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Maelstrom Full Album Lyrics

World Below - Maelstrom cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-08-13)
1. The Dissection of an Evil Mind (6:58)
The emperor in his white house
Black blood runs trough his veins
Annihilate everyone who oppose
False prophets and deceivers

Religious fanatics and beasts of Hades
The lord of chaos has risen once again

He watch the whole world, the whole world crying
Begging on their bended knees
He has the power to end the famine
But he sends them all of to hell
2. Spiritual Disaster (5:55)
I never realize that what they call life
Was the time wasted thinking about death

So you think deserve to die
You never really lived
Like the beast you are
Faking it all the time
Like the Jesus you love
You end up dead
Drag your soul in the dirt

Clutching the straw, losing the grip
Never-ending hunt for commercial wealth
Decadence decay, Spiritual disaster

Stupidity will be our epitaph
Were all going to die by our own sword
3. Epitaph (14:01)
Feels like the whole thing is a scam
And I don't want to be a part of it
Moving in slow mode of awareness
Knocked back, hit by hit

Hollow is my mind
Shallow is my world below

Two steps ahead and one step back
Slowly painting the picture right
Textures so rarely seen by eyes
The blind shall see the light

Nothing seems to be real
Plastic bodies, stiff smiles
Governments of global hoax
Brainwash the lesser humans

It's a world made by the insane
Democracy never was an option
Dictators and megalomaniacs
Weapons of earth destruction

Hell is, hell is on earth
It's been there for a while
Hell is a place on earth
We're all going down

Hell in my blood, hell in my veins
Hell in my head, wish I was dead
4. Behind the Door (5:00)
Dreamed I was free
But it was just a dream
To feel and to hurt
I'm stuck in this dirt

Can somebody help me?
I'm losing my mind
Trapped in this void
No one I find

Everything is different
Nothing am I?
Do I really exist?
Living just to die...

At the bottom of the sea
No one living there but me
No pain and no fears
No one to wipe my tears away

Can somebody help me?
I'm going insane
Everything I do
I will do in vain

Nothing is different
What can I give?
No future for me
Dying just to live

You try to set me on fire
I'll just crawl back into my shell
Come on bring it on
5. Nyarlathotep (Harvester of Souls) (5:59)
You stand besides me, watching
Watching as I let you out
Making the world so simple
And I can see it all so clear... Unbound

Another dead soul
Another life to reject

I stand beside you, watching
Leaving you as many times before
Look in to those rabid eyes
I have trained you well... Unbound

Another dead soul
Another life to reject
Another dead body
Another lost soul
No use to escape
I will come for you all

As the harvester I walk
Sweeping for lost souls
With a tear on my cheek
I grab another life... Bound
6. A Future So Dark (9:10)
As society grows larger
Territory expands
Resources will diminish
Increased are the demands

Mankind gathers in hordes
Building their constructions
Defending their borders
Armies of destruction

Will we survive this?
This horror beyond our reach
Where are we going?
A future so dark and mean

Cruelty begins to work
The surface begins to crack
The sun turns into black
The ultimate evil is back

The tribes goes to war
Hatred is in command
The end of the world is here
Everything turns to sand

Armageddon is rising
Your mercy denied
You will feel the flames now
Your lives won't be saved
7. Absinthe (0:30)
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