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Sorceress of the Black Sun Lyrics

Witchblood - Sorceress of the Black Sun cover art

Sorceress of the Black Sun

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-28)
1. Purification (2:09)
Degenerates, traitors and parasites!
The gallows are ready for you
The ancient blood of Europe is boiling
Can you feel the rousing of old gods?

Where honor and brilliance once flourished
And heroes defended their homes
There, was now awaits, to purge these lands
A rebirth in a trial by fire
2. Sorceress of the Black Sun (3:36)
Summonings, flowing energy uncontained. As abundant as the flowing mane
This maiden dedicates to forces of Thule. The powers not quite forgotten destined to rule
The secrets in dreams make known through symbols to me
The force of this I decipher, results manifest I shall see
Timeless and ageless and infinite I flow through the universe again
And through the seas reveal, rotate the sun in labyrinths ascend

Rise in the name of the black sun. Predecessors and gods: we are one
The words are the key, the conviction supreme onto new galaxies where untold secrets seen
The wise and the pure the white and the strong weave them into the majesty of ancient song

The magic is in our blood, our imaginations guide through times perilous
Through various dimensions, archetypes of empress
Symbols wielded through fearless rituals held in sacred spaces
The blood is the most sacred of the places
Hidden underground, but akashic visions soon show what was believed to be burnt and let go
Within my fingertips I now hold the final piece and with this the fortress is nearly complete
Warriors and kings and fearless spirits arise now is the time to defend, build and arise
3. Die Himmelsscheibe von Nebra (Merseburg Zauberspruch) (3:27)
In the darkness of my senses, in the deepest reaches of mind
I contemplate the blackest oceans of my reflection, blood of all time
The pain as the flesh sears and pulls away
I am but remnants of flailed soul on this day
Burnt at the stake, remembered, sealed into genetic memory

Witches screaming in the abyss, ancient murky forests forever haunt, remain
The paths we walk to rediscover, found among the megaliths in inner pain
Einst sassen Frauen, setzten sich hierher und dorhin
Einige banden Fesseln, einige hielten das Heer auf
Einige lösten rings umher die Todesfesseln:
Entspringe dem Fesselband, entflieh den Feinden!
4. Rise Up, Destroy the Parasite (Vengeful Spell) (3:36)
Cast off the blinds, cast off all that is weak. Dare first to stand and then to speak
With weapon in hand meet danger head on. Invocations incantations prayers to ancient gods fall in song
Long have we waited, long have we dreamt and trained. In this day we shall once more reign

We are born to rule supreme. We are born to live and thrive
We are here to fight and to survive. We are here to cast a spell across this beautiful land
Blessed by gods, our victory is now at hand

Their lies are spoken but we can see. Ancient wisdom there I call to me
A fire burns bright in Europe north. Open your eyes, raise your sword and ride forth
Snakes and pigs, parasites everywhere. A force of light take back this land
Sunwheels in the grass, the solar power. Burns bright symbols to ancient gods for
them burns this light
5. We Who Worship the Sun (Externsteine) (4:59)
Through stones illuminates. On the solstice radiates
Upon altars of stone. Atop the great mountain throne
Rings around the cosmic power. Intensify upon that hour
Empower desire, enact the will. Restore the sanctity of ancestors til

We are living shrines to ancestor’s blood. We who worship the mighty sun
The chariot there way up on high. We who worship the sun
In wide fields, across the ocean shores. Where wooden ships there once explored
Our journey in sight to stars. The infernal within will know who we are

In invoke mighty Sunna feel her in my blood. The power of the will in the sky above
Conjuring for our suvival’s sake. The invaders I curse! The invaders I forsake!
Solstice fires, solstice sun. It is in my blood
Written in stone, in the earth. Irminsul awake!

The sun, the sun, the sun, the sun
6. Fires in Fall (Fire of Purity) (2:44)
Stoke the fires with passion. The hillsides set ablaze
Scry into the crystal to see your fate unfurl. Creep out of the labyrinth, transformation to inner worlds

Purify my soul with fire! Purify the land! Purify the mind! So the deeper truths I understand!
Purify the heart, purify the blood!
Purify the land! Let not wretches there! Take back the strength, take back command!

Hearken back to times where pagan supremacy rules
Ascend to new heights, cleansed in nordic nature’s pools
Death to all of that which prevents strength and growth
Invoking the spirits of the land to which betrothed
Forests dark, ancient elements, freezing air refreshes senses
Throw out the worn out ways feel so renewed
Power and beauty prevails on growth twisted trails
Spirits and Gods hear my cry hear my call
7. Autumn Blood (3:35)
Transfer transpose transpire. The season of alchemy
Where the old ceases to be. The season of the spirit
I take action, I am change. I am the catalyst
I am inner fear and lust come to life, I loose your bonds, to cause you to face your strife

I am the offering to myself. In this landscape crimson red
May the truth honour you. The souls of ancestral dead
(Yet as valkyrie, shield maiden, mother, energy of creation
At my fingertips the threat of devastation) I feel this within me to the core
I will take it higher, yet evermore!! Further, higher! Into the universum!!
8. An Oath Sworn on Sword (Sword Wielding Witches) (3:54)
Hail! Shaman! God! King! My unconscious
I unleash my inner storm, concentration washes over me
As my rage unfurls, my darkness releases me
United on my side, my unconscious acts as one
I rest under the moon, hail the mighty sun

An oath sworn in blood, to the one eyed man. Who has guided me, over my shoulder stands
I am his chosen, daughter, valkyrie maid. To no earthly system am I to be a slave!

I wield my sword! In the name of my forefathers great! I wield my sword!
In the name of heros great! In the name of the northern lands! Invoke the protection of the high one!

In the night I do not fear, the darkness here is my home
The howling wolves are comfort, there the mountain is my throne
Solitude be my guide, Odin by my side!
Hang myself on the tree to learn
Separate from the lower self and burn in wisdom
9. Rune in Human Form (3:50)
In ancient texts, in tongues speak. In ancient woods, the owls call
Ravens circle, soaring on high. The ethers, the astral, to open eye
In the dolmen her spirit waits. Only my ancestor herself knows her bloodline’s fate.
Wisdom impart, I am the rune form in the flesh
Wisdom impart, to and from the dolmen there in death
I am the rune in human form I am my ancestors I am the dolmen’s living soul
A megalith on the hillside, runestones. In the heart and land
Around the fires conjure, connection to past withstands
I hear the wisdom of the constellations
The great ghost speaks of the consecration
Feeling in the ethers, dancing free, close to my past
Rune songs, rune sounds, to resurrect lost wisdom inherit
10. Awaken Europa (5:28)
Inferiority abounds, held up on a pedestal
Only weakness wins in this modern world so pitiful
A contest to see which can be the ugliest beast
To consume the most poison, upon lies and idiocy feast
The backwards brutes are the victims, protected to do crimes unchecked
Innocent young victims the spineless men do not protect
A society falls apart with the weight of bottom feeders
And the only ones to continue are mindless ape breeders

And the irrelevant will keep on churning
Out meaningless words and song
A ballad of a downfall of a society gone so very wrong
Purity debased, you do not stand a chance
Go ahead and drink your wine and dance your last dance

A sword rests in the corner, diadems in a museum
Symbols for what was and what could be again
But the sleeping keep on sleeping, and the awake are afraid to speak
Let society run by monsters and accepted by the weak
Marble men so beautiful have become conditioned too
They chain themselves to folly and let the nightmare come true
Pillage, raped and conquered by unworthy foes
Where is the resistance? Who will let it simply go?
Europa awake!
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