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Neither Man nor Beast | Full Album Lyrics

Yanomamö - Neither Man nor Beast cover art

Neither Man nor Beast

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSludge Metal
LabelsIommium Records
Album rating :  –
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1. Blood Red, Black God (6:18)
Rites of murder, the murder of all
The black god, the hammer falls
A nightmare in blood red, you're mine
Murder ... MURDER!

Last communion, no time to confess
Bound together, forever a mess
Writhing bodies, blood red lust
Murder .... MURDER!

2. Gilded in Gold (5:39)
Tear the flesh
Rib of an ox
Scrape the flesh clean
Drink from their skulls
Bring me their scalps!

Scale the Carpathian Mountains
Drain the Black Sea
If you want your share of the plunder
Bring their heads to me

The war cry
Of a shepherd
Leading the blind
And bloodied sheep

Scale the Caucasus Mountains
Drain the Caspian Sea
We'll drink from the skulls of the fallen
Bring their heads to me ... YOUR KING!

Gilded in gold
Drink the blood of our enemies
Throw seed to stone
Breathe the fumes of supremacy
3. 10,000 Hooves (4:38)
10,000 hooves shatter the earth
As the sons of a tyrant descend
Nothing can escape the pendulum scythe
Hollow shells of men

Everything burns
Everything dies
Empire reigns
Piling bodies

Everyone burns
Everyone dies
Empire Reigns
Run for your lives

The dust cloud looms ...

The sky is set alight by 1,000 burning arrows
Raining down upon the villagers from a black sky

Villagers run away but their blinded by the smog
Drop to their knees, defeated fathers beg for ...

Their doom
4. The Number 9 (5:40)
From the working class
A drop out
Failed to serve
A pathetic thief
From another world

Once considered
A trustworthy man
Family man
Now a coward

20 years deceived
She has no idea
He's more than capable
Of killing her

Callous, pitiless
He crawls back to his cave
Where he craves blood

Let her live you twisted man
She has nothing you need
How do you rest at ease?
Preying on the weak
Mutilate them to sleep

Die as you were born
A failure
Now you hang around the neck
5. Death Whistle Blues (4:23)
Fear the screams of the feathered serpent god
Flying through the sky
Or creeping on the land

Hear the cries of the monster
Ripped in two
Creating the earth & sky
With her life

Fear the sound of 1,000 tortured souls
Screaming as they enter the after-life

Dread the sound of the storm
In the underworld
The place where human sacrifice is justified

Life began with her death
With her rotting flesh

Awaken the feathered serpent god
As the death whistle blows
6. A Bad Time for the Empire (4:32)
What a time
You chose to be born

Don't be afraid
Bad dreams are only dreams

A bad time for the empire

Left the life
Became a demon
Who walks the road of vengeance

Can't you, you see?
He's the devil!

Choose the sword
Choose the ball
Choose life or death
7. Parasite (3:43)
I can't be your host
The one that keeps you alive
I wont be a life-long feast
Draining everything from inside

I can't beat your heart
I won't assist in the torment
I can't help when your weak
Always living on your knees
I won't hang my head in shame
Attached to depressive states

I can't be your heartbeat
I won't assist in the pain

Looks like you've already given up
I can't be here to watch you
Sucking the life from the people you love
Show no respect in return

Instead of giving everything
Your hands always out to receive
Constantly bleeding
Your souls seeping out from beneath

How can you live with yourself?
Lurking through life like a bad smell
Everyone already knows
You're good for absolutely nothing at all
8. Neither Man nor Beast (8:09)
Product of filth
Who only knows lies
The poor excuse
For humankind

Ruined from birth
Children of deceit
The biggest mistake
One's father could make

They can't decipher
Wrong from right
No morals
Created inside

Starving! For an easy feed
In search of fresh meat

Manipulating the weak
On a killing streak

Suppressed until death
He only knows crime
The poorest excuse
For human life

Cursed from birth
Children of deceit
The biggest mistake
You wouldn't believe
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