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Heretic Death Cult Full Album Lyrics

Zardens - Heretic Death Cult cover art

Heretic Death Cult

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1. Heretic Death Cult's Rebirth (Devoted To Death part I) (5:47)
Old forgotten Goddess
Ancient and ageless
The fires of the faithful
Relights a brown candle

The pale idol has raised
Worshipped and praised
Out of an ancient coffin
Comforting minds in ruin

Devotees bow before
Her, Goddess of yore
Both the living and the lifeless
Get comfort and peacefulness

She swallows the stars
And a new day is ours
In the light of a new morn
Death is now life reborn

Her gaunt fleshless face
Veiled in fine white lace
Skinny Lady of the Dead
Yet don’t arouse dread

Shadow of greater might
Bathed in candlelight
Which pierces the veil
Covering the Deathly Pale

Pale light of a candle
The insight to handle
The power of the kingdom
Of the dead and its wisdom

The dead at her feet
Posthumous heartbeat
The living on their knees
Honour her at her will

Smoke shrouds the altar
And improves the power
Of candles, She answers
To all of our prayers

Queen of the underworld
Her fingers grip the world
Heretic morbid death cult
Heartfelt devotees exult
2. Unearthing The Magic (Devoted To Death part II) (6:13)
Holy Death, Relic of God, relieve me of sorrow
Your divine balance and your celestial sphere
Will always shield us as a sacred mantle, we’re
Protected against all the bothers of life flow

White Empress
Please answer my prayers
Invoking thy spirit
A magic power I inherit

Holy Death
With you the divine breath
Unearthing the Magic
Soul relieving antalgic

Grant me thy strength
Grant me thy power … And wisdom

By the powers of the earth, by the force of fire
By the inspiration of air and the virtues of water
Almighty Ruler of the Underworld, I invoke thee

Fifth point of the pentagram, fifth element
My heart and my soul are thy settlement

Oh ! Lady of the Shadows, most faithful friend
Life-dwelling Empress who to my sorrow lend
In the name of God, you are a fierce predator
But you come back to me as a tame creature
3. The Black Candle (Devoted To Death part III) (4:14)
By the light of a black candle,
True and fervent devotee, channel
The Dead, litanies have been heard
Prayers for revenge are answered
Whispered in front of the altar
Will your flame ever get dimmer ?

A strange keen desire to feel
God and Death at your side
Praying, longing for a blood tide
Worship is Death’s sharpening steel

Godmother wield Her Blessed Scythe
And all your enemies shall writhe
Let us hope they all die ! Revenge !
Granted by the Deathly Queen’s bench

Into the house of Darkness
Even the dead freeze their carcasses

Burning powder on a virgin vellum
The crack of the divine flagellum
… Which will burst the sinners’ flesh…

The sound of Death storming the town
Blood spatters on Her wedding gown
Here’s the soundest kind of Justice
In a land entangled in evil and fierceness

Waft the smoke across the altar
And pray
Pray, for Her divine flame won’t falter

With your oblation, She feels delighted
In your heart, a black candle is alighted
4. Respice Finem (Food For Worms) (5:32)
Ils te parleront du péché
Et d’offense à l’égard de Dieu
T’abreuvant, d’un ton prétentieux,
De leurs jugements prémâchés

Ils te parleront du Paradis
Et, surtout, de l’Enfer, maudit
Pauvre pécheur ! Du salut de ton âme
De leurs dogmes comme d’un sésame

Mais regarde autour de toi
Et souviens-toi
Que tu n’es qu’un homme
Respice finem
Because one of these days
You will be food for worms

Le véritable péché ne réside-t-il pas
Dans la chasteté et dans l’abstinence ?
Aie cette foi, d’une tout autre obédience :
Moi seule guide la passage de vie à trépas

Déjà, tandis que nous parlons
Le temps impitoyable aura fui
C'est aujourd'hui qu'il faut vivre
Sois le moins confiant possible en l’avenir
(Horace, Ode I, 11)

Ni Dieu, ni anges, ni Paradis
Seul le néant, une fois refroidi
Alors profite, avec un désir assidu
Car, un jour ou l’autre, je vous tue

Ils te parleront du Paradis
Et, surtout, de l’Enfer, maudit
Pauvres pécheurs, au Diable le salut de nos âmes !
5. Procession Of The Living Dead (5:35)
Procession of the living dead
The fluttering flags, blood-red
You think release is imminent
But Death has launched its manhunt

Hear the cannons of freedom
A column of martyrs overcome
By a bittersweet feeling of relief
This last ordeal will cause much grief

Procession of the living dead
The smallest piece of bread
Hurts like a sharp blade
Not a drop of water to aid
The Siberian cold numbs your limbs
And Death hums its victory hymns

