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A Quiet World Full Album Lyrics

Words of Farewell - A Quiet World cover art

A Quiet World

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  62.5 / 100
Votes :  2
Lyrics > W > Words of Farewell Lyrics (9) > A Quiet World Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-01-07)
1. My Share of Loneliness (5:45)
Don't look back or blame it on your guiding hands
As you feel the rising wind on your face
Telling stories of what could have been
In which no comfort is to be found, but doubt and despair
This dead end road has become your home

No healing your ailing heart
Only footsteps on rainy streets
You cannot let go of these strains
As they've made you who you are
As they've made us who we are

We are gathering regrets day by day
We're growing weaker by the minute
The downpour drenching us to the bone
Giving us our share of loneliness

Am I atoning for my mistakes
Or was it a twist of fate?
My trust has long become resentment
You see my face beset by pain

The aching written into my skin in furrows
The aching written into our skin in furrows

You turn away your head in silent reconciliation
Unable to fathom this burden of grief
While I ponder if it is worth to go on
Walking past doors long closed

Hence our paths have crossed and shall now diverge again
We are one in the same in this plight struck world
Crestfallen and deprived of hope we wander into a darker tomorrow
Will there be a silver lining?
2. Gaia Demise (3:31)
The Earth is trembling beneath my feet
The remainder of all organic life is a putrid, pulsating mess
Meeting its own end
The allmother's eyes are weeping
Quivering as she pines away in regret
The Earth is trembling beneath my feet

Time has come to undo this mortal coil
So I lie down and become one with the soil

Bear witness to this last, great transmigration
Tor we will soon all vanish into eternity
This is final

Gaia Arise!

Life itself is destined to fail
Self-awareness a curse by design
Mind and soul entwined by a frail body bound
Trapped in rejection of one another

So every last glimpse of light starts to fade now
The repulsion is released to cease at last
And to the dust we came from we will return

Embrace the collapse!
Embrace the collapse!

Gaia Demise!
3. Gallows Frame (5:10)
In times of silent prosperity
Doubt may grow the most

As the intrepid soul challenges the constancy
Tip the balance and it may shatter the equilibrium
Towering above these industrial landscapes

A lifetime of impressions all to be lost in indifference
I beheld the flare stacks with their flaming heads

For the world will not find it's end in an instantaneous flash
But with whimpering decay it will have to suffice and so do I

The gallows frame edged against the grim sky
In a continuous display of monotony
Numb me, alienate me, leave me in spatial disarray

This alienation causes disorientation
So as you hear my voice for the last time
You shall always remember that I once lived here

Where the sun shines through the smoky alleys
Upon only those who pierce the state of trust
When it's foundation's very fabric is eroded rapidly

Leave me at the wayside, down here in the gutter
So leave me out here in the cold, face down in the dirt
4. Limit Cycle (7:46)
Make no mistake, this is just a desire for unity born of loss
For an antithesis to the fragmentation of character by modern life
This is nothing more but a limitless need
Which has to be provided for

Were holistic by design
This everlasting unrest built into our marrow
There will not be resurgence of empathy only illusions of solidarity
A mere dire set of values set outside our egotistic view
Centered onto our finitude of life out of an inert anxiety

Without an iota of meaning
We're forging bonds that do not belong
Within the margin of error
Inherent to all of man

So I see compassion die in the eyes of those around me
As insanity turns to reason
And reason turns to fear

It all comes to a close as we relinquish all of our values
Leaving us in isolation, craving to break out, immolating our idle souls
Hence we're keeping ourselves company with acts of moral affectation

Atomistic by design we do not relate to others
All are suffering from an anomie of emotion soon to peak in divergence
Mutual benefit driving us to compromise, only feigning our interest
We're trying to keep in touch by hypocrisy, failing miserably

And so were frying to patch up what little is left of integrity
Yet again failing so miserably
5. Zero Temperance (4:07)
To be alive is to be awake
And I've barely opened my eyes
Now torn from existence at the yore of my day
So many stories left to tell

