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Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal
LabelsDispleased Records
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood Lyrics

Submitted by level DevilDoll
1. Chaos Invocation (Intro) (1:45)
2. Church of One (6:33)
Life has showed me the way, I need no Priest or some temple to pray
Wholeness, comes from within, I bend knees not, I rejoice in my sin

Church of One, Church of One

Satan is a part of me, I am the Devil you have to believe
Aligned with only myself, Solitude has become my true wealth

Church of One, Church of One

Hail Satan! Hail Thy Self!
Praise the Power! The Power Within!

My Unholy Dark Half, makes me complete
I shall never bow, before their Almighty's feet

Banish the thoughts of the lamb. Covenant of the wolf and the ram
Hermit or a madman? If I am wrong, I will surely be damned

Church of One, Church of One
3. Xomaly (6:36)
Lord of the fire, keeper of the Flame
The Balance of Dark and Light
You are the Alpha and the Omega
The Predator within the Prey
Fallen Angel, Demon within our mind
Create Sanity from our madness
Your sacred name shall be forever praised
Open thine eyes to truly see

Xomaly... Xomaly...

Enter our world, unleash yourself on us
Consume those in thy path
Let us feed off your mighty power
A feast for the beasts
Abomination of Desolation
Reveal the face behind the mask
Are you the Devil? Are you God?
In the end it's all the same

Xomaly... Xomaly...

Behold the ancient secret. Kept hidden from the eyes of mortal men
A dark light brighter than all the fires of the infernal regions
Xomaly will engulf many and show us another vast dimension
When the 9th Gate is open, all the mysteries of life shall be answered

As Above, So Below

Bow Before Me
4. Bow Before Me (6:47)
Beautiful slave, my property
Show me submission, on your knees

Worthless whore, you've entered my world
Feel delight, from perverse actions

Bow Before Me, Bow Before Me

Pain is Pleasure, Pleasure is Pain

Master is God!
5. The Kindred (8:16)
Under the moonlight, Unholy terror walks
They are the creatures of the night
A secret cult of bloodlust and death
Kindred of the Pentagram

They are the nightmares within your dreams
A force you can not comprehend
Self preservation is their highest law
The taste of blood brings them power

Bonded by the Blood of Humans
Which gives them the gift of life
Vampires or ghoulish demons?
The Kindred shall always survive

Born of Fire, The Kindred
Sanguinary Desire, The Kindred

Blood, the Blood, is their nocturnal need
Blood, Sweet Blood, on it they will feed

Bonded by the Blood of Humans
Which gives them the gift of life
Vampires or ghoulish demons?
The Kindred shall always survive

No, there's no place to run, there's no place to hide,
Your god has forsaken you
The Devil's Children await, accept now your fate,
Accept that your life is through
6. A Long Time Ago (Intro) (0:37)
Aeons ago, a lie was born unto the herds of man
A story of a merciful hero, labeled as our savior
Declared the Son of God, heir of Heaven's throne
Sacrificing his own life to die for mortal sins

Their deceit couldn't win. A beholder of truth appeared
He left his testimony for all the world to see
But the cult of the Nazarene hid his sacred scrolls
Now a modern day Seer reveals what really happened
7. Golgotha's Truth (6:02)
I saw the Bastard condemned to crucifixion.
Tears of Failure stained his blistered face.
Chants and laughter, mocking this Jesus Christ.
Upon the Cross this "king" was exposed.

Crown of Thorns, Digging deep within his head
Sign of Shame, INRI hanging above
Screaming out in pain, "Why, Father, Why?"
Long spikes driven into his wrists and feet

His disciples looked on, while he suffered.
To weak to do anything for him.
The Romans showed their dominating power.
Letting Christ die with common thieves.

Crown of thorns, Digging deep within his head
Sign of Shame, INRI hanging above
Screaming in pain, "Why, Father, Why?"
Long spikes driven into his wrists and feet

Lies....Lies....What they have given you
Lies....Lies....Now hear the truth

Death had come, his body hung lifeless.
Ripped his corpse off that ragged cross
Mourners wept, as they took away his carcass.
Taking him to a secretive place.

I witnessed the tomb and the stone that never moved
The resurrection hadn't even taken place
All made up, by the drones that followed him
Not a God or a King, just a man...
8. Betrayed (A Broken Pact) (7:52)
My Sweet, did you think you'd escape my grasp
After all I've given you
Opened your eyes to a real demonic world
Signed a vow in blood


Then you left and turned your back on the pact
Forsaking all that you've learned
Closed your eyes and hid the mark given to you
What do you have to say?


"Leave Me Go"

No! You can never break this pact! Whore! Now I throw you back!
Banished, from your true kind! Forever, your soul will be mine!

Hear the words, you'll never hear again, there's no turning back
You can deny what you have done, but in the end you'll pay
Did you think this all was a game? Or didn't you really care?
I cast thee out of our dark circle to fend for thyself

Thy Legions, will feast upon your soul, let torment be revealed
Betrayer of trust, Slut of lies, You will feel the pain
Thus, I have spoken, no more will be said, So mote it be
Eternal damnation, endless suffering, is when you will be free
9. The 9th Gate (9:01)
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