
sickening reek invades nostrils and lungs
History’s broken Faith is blocked

Neither treason mow-down of thousands innocents
women and children has been useful
beaten and dishonored but still alive
our caravan crosses the desert

Raised was the curtain, cleared away the veal
Shattered the cover to relight the pearl
To let the full moon rise in through the dark
The holy rock came back to its splendor

different times and different places
in the name of Love and Truth oh
different peoples and different races
or in the name of their own purpose?

Faith is chocked by slip noose on public squares
from the ground raises a scary fog
sickening reek invades nostrils and lungs
History’s broken forever

Centuries have passed since those dark cruel times
thousands lives burned in a nutshell
on the new land side, as on the world wide
who once was lord, now’s beast of hell
11. Declaimed Prelude (The Bread and The Water) (1:30)
DECLAIMED PRELUDE (The Bread of Sorrow, The Water of Tribulation)
Introducing Ten Wiles
(Music: Corona - Lyrics: Ballerio)

Outside the walls - the guardians
Inside the walls - the accused
Inside the wall - the Inquisitor!

Everything must be written, questions and answers...
Save we must the heretic from himself
Inquisitor, secrecy is your strength, may your authority prevail
Engrave each instruction and procedure in your mind and then,
Inspired by the cross,
Talk to the pig-headed, impenitent stubborn heretic
Talk severe or with shady persuasion
Lead the impenitent to your Truth!

The bread of sorrow, the water of tribulation...

Distrust I must!
Doubt I must!
Instrument of the demon is the unfaithful heretic,
The shrewd serpent with a bifurcated tongue must, in the end, spit the venom

Cautious, guarded I proceed with the wicked...
Calm voice, patience and comprehension
Behind my piercing look he will kneel down... On his knees!
From the height of my throne dig into your heart
My words explore your mind
You know I see your ambiguity, your reserve and your terror!
The evil tree darkens and puzzles you!
Confess your deception and I will pardon you, you will be free.
Here you lie frightened in the mud which is suffocating you.
Hide you cannot from the judge who calls upon you to repent!
Confess! and you will receive my pity...

A mental torture the interrogation
Torture that traps the accused
In the labyrinth of self-incriminating suspicion
The inquisitor, in his fervor,
Expounds the thoughts of the accused in his reactions,
Expounds the unspoken thought

Now the Inquisitor rules: "This is the crime!"
The accused confesses his sin, spontaneously; he confesses his blame against the divine order
12. Ten Wiles (Much More than Begged Mercy) (6:51)
TEN WILES (Much More than Begged Mercy) (mp3 sample)
(Music: Corona - Lyrics: Ballerio)

Tell man, which is the faith you profess
which is the pope you confess
you know I’m merciful with you
for I’m sure you’ll tell me the truth
who’s the one that misled you
believe me I’ll pardon you

We know where, when and with whom you were
but my pity is useless,
indeed I fought for your wellness
you know I’ve got nothing to loose - watch out
lash is already on your back
I want your soul to be free

Oh man eat, the bread of sorrow,
drink the water of tribulation
dig and dig... to exhume the remains
celebrate holy stake

To wrest his confession I will place
by his side a good Christian - and then
his friend that will be my partner
you’ll get much more than begged mercy...
for each penance and torture
for the sinner are Grace!

Oh man eat, the bread of sorrow,
drink the water of tribulation
dig and dig... to exhume the remains
celebrate holy stake
13. Conclusion (0:57)
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