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The Last Witness Full Album Lyrics

Zealotry - The Last Witness cover art

The Last Witness

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  100 / 100
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-04-24)
1. Arc of Eradication (4:53)
The horizon draws close
with frightening haste
to suffocate us with the weight
of our self-destructive legacy

Ghastly, the song of the panicking sirens
deafeningly proclaims
the terminal stage
of ecological catastrophe

Bound to this earth, this moribund soil
these feculent cities, these stagnating oceans
conquered and lost, conquered and lost
a volatile species, inexorably
destined to perish in flames
seeking to harness forces we can't comprehend.
The arc of the universe bends
towards our eradication.

Dust is rising from the fallow fields
As verdancy gives way to morbidity
One stifled breath coughs out a wasted prayer
The next, a curse upon our past complacency

Hope is draining from the sallow faces
As divinity remains silent and unseen
A final appeal, A final betrayal
Humanity's fate is sealed

"Do not go gentle into that good night"
Yet with no answer betoken
We contemplate nihility
Digging the graves for the starving and choking
Resigned to the knowledge
the bindings shall remain forever unbroken
Yet far beyond the dreadful horizon
the vessel of our salvation has woken
2. Heralding the Black Apostle (6:32)
Through the ash-choked skies it pierces
From the vast unknown it arrives
Dreadful to the masses, still it beckons
The Black Apostle - colossus from beyond the stars

Berthed in the depths of blight;
bathed in phantasmal, unearthly aura
radiating through the walls of sleep
Unnatural compulsion, galvanized by suffering
mystified by the whispers in their dreams

We hear the warnings:
"To cast sight upon it is to be enthralled,
to make contact with it is to be consumed."
Conscious thought overridden in its presence
Captivated by the glorious oddity

Telepathic surge
the disciples converge
on the blighted earth
convocation without language
Called forth...
in recondite pilgrimage

Through the wastes they tread the apostle their beacon .
blinded by the toxic air guided by the second sight
Battered by the searing sun, the stinging wind, the bitter dust
six-score they gather as moths to a coruscating light

trepidation cast aside, they form a reverent circle
temporal dilation, perceptions distorting
Two-by-two approach, commune and merge
with the alien singularity, double helix contorting
Two by two transmute and emerge
with dissident biology, the sixth extinction thwarting

Nanomechanical infusion
Intramolecular surgery
Reshape the organism, transcend limitations
Discard vestigial DNA

Reconfigure the vital organs
Introduce new biocatalysts
Rebuild the flesh, reclaim survival
On this nightmare that was once called "Earth"
3. Cybernetic Eucharist (5:06)
A blasphemy against God's will now dwells in our midst
The transhuman scourge that carries the Apostle's seed
Despair though you may, compelled you are to resist
the cybernetic eucharist
defiler of flesh, evicter of spirit

Condemned are the diluted
to never inherit the Kingdom
Rejoice, ye untainted
know that death has no sting

Hear me!
The famine we suffer has been for centuries foretold
The wages of all our transgressions against the divine
God's will ironclad, grandiose to behold
The closing chapter of cosmic design
Seek no reprieve, this ordeal is edifying

We have carried our cross this far
We won't carry it one step further
To abide this malicious judgment
is to submit to wanton murder

Why must we pay deference to this suicidal lunacy?
(the fatuous voice that beckons us to the grave)

Why must we remain reverent to a god that has denied us clemency?
(the feckless one by whose hand we can't be saved)

The strictures no longer valid
The flock is bewildered by pervading dread
We stand apart as pariahs
Await liberation from death
In blasphemy, we are remolded
The Herald offers, we exalt and receive
The presence of the Overmind
Our second sight perceives
4. Progeny Omega (9:10)
Oh! The firmament has called out to us
A missive from the stars
A will beyond our comprehension assuming direct control
No longer cloaked in secresy, new genesis unfolds

Unraveling upheaval claiming our next of kin
Pandemic transfiguration activates that which lay hidden within

The shadow of the Overmind extends across the earth

We are the last, the untainted brethren
rejecting the Apostle's touch
Defying in vain escalating contagion
Our flesh and blood so thoroughly disowned

We can't avert our eyes from the beckoning abyss
the unknowable that has severed our hope
Thrown to the winds, adrift in causality
We wait to be swallowed by the undertow of entropy

We bargain for reprieve from the judgment rendered
by the highest of arbiters, minding the cosmic clockwork
somewhere far beyond our reach
somewhere far beyond our knowledge
The cycle has ended, our time on this planet has passed

No more! This morass of sorrow belies what we are
This grief, we shall sublimate into rage
we gaze with hostile eyes upon the unhallowed intercessor
its acolytes we must strike down for what they have done to our race

In a torrent of violence the profane we eradicate
Their wretched eucharist they shall no further proliferate

Heathen enclaves in our midst, rise to stay the righteous hand
Still the cleansing fire burns across the land
Reason perishes in the acrid smoke of battle
None remain to toll the bells for those who died as cattle

Indiscriminate slaughter Combusts to internecine war
This conflagration can be Restrained no more

As the slaughter subsides and the smoke clears
we survey the aftermath
only to find no salvation among the carnage and ruin
With daybreak a fresh hell arrives
as our youngest fall into ghastly torpor
In perdition's grasp we shall writhe 'til the end.

