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Empyreal Regimes Full Album Lyrics

Xenomorph - Empyreal Regimes cover art

Empyreal Regimes

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  87.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-12-21)
1. The Keep (5:19)
Soldiers march across the holy lands
On a quest for mountain sanctuary
Warned by many, but few took heed
Ascending the frigid Alps
In search of salvation and god's treasures
Encased in this fortress of power
Unholy Beast with uncontrollable rage
A murderous spree, dismembering of men

The priest begged them leave
Defied, they die
Consuming temple of the firstborn
Christening coffin of man's last rite
Dwelling in the hidden ruin
Remnant armies flee crushed
By the reigns of insanity
Morale defeated, war rolls on

Revealing black, eyes of blood
Pale skin, figure of doom
In league with enemies of life's creation
Marauding butcher, sanctum's henchmen

Dead upon dead, the deed is almost done
Shards of disemboweled carcasses
Look upoin his face, bring down certain death
Nemesis of life, torment and killing
Holy man had warned of curse
Once again it has taken it's toll

Until the end there is only carnage and death!
2. Wehrmacht (8:26)
All shall shriek in horror from our ominpotence!

I'm an entity drawn here, crossed from another time
Arisen from my grave of eternity, perceived a god

To rule the whole of humanity, flesh of my flesh
Blood of my blood, existence from which you flow

Scorching earth, burning seas
Blackening skies, constructing allies

Repent and dwell as a penitent
Thy dark legions, incarnation reich

For they come, liberators, abomination of the dark fate
Roared like thunder, casualities, sacrificial warfare

Bow down, demoralize, excreting purity
Shadows taunted, march despair, into impurity
Pray to what god (you believe in), he has crushed!
Prophet, clairvoyant, realm of reason, sanity
Feudal knights, slayers, accosted by birthright
Wehrmacht, seige and crush, extermination thy fatality
Bow down, demoralize, excreting purity

I, the juggernaut master of all time
Feel my storm for it's coming!

Insurge messiah, operation mortality
Totalitary regimes, seer of oblivion
3. Plight of the Cimmerian (6:52)
Excavation of barbarism
Plundering on thy frozen plain
trecherous bred Nordic breed
Hein code, riddle of steel
Destined rulers of Vanaheim
Purveyors of the Asgard realm
Repelling invaders from the south
Creeping into the Viayet sea

Bone crushing malice as throats were split

Warrior clan overseen
Written in scrolls of Skelos
Plunged into curses
Of the Eye of Set

Carnivores of civilized conception
Masters of war, blood seige
Constitution for destruction
Battle rogues, Cimmerians

Scattered survivors reaching, helpless
Sudden embrace, drown in blood lakes
Carnage rising, picture (of) fatality
Roving hordes and so they came


Menace, lust for human anguish
Breed have came and conquered, now Kings!
4. Subspecies (6:46)
Centuries of darkness
Battling, enslaving Romanians and Turks
Vanquishing, raising fear in all
Immortal king of the undead arise!

From your eternal sleep among mortals
The archangel offers bloodstone from the Vatican
An attempt of peace with the empire of the undead
Many eons in keeping, no harmony can be kept

Madness breeds fear into the hearts of men

Blood reign, stalking, enchanting, manipulized
Souls pray, foes fear, twisted underworld

Dementia prevail, subspecies revenge
Souls pray, foes fear, twisted underworld

Master I remain, afterlife in havoc
Souls pray, foes fear, twisted underworld

A sub-human being with cannibal tendencies
Partaking in victims' flesh, rape the family crypt
Smoke filled ruins embrace the crooked crosses
Zombie hordes of dead unborn
Remains of dismemberment, shuddering flames
Reduced to ashes unholy dead
5. Inducted Through Time (7:31)
Visited through mysteries, cataclysmic destruction
Frantic instincts learned through induction

Channeled dimension, captive of time
Thievery conception, specimen dissection
Prisoner of certain redundant consequence

Entity evidence, human experimentation
To escape extinction, the ultimate secret


Since the seas drank Atlantis
Came a hierarchy,(supreme) being intelligence

Paranormal plane reaches telepathically
Portal distortion, eclipsed trajectory

Diablo Trianglo, terrestrial intrusion
Travelers rejuvenation, life-giving seed
6. Valley of the Kings (5:45)
Entrenched throughout a valley of limestone
Resides the remains of kings past
Peering through the pitch darkness
Ceremonial priest begins transformation rituals

Tomb of Seti, noble, 19th dynasty
Sarcophagus burial chambers in ruins
Heirglyphic inscriptions of royal catacombs
Abu Simbel of the desert in Thebes

Risen, begins in tribute
Horus, forseen, has come
Anubis, deity unearthed
Ra, the sun god, beckons we


Ancient rites and spells
Undertake the day of Sirius
Ramses, pharoah, ingenious antiquities
Expressions of majesty immortalized in stone


Is this well of your master?
Very, for he is the last of great kings
7. Biomechanics (6:18)
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