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...from the Corpsegates Full Album Lyrics

Wodulf - ...from the Corpsegates cover art

...from the Corpsegates

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2015-11-20)
1. Doomed by the Scythe of Disease (3:11)
Radiant God of Rats and Disease!
Extend your Death-bringing Hand upon the filth
Your Dismal Glare sweeps these fields
Where Vultures of Ill-omen have gathered to feast!

Nosophoric Blessings of the Bringer of Plagues
Verminous Doom embraces the feeble
Raging Smintheus has Opened his Eyes!
From Cavernous Temples we sacrifice to thee!

Pestiferous Arrows of the Sun!
Silence the Tongues of insolence and mockery
May the Shroud of Disease cloak the unworthy
Monument of skulls proclaims you Glory!

From this Holocaust of Plague and Disease
Only He shall emerge unscathed
Accursed by multitudes of the low and feeble
He, whose Anger is Heralded by Plague!
2. Lycanthropus - Ex Tumulus Preliator Exsisto (5:50)
Tomb of the Myrmidon…
Libations of Blood anoints his bones
Wolfish skull reflects the blaze of torches
Man and Beast ascending as one!

Howling Beast of Undeath!
Obscure Powers of Lykanthropy
Sacrifices upon the Wolfish Mountain
To Harness the Forces of the Dead…

Arisen from a Warrior’s Grave….
Accursed, Betrayed and Forgotten
The Horrors of the Night have returned
Bloodied Weapons reflect your Worship!

Stygian Psalms of Feral Hatred
Black Baptism in Werewolf Blood
Rape their dreams of tolerance and peace
Fog will hide the gruesome deeds!
3. Nekyia (Hideous Rite of the Spilled Blood) (4:59)
By the guidance of Circe
Horrid Pilgrimage to Mighty Hades
Tenebrous plane of the dead
Beyond the edges of the earth
Never reached by the sun

Here, at the rock where two rivers meet
Spill the blood of the sacrificial prey
down to the Erebus of Tartara
To rouse the dead and reveal
the secrets of the craved return

Neckromanteion katavasis
Cthonic Oracle of Death
The swarm of the ghosts approaches
Animated by the Hideous Rite

Horrible shade of the Theban
Gold Scepter in Hand
The Seer must drink from the Black Blood
Oh blind Mantis Teiresias - show him the way!
4. Resound the Hooves of the Army of the Deceased (4:36)
When the winter winds blow and the Yule fires are lit
In the dark forest paths and the wild heaths
A sudden rustling through the tops of the trees
And the barking of dogs fills the air
The hunters behind whooping in eerie fury:

"Wod! Wod! - Midden in dem Weg!"

Through the nebulous skies of midnight
and the cursed witching hour of Dodecameron
Dead riders of the storm are marching
Uproarious flock on black stallions
Fire spurts from the their empty eyes

Resound the hooves of the army of the deceased
Ghostly avengers in demonic disguise
Wounded and headless spirits of the battle slained
Undead Einherjers - Martial shapes of retaliatory frenzy
Arcane forces from Asgard in a ferocious onslaught

Horns blow and funereal bells chime
Heralds of the rising tribulation to come
War, Pestilence, Famine and Death
The traitors and the guilty shall tremble
The barbaric doom of the Wild Hunt shall fall on their heads
5. A Black Skullbanner Appeared from the Corpsegates (3:53)
Cold break of a Gruesome Dawn
The Altar of Holocausts stood cold
Resound the ancient Paeans…
Like chimes of the Bell of Doom

Resurrection of the Wolfish Temple
In Union with the Forgotten
Rend asunder the Gates of Mounds
Athrust the Spears of Destruction!

Necromantic Tyranny upon stupefied masses
As the Mounds reveal their Hosts
Belligerent psalms and Heroic worship
The Aryan has grimly reared his Head!

The Corpsegates are rent asunder!
The Ancient Tombs breath forth Murder
Baneful Rivers have flown upon the living
Behold the Dead carrying our Skullbanner!
6. 13 Urns (2:59)
In the Sepulchral Halls of the Wolfcross
Smoke rises from the Urns
Their Voice clings in these Dungeons
Shapes hover above these Spear-blessed grounds.

They profaned these halls with impure blood
They joined hands with the slaves
But you returned to haunt these woods
To revive the fears of nocturnal horrors!

Appear as a Flame floating above the Urns
13 Commanders, Bearers of Symbols of Death
I Recite the Rites of War and Blood
Life bestowed upon your moulded Bones!
7. Spectral Shades Around the Sepulchre (5:19)
Accursed midnight hour
Putrid stones painted pale by the moon
Jackals wailing in dark fury
Monstrous guardians in this land of gloom

Dense fog spreads its funeral drape
Lighting and thunder disrupts the stillness of the night
A stir of wind seems so ominous
Everything foreshadows the malevolence to come

Beyond the joy of the passive living
Practicers of grotesque forbidden cults
A Lugubrious Litany of an impious abhorrence
Prayers of Impending Doom

Corpse Divination upon unconsecrated ground
Smell of sacrifice and blood
On the skull of an executed murderer
Restless Spirit from the other side will speak again!

Call upon Hecate, which presides over the dead
Invoking the spirit of the deceased
Apparition of the Shades, a Wraith from the world below
Execrated and Damned soul to reveal the havoc from beyond
8. Blood on the Altar of Dis (5:24)
Gathered in this Temple
Hooded with the wolfskin cloaks…
Corpselike oracle brandishes vipers
Light the Pyre of Stygian Communion….

Faces averted from the Altar
Grim Ascension of the Bloodless
Shapes of the Deceased float above the swamps
Unchained from beyond the Corpsegates…

Doom is invoked this unauspicious hour
In the horrid eve of Lemuria… with bloodied blades
Torches made from Funeral branches
Honour the Raging Hounds of Dis…

Ancestral Shades with obscured faces
Gaunt and eyeless they peer through the Fog
Stench of Blood has gathered them around the Pit
Those whose screams haunt the Winds…..

Eris… Phrike… Keres...
Inferior lives are offered in your praise
Bring forth the throats of the invaders
Styx is howling for their Blood……….
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