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Ad Hominem - Dictator - a Monument of Glory cover art

Dictator - a Monument of Glory

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresIndustrial Black Metal
LabelsDarker Than Black
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Dictator - a Monument of Glory Lyrics

Submitted by level DevilDoll (2011-03-01)
1. In Power (2:10)
2. Dictator (5:21)
My contemplation achieved


Through stories and beliefs crystallized
Until strength and spirit are melted
You shall hate me for what I am
I shall love you for what you do

Reflections of death shape the framework of might
Enlightened by anger, one unique end
The collapse divine

Kneel in front of your dictator
Give your soul, spill their blood
Be embraced by honour
Don't step back, nor repent

Follow. Serve. Obey. Worship
Devoted flesh - canonized soul

Follow. Serve. Obey. Worship
Fulfilled duty - sacred empire

Kneel in front of your dictator
Give your soul, spill their blood
Be embraced by honour
Don't step back, nor repent
Raise the name of your dictator
Die for him, blind and bold
Beyond either flesh or time
Live again and again

Dominate. Consecrate
Temples falling - genocide proceeding
Abolish. Soul and flesh
Foundations of God disfigured by blood

The creeds of the poor shan't soil books anymore
3. Slaves of God (4:40)
I abjure the name of Jesus Christ
Die slaves!

Deified martyr praised by impotent hymns
Icon of the desperate herd
Sacred illusion

Vile motive of inconsistent slaughters
Crowned figure leading the atrophy of strength

Lucid bunch of lies
Commanding the world's demise
Obedience and faith aren't the road to paradise

Slaves of God to the gallows
The gallows for the slaves of God

Flattered weakness and moralic acid
Demonizing the deep essence of self
Virtuous decay

I am not a slave of God...

You lousy embodiment of weakness, founded and arisen from adversity
Vouching the lies of your henchmen, hypocrite advocates of equality

I reject, repudiate all the love you promise
You corrupt, you gangrene, you kill all that is pure in man
4. The Encomium of Terror (6:30)
5. Chambers of Hate (5:31)
The primordial fear of a man feeds the upmost rapture of his enemy

They exhale that nauseous smell of the late corrupted mankind
They exhale the fear and grief of those who perished therein
They exhale the will of a mind endowed with acuteness the quintessence of death

Chambers of Hate

Foul endless corridors scattering terror transcended wonders of the past bleeding mirror scattering terror

Enslaved species: outcast

Fragments of non-life crowded and erased in shame
Crumbling monuments of cosmos
Fragments of non-life forever doomed to desolation

Dregs of misery drowned in misery
6. Solitary Supremacy (5:50)
One man is unlike any other
He is destined to rule them all

Conquering their hearts and minds
To seize the absolute power

Forging a reality of his own
By the triumph of will
And turning the world upside down
Not a stone left standing

A phoenix ablazes with contempt
He's soaring above mediocrity
With claws of steel shall be torn
Those who dare to resist
Judge and executioner in one
Reigning with scythe and rod
The arbitrary annihilation of life
Makes death the only certainty

The ressemblance of humanity
Erased by torment he inflicts
Emotions extinguished one by one
Until Godhood achieved

He was crossed a rubicon of blood
Marching past his killing fields
Never to be afflicted again
By the fallacy of empathy

No moral code does apply to him
He transcends beyond good and evil
Detached from mankind for good
Redeemed by solitary supremacy
7. Zogisdead (5:13)
Lit up by the ardent madness of guileless wonders
For decades will shine
Yet for ages drained by death

Guilty shameful doctrine

Subject of the craze for anaemic utopias
Hidden confessions
Rotten genes as substance for all

The procession of martyrs
Shall choke with dishonour
Dead future as a new divinity
Prayers dissolve into lamentations

ZOG is dead

The procession of martyrs
Shall choke with dishonour
Dead future as a new divinity
Prayers dissolve into lamentations

I'm granted with vivid visions
Of death throes of their creed
Desolation leading the new order
My will crowned, their dogma has fallen

Dead seeds of deformity
The mongrel species shall not be
Fainted wounds of misery

ZOG is dead
8. Total Völkermord (4:14)
9. Schlachthaus Der Gedanken (7:18)
This is a fading trace of reality

Distorted lines of freedom
Where the mediocre man prevails
Absolute flattery of equality

Like the procession of the hearse
Slowly leading the lamenting mob
To the burial of existence

Industrie des fleisches
Schlachthaus der Gedanken

No more traces of reality

It fears, it cries, it hopes, it loves
That little sphere filled with fragile life
Already crawling into death row

Industrie des fleisches
Schlachthaus der Gedanken

When followers drown into non-self
Irradiated by constriction of mind
A grandiose self arises to stand and refuse
The innocence of his peers mangles his deep ego
Cracking like whips on flesh
Altering his senses until all humanity is gone

Perceptions are swirling - visions darkened
And as lucidity vanishes - anger is soon in control
This outburst of violence - pure and devoid of reason
Takes hold of a new reality

He reigns
They fall
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