Procession of the living dead
Ash clouds behind, corpses ahead
Carpathian winds running through you
Wandering specter, your lips are blue

Snow burns your mouth and you’re all in
The bones in your feet tear your skin
Companions in misery are falling
You follow steps, keep walking
Your cries sound like a serenade
Under the balcony of the Shade

Procession of the living dead
As far as atrocity has led
You plead with the Shadow
To suffer no more on the morrow

Hear the cannons of freedom
A column of martyrs overcome
By a hopeless feeling of sorrow
Crawling ghosts on the bloodstained snow

There’s no more life, no more hope
Expectations on a slippery slope
Dark butterflies in your head
Ash clouds behind, corpses ahead
6. Orphans Of History (7:20)
Part One : Fountains of Life
A secret buried in the archives of History
An unfailing plan shrouded in mystery
Fountains of Life for the pure race pioneers
The future elite for a thousand years

Sons and daughters of the Nordic People
You will be the builders of a new Cathedral
You will be our proud and high-caste progeny
Bringing eternal life to a new nobility

Our Fountains of Life will be the womb of the world
Domination of the Aryan race, the Swastika flag unfurled

Aryan mothers, German loyalty
German sons for Aryan glory

Part Two : Scars of Infamy
While millions are dying
The Sunwheel is rising,
Instils an eternal lifetime
To bring a race to its prime

Hear the cries from the womb
Deranged minds cast a gloom
Over young lives’ destiny
And Human Kind’s History

An offspring baptized to a new religion
That has been set up as a blood bastion
Sacrificed in the name of a new deity
On the altar of Aryan supremacy

While the Sunwheel is dying
The winds of freedom are blowing
But the scars will still be,
Scars of orphans of History

Aryan mothers, German loyalty
German sons for Aryan glory
Aryan mothers, German irony
German sons for Aryan infamy !
7. Via Subterranea (5:12)
Naive ingenuous enthusiasm
Base hungers under a flimsy gloss
Sickening desires and fantasies
A pilgrim on the path to debauchery
Forsaken light, purple and gold
Along a sycamore-lined road

Walking along Via Subterranea
Darkness falls cloaked in mystery
Underground temples and shrines
Reveal the dark and the wicked

As Darkness falls
Base hungers awaken

Staring wide-eyed ahead
A din from dark cavities
And brothels, leading astray
Mud, filth, danger
A breath of putrid air
Away from life and insipid people

True human nature speaks
The heady perfume of sins
Buried mysteries, lust and perversions
Are underground realities of this Realm

‘’The Devil holds the strings which move us !
In repugnant things we discover charms ;
Every day we descend a step further toward Hell,
Without horror, through gloom that stinks’’
8. Hopeful Path Through Deep Furrows (6:13)
As the source gives rise to the stream
And the quiet river becomes a torrent
With roars sounding like an ending dream
With roars… dismally abhorrent

As the meanders erode the naked earth
You dug deep furrows on my tired face
Carried away the last grains of self-worth
Led my scorched soul to a solitary place

Your waters quench thirst but poison me
Those who drink to excess could wither
Numb, weary, carried westward to the sea,
And their wretched souls silently shiver

Bad feelings are heavy like a tombstone
They do not float on the water like a pumice
They sink and drag you down and your groan
Sounds like a heavy-hearted song in the abyss

Taking its source where my ringed eyes weep
Along the river leading us all down to the sea
Past the dark cave where putrid waters seep
A new water cycle is evaporating the old me

I have chosen to follow a path of joy
I’d be drowned in this river of despair
Being mindful it could my hopes destroy
On these banks I want to live and share

I go on down the river on my earthly path
Let bad feelings and memories upstream
And my relieved soul at least a solace hath
Strong currents but hopeful life downstream
9. Sanitarium For The Soul (4:42)
Dragging my feet along a one-way road
Some crushing feelings to offload
A path chosen amongst many
No solace - No errand of mercy
No turning back – No lifeline
No short cut – No soothing shrine

On either side unfathomable depths
A stark craving for Death
And for the soothing, dazzling Darkness
No guide when the sky is starless
Sometimes shadows are heartwarming
For those who believe in nothing

No faith, either in god or the devil,
Or even yourself, to face up to the peril
No faith, either in god or the devil,
Or even yourself…

Crippled with suffocating languor
Petrified when the funeral bells clangor
When feelings are as dark as coal
How to find a sanitorium for the soul ?

Joie de vivre and hope buried in a hole
Holy Shadows, a palliative for the soul
To what extent are the faithful enlightened ?
Regardless of which, the gloom is brightened

With no faith and no control
And thoughts as dark as coal
How to find a sanitarium for the soul ?
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