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Into the Netherworld's Realm Full Album Lyrics

Wrathblade - Into the Netherworld's Realm cover art

Into the Netherworld's Realm

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Lyrics > W > Wrathblade Lyrics (9) > Into the Netherworld's Realm Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-11-28)
1. God-Defying Typhoeus (5:32)
Aye the bruit of battle resounded on both halves
Giant Typhoeus and Kronion Zeus shall soon exchange shots
The giant one body but many necks of lions and serpents
Against the Kronides and his array of allies

Masses of trees and hillocks 're shower'd
Against dents of thunder that turn'd 'em into dust
Masses of high-rocks, launched volleys
Are blown away by the four winds' counterblast

Zeus' prime adversary's battered by fiery bolts
These flyin' coulters, smoking blades chop the giant's heads down
A blaze's jags a lion' neck, ‘nother consumes a serpent's throat
The boomin' blows whelm the sky and pierce the monster's trunk

The mirky smoke blur'd the Giant's vision
His faces are spoiled and defaced by the four winds' on-come

His corpus now droops for frailty and lack of puissance
Feeble lays his bruised back upon his mother Gaia
A rumbling burst of thunder screeches and trumpets Zeus victory
Thus mighty Kronion laughs aloud and gloats 'bout the fallen one

God-defying Typhoeus lies bleedin'
The boastful giants' champion now's bemock'd and bemean'd
2. Dolorous Shock (6:03)
Benisons of doom beta'en therein
Where darkness dwells like inherent sin
Cimmerian pranks th' empyrean crust
A' peccables corrode th' air with rust

(Terraqueous) winds gird aslant
The high rock masses th't er veil'd the land

Thus adamantine rocks keep the secret well
A pansophus rebus unsolv'd for a long spell
Encrypted forms of metal, theopneust pock
Foreordained to bespeak of dol'rous shock

A' winds as Parthian shots
Amain to quash the azoic source

(Tides of) tumult will root up quietus
Elysian egression of turbulent motion

3. In Metal We Trust (3:21)
Ridin' high, ridin' wi' the wings of the night
Daybreak ecstasy, bring us final victory
The secret of steel will forge our metallic attack
Against tyrant's reign, genius of insanity

With chains and leather we strike, we're licensed to kill
We're the defenders of faith, heavy metal we'll bring

Free as the wind we swept away the final sin
Unto hell's fire, unto the kingdom of Hades
Our stout invasion shall open the gates to the few
This opening ritual, the posers' taste of death

With chains and leather we strike, we're licensed to kill
We're the defenders of faith, heavy metal we'll bring
Thus join the legion, unite, fight and perform firedance
Put the trespassers down 'cause in metal we trust

Resound the horn, prepare for battle
Shout and cry, kick down the wall
Shine on forever, battle for metal
Don't stop believin', follow your soul
4. Dream Trap (Doomopolis pt I) (8:00)
"Doom hath struck me
I must escape fro' my dream"

The lord of chaos lifted his malediction
Upon mine one who denied his regal
His magic power ensorcelled m' avision
I must burst away from this wall"

"A continuous fall through the vortex of time
Landin' in a place to my eyes unknown
A stoned metropolis past its prime
Beshrewed to perdition, what lies beyond?"

Frozen with awe I stand in stillness
The city seems an apparition
Is this an illusion; Fata Morgana!
I'm bathed in mystery

Massive tall pillars of stone, begrimed by time
The wind hisses smoothly, this whistling silence besings the tune o' death
O' death

"The star gemmed dome of heaven spawns light on my way
My feet carry me through these frowning portals of the aged doom-polis
Amongst blocks of colossal ash-grey stones and monstrous marbled statues
Antiquities of an old past, to man unknown

Prowlin', explorin' with great aplomb
Where time hung heavy here

No handwork of man but creation of gods
Ruined metropolis, before my eyes
No handwork of man but creation of gods
Ruined metropolis before my eyes

'fore my eyes
5. Reins of Doom (God of War pt I) (5:27)
I am a mortal
In the service of the battle god
Malevolent deeds and actions
Were performed by my command

But now the time has come
When all must be undone
Tis in my mind
Revenge at last

So heed my warning
Tables have turned
I hold the reins of doom

I kneel to no god
Nor beast nor man
Death soon before thee 'll loom

Upon the altar of madness
I cast my mind and soul to dust
My family's maimed
By my own bloody hands

Their ashes feed on my body
They remain a part of me
Cursed am I
Death I'll become

I was ordained
To kill a god
My vengeance is unleash'd

My quest for glory
The merestone
To smite the uppermost bale

The power jewel
Concealed my fate
Off to the netherworld

But it's not yet written
To die in vain

Afresh I'm on my way
6. Flee to Freedom (4:31)
Liar, Lucifer, lord o' fallaciloquence
Hell's sire, I want my freedom back, and I'll tak' it by my own

Cos I brought Him back to you, but you broke the promise,
So that's what you gonna pay

Deceiver, Doomcifer, daedal and deviant
Hell's fire, Hypocrite, thou 'lt feel my ire

Whilom I was thy champion th' one who ne'er rests
A polemarch o' devil's breed the wind that moves ahead
Now I'll be th' outcast determin'd by my own will
I'll reclaim my auturgy, I'll break the slavery's seal

And then u'll die, die, die
Die by my hands
Die, die, die by my hands
Die, die, die by my hands

Daemons and beasts of Netherworld are comin' near
I am on my way to freedom, I hath no fear

And I'll show no mercy

Liar, Lucifer, Lord of lewdness
Hell's sire, I got my freedom back, and I took it by my own

And then u'll die, die, die
Die by my hands
Die, die, die by my hands
Die, die, die by my hands
7. Signs of Wrath (5:04)
I bedew their bare claptrap wi' lays of stout-worthy words
Thy writ o' fake fables lies in non-subtle souls
I mizzle thy mind grass like it does dense hoarfrost
Neither boisterous nor heavy, I heed the call, I'm in control
In control

You idolize "holy" images, thy abderian affectation
Corpse that can't end up to dust points to miracle or malison?
O sire their sin erupts in acquiescent autolatry
High and aloof here-words, odes to themselves, but I'm in control
In control

Magniloquent mages
Mobbed in malebolge
Nincompoop imposters
Heedless of your hee-haw

Hafed-men of hypocrisy grand their absolution
Clergymen of a chthonic choir
I will not join my voice unto warbling volition
I'll asperge their altar wi' hallowed fire

Mockers of truth act as acherontic mobsters
Our dew will weep their fall tonight
Metallic fury shall sweep these mud-lark prophets
Onto a pit of their unright
8. For You (6:14)
Titan! Gods' despiser
Thou hast seen our sad reality
This godly gift was given
To those, miserable and poor

To thee the contention's given
'Twixt volition and suffering

War's now sempiternal
For once, twas man's victory
Thou art a symbol and fighter
Like thee, man's partly divine

Thus we inherit thy spirit
To withstand gods disdain


The rock, the vulture, the chains for thy suffering
Thou granted thy soul, but lo! The thunderer's rage
Violation of body and soul, everlasting martyrdom
The wrath of brazen gods, thy brabeum is loneliness

"I've been already there for u"

The rock, the vulture, the chains for thy suffering
Thou granted thy soul, but lo! The thunderer's rage

"I've been already there for u"

"Prometheus bound, dismal surround
A circle shall end, a new shall evolve
There'll be time my friend when all will end
Someone shall release thee from pine
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