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Suscitatio Somnus Full Album Lyrics

Your Chance to Die - Suscitatio Somnus cover art

Suscitatio Somnus

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Metalcore
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1. Prochusio : Judgement Is Nigh
2. Divine Pestilence
This is the price you'll pay.
There you stand with your fist in the air. Defying all that has come before you. Years you've fought against it; refusing to bow cause you're so much better than all of this, but it's you who's changed. It's all been the same since the beginning.
Its easier to blame someone else. So carry on the path to you're own destruction.
Try to run away but you're nothing but a dead man walking.
You love things this way, but what'll you do when it's time to pay?
It's coming. Can you feel it rise?
Rising from the north, a wind rages forth. Hide your shame in the hopes of a better verdict.
This time is over. The end has come. The only thing you have left is your eternity. It'll take your very breath away.
The darkness will tremble. It's coming.
It's the price you'll pay as you stand with your fist in the air.
This is how you'll pay; defying all that has come before you.
It's the price you'll pay. This is how you'll pay.
3. Libations Of Blood
Spewing lies and deciet. Shredding their souls to bits. So sure of our salvation. Holding yours just out of your reach.

Proclaiming to the world 'judgment is nigh for all you sinners' as you shut the kingdom in their faces.

Hearts black as night. Smiles deadly as a serpent's kiss. Your righteousness is a stench in the nostrils of the Holy One. Rituals have become your gods. Bowing low before your religion.

Hell sleeps in the heart of man. You awake to find the demon is you.

The grave open up it's jaws. Enlarging its appetite to consume all of those you have condemned, but the joke is on you in the end when you find you were wrong and those precious souls you murdered with your own bare hands were saved in the end.

Yours is the unrecognizable one. Departed you shall be called. A son with no name. Cast out with no inheritance. And all the while the harlot was you. Live what you believe or don't even live at all.

The hourglass has been turned. The sword is in hand. So cry out from all corners of the earth the words which will transform the world. Treacherous betrayer, your complacency has condemned them all.
4. Annuit Coeptis
I am what I am and I've just begun

It's time to finish what I started. The revolution of the soul. Power witheld for so long. Truth covered up with lies to make you feel more comfortable, but the time is now. No excuses, no walking way the time is upon us. Time to regress this evolution of man.

I'm a danger to your society. A contridiction to your religion. Time to put me away before I disturb your sensibilities. Power comes from fighting this war. With a martyrs' passion I'd die tonight. I am what I am and I've just begun.

You've educated yourself to the point of ignorance. Holding on to damnation. Enjoying your independance. As you burn through your options you still have a decision to make. Try to escape but you still have a choice to make.

Their foolish hearts have been darkened. By your own desire you have been released.

You think I'm weak, but weakness is believing in nothing but yourself. You're free to roam and grovel in your own depravity. But you are without an excuse. You chose this path.

Only through death am I made strong. No pain can touch me. When the heavens open up they will call my name.

Death is only a doorway. The implications of belief will change it all. Suddenly there is more to life than your own ambitions and you're not so strong after all.

When an innocent child puts a gun to his head there's something wrong with both of you.

We are the one's who have turned this world upside down.
5. Ningun Atardecer es Iqual
6. Slaughter Of The Innocents
Creation waits in eager expectation for the return of its saviour

We groan on the inside and weep on the outside. Trapped in the bondages of our own design.

The earth trembles under the weight of our oppression. Our reputation for destruction began at the foundation of the world. We have made our choice to bow before the nothingness and intelligence that we call god.

Our evolution into this denial of all things spiritual has made the earth cry out from its depths. Crying out for justice. Crying out for its saviour. Every day we kill our children by telling them they have nothing beyond themselves.

Damning them to eternity of searching never finding, grasping, ever losing. Digging their graves with each drawn breath.

Our innocence is spilling out, our innocents are crying out. Thrown into the fire. Drowning in the waters of despair.

A voice cries out. A great mourning and wails of sorrow. Mothers weeping for their children because they are no more. The voice of a million souls crying out for salvation.

Who will rescue us from this body of death? Who will rescue us from this soulless existence? Raped and terrorized. Who will rescue us? Our innocence has fled. Who will rescue us? Our innoncents have died with tears in their eyes. Who will rescue us?

So few of us fight. So many lie down unto death. Drinking problems away into the night. So hide away into the shadows.

The dawn is coming to reveal the rotting hearts of man.
7. Requiem For The Blessed Damned
The depths of our depravation. Oh how far we've fallen, further and faster into the depths always prepared to take the next bite. Forgetting what is right here, but have you ever looked into the eyes of someone who is dying? Its always someone else's problem, unless our appetite for flesh hasen't been sated.

All the sacrificial blood that was spilt! Oh blessed country how far you've fallen! Your wound is as deep as the sea. How you love your complacency! But soon the earth will shake, the skies torn asunder. And all will see your foul nakedness!

You will loath yourself for what you've become.

Outside the sword bereaves, inside there is only death.

How we conform to this life. So afraid to break the mold.
Accursed flesh, which only seeks to kill!
Accursed soul, bound for the pit of fire!
I would cut out my own tongue before I would betray You again for I love Thee more than my own life!

If we must bow, let it be to the only Truth which has stood for all eternity. And all must bow in one way or another. Be not decieved all will fall.. they'll fall down to their knees.

So light up the darkness
Destroy the blindness
Embrace the innocent
And fear not to believe

Discard this decaying flesh, and choose wisely your god, for mine will devour them all!
8. Measure Of Iniquity
Bright eyes stare blankly into the night as the scenery rolls by. She doesn't know where she's going, but she's hoping for more than where she's been. Wide eyes watching her father smile as he counts the gold in his hands. Just eight years of life, and she disappears from sight.

Something's wrong, her tattered robe she wraps tighter around her innoncent body. As the sun goes down on the head of little Angel, never to rise again. And the sun sets in the east.

Clean up Angel, your next lover draws near. The sweat pours down his face as his hands grope her tainted body. Angel close your eyes and dream of fields so green, so alive. As the door creaks open.

Could it be another man, or mistress coathanger in hand? Angel's heart groans in time as the footsteps come ever closer.

Who will make it right?
Wipe one tear away, a thousand more will fall. Use this as your excuse to do nothing at all.
Brother it is you who sends her into eternity, when you knew the answer all along
Brother it is your footsteps she hears coming down the hall
It is your footsteps that send her fleeing down the hall
9. Verdict For The Gods
What are your charges you bring before me? When did you decide I owed you something? Forgiveness I have given, my life you have taken. Still you have chosen your gods, so bow down and worship
Your images are but wind and confusion.You and them are less than nothing. But I am with the first of them, and the last
I am He
So bring in your idols. Present to me your case. Do something be it good or evil . Just to challenge-I am He
You turn my darkness to light
All of this wrong You will make right
My hope lies far above this place
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