Oh! The firmament collapses on us
Seek shelter from these baleful stars
A will beyond our comprehension extracted a horrible toll
no quarter for humanity, our quietus we behold

The erstwhile masters of earth
languishing in obsolescence
Bereft of all hope, forlorn and listless
we accept this miserable fate
procession of wandering dead men in search of a comfortable grave
The cycle has ended, our time on this planet has passed away
5. Mutagenesis (4:41)
Gathered in their shadowbound cloisters
Catatonic minds diverted from humanity
Displaced from the evolutionary
cessation that condemned their kin
Senseless but for telepathic
linkage to the immaterial entity
Impregnable chrysalis shells
concealing what incubates within

Anguish twists the minds of the estranged
forebearers of altered progeny
Witnessing the end of their lineage
Wages of their transgressions made manifest

What are they to become?
These unfamiliar creatures
ensconced in wombs obscene
writhing in ghoulish reverie

fused with the undimensional
bathed in prismatic light
suffering... yet painless...

Withdrawn from man
Unseen by God
bereft of mind, bereft of love
the last children of earth
the pallid face of our species
the emergent bastard breed
the terminal generation
the aliens we have spawned
6. Yliaster (6:34)
Swirling winds
propagate erosive dust
through the fields of chrysalis husks
Luminous figures roam
among the ruins of cities
shattered by war, clinging to life

Wraiths and shades of forsaken children
bearing neither memory nor thought
danse macabre, spectral pageantry
final scenes of the story the Overmind's wrought

They are its seraph servants
pale reapers of the living remnants
the Apostle left unchanged in its wake
Decoupling souls from their mortal vessels
Gripped by contagion, one-by-one added to the coterie

Inert bodies sublimated, deliquesced
distillation of essence, the prima materia
yliaster flows to refill - to refill the crucible -
the primeval crucible at each terminus of time

they toil beneath gaze of the empyrean eye,
its iris dilating as the crucible fills
the diffluent breath of creation returns to its source
the serpent coiled around the earth swallows its tail once more

Transfusion of forms
Seized and Dissolved
Specters Singing
Eeerie vibration that permeates all

They brew the decoction
From flesh into fluid
each creature a drop
in the infinite sea

The bubbling
from which all life
was alchemized
7. The Last Witness (8:01)
I exit my derelict craft,
the solitary survivor
of humanity's final,
fruitless venture into the unknown

I cannot adequately describe
what I witness as I emerge from the wreckage -
a tableau beyond all imagined visions of hell

Purifying ethereal fire
erases the remaining vestiges
of man's construction
as it passes around me

Radiant beings converge
at the terrestrial zenith they dance, intertwine and ascend as a pillar of light
into the expanse of stars,
then they pass out of sight leaving me all alone in this nightmare

at the nadir of despair
a sudden lucid call, a thundering echo
cascade of thoughts entrances
my mind no longer mine alone

Visions flicker past my third eye
each more vivid than the last
testimony of how we fell
beyond grace, beyond redemption

And we silently departed
having left no enduring mark
With the last witness' passing
No trace of our existence will remain

Beneath my feet I feel the death throes of a forsaken planet
As something unseen siphons the atmosphere into the void
celestial vortex uprooting the last brittle trees from the arid ground
axial rotation grinds to a halt and the solar wind purges away what's left

I lie on the shore of a vast crimson sea, my final breaths are escaping
No tunnel of light stands before me, just an endless frigid expanse
Drowning in the deluge of extinguished hopes
And premonitions of futures that never will be
8. Silence (8:37)
to the apex in reverie
With only the sense
to cast a single glance down
down at the desolate, lifeless sphere
that we once knew to be our home

In this formless place
outside the boundaries of time
we exist without a future or past
intermediate between form and void
at the nexus of all stillborn worlds
where rationality ceases

Is this then our Paradise
or the form of our perdition
deprived of joy and sorrow alike
countless millions are here
adrift in harmonious dissolution
at one with abstraction

in the abyss of time we languish in infinite regret
Lamenting the gulf that we never could hope to bridge
the gulf between all that we ever were
and all that we could have become

brought to our knees by our predilection for self-destruction
still this senseless guiding fallacy remained
threads of our fate consumed in the cleansing fire
and the ashes were cast to the cosmic wind

"And it is said
that that which ends us
that must be
our cure,
To be no more;
Sad cure for who would lose,
Though full of pain
this intellectual being,

Those thoughts that wander
wander through Eternity,
To perish rather
swallowed up and lost
In the wide womb of uncreated night
Devoid of sense and motion"

As one
we bid farewell
to our withered
As one
we coalesce
with the immaterial
cosmic consciousness
Boundless union
of integrated minds
With no monument to mark our passing
We depart
to dwell among the stars
in silence
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