I erupted into life against all odds
Yet the thirst for it I could not quench
My desires they brought me out here
To do nothing more but to witness the end

So scatter my ashes across the wildest of oceans
So scatter my ashes throughout the lushest of forests
So scatter my ashes atop the highest of mountains
For I was to see it all
Having been born with zero temperance

No. I did not let myself be forced into submission
Always with hungry heart and open mind
But I would do it yet again
And go out with a grin on my face

My friends carry me to the pyre
This bonfire lit only for me
I have come to terms with the world
To be able to see the curtains fall

Celebrate the infinite passion
By which this fate was set in motion
Once kindled by discontent
And my feet start moving on their own
6. Momentary Life (4:46)
Of what magnitude is this complexion of life?
Lying awake at the mercy of our train of thought
So we cover up our vices
And in a lack for grit try to outlive this weakness

Lakes these words and make sense of them if you will
Cause I am just too tired to care any longer
Yet I can feel that there is just no end to this
In the circle of self-deception

As we spend our waking years with a restless search for a higher meaning
I defy, for I can't take all these empty words and empty gestures anymore

What fortitude is there to be found in giving up?
Nothing leads us to a change in scope
There is no change of motivation
And so we anxiously welcome our demise

No, but I will not be subject to these desires
For there cannot be only darker times ahead

Hence we realize life has ran past our aspirations
Still fostering our fear of loss, still fostering all of our dreams
7. Oversoul (5:15)
So in the scarlet of morning skies
In the shimmering of the pond's ice
And in the puddles on the sunken road
We wait for someone truthful to despise

Something wild opened its eyes
So in the trunks of trees
In the shadows of the leaves
And in the bottom of the well
In the twilight of the eves
Something evanescent began to breathe

We keep perdition at bay
For it forces our hand in anger
Whispering death to all living things

So in the murmur of the river
In the coming of each cold shiver
And with the fall of a single drop of rain
We wait for someone who shall our spirit deliver
Only to see it wither

So at the foot of greenish hill
In the hollows of the abandoned mill
And in the gust over wavy grass
In each stroke of the quill
I begin to find my vivacious will

Experience the throes of passion
As he is the adversary who seeks virtue in determination
Henceforth I serve thee no more
Soon to depart from this life
Whispering death to all living things
8. The Farthest Reach (4:11)
Snow falling on shore pines, the world all covered in white
So peaceful so serene, the foothills are lying right before me

Frozen breath burning on my cheeks
While I behold the wintry landscape
Stretching out as far as the eye can see

All the sounds are muted, only a crane's call drawing near
Inhaling forts of frosty air. footprints are all I leave behind

Standing alone against the elements under the dancing lights
This flight shall teach me my place in the universe
For in awe and wonder we all must thrive

Survival a matter of instinct, every movement now essential
To challenge the dreadful cold in these parts

Bewilderment within me starts to arise
I can feel the numbness creeping into my fingers
The freezing grip of winter tightens
Still striding upward clouds are all I leave below
I tread past blue ponds and steaming rivers
The mountain will wait for me, the mountain will wait for me!

Sinking deeper the strength leaves my limbs
So I lay myself down to rest
At what seems like the top of the world
To watch the moon set upon the farthest reach
9. This Shadow My Likeness (10:45)
In the beginning there was a simple deed to be done
To expand this narrow idea of a world
My past self now nothing but a memory
Looking ahead I see a face gleaming in content

During a brief moment suspended in white light
In my mortal fear I created this shadow my likeness
Fueling me. haunting me. propelling me forward

And so I shaped a goal to achieve in a single stroke of a brush
Painting a complete picture of my future
This specter now and then following me, trailing me behind

I'm chasing a mirage glimmering in the distance
Thinking about all the intersections crossed
All those that are yet to come

I detrude myself yet another time
Only to take the next step
Did I take a wrong turn?

Do I fall short in the end?

Driving me to desperate measures
My likeness won't let me rest
The shadow again is closing in on me
The momentum shifts in favor of greater meaning
Something genuine forms into the purpose I need to live
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