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Sacra Privata Full Album Lyrics

Wisdom - Sacra Privata cover art

Sacra Privata

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-18)
1. Intro (1:47)
2. Ave Kadath (4:55)
Ave Kadath
You rise upon all men
Powerful of doom
Arcanum frozen leng
Se me going to
Forbidden to climb you
I deby myself
Black castle of God`s blue
Elders I have met
Be my mighty guide
Don`t ever leave me!
Tourtuous roads of night
Full force and wisdom
I new, God, go on
I have found your kingdom
I`ve fulfilled it all…
Voices from beyond
Black door of stone
Gods upon me all
Speak my name aloud!
3. Ancient Rite (4:01)
4. The South, the Sun, the Sign... (4:33)
5. Behold the Beast of the South (3:49)
Among the hills
Lies the essence of the serpent
Under the solar aura
Breathing softly

Behold the beast of the south
Southern empire

In her skin the history of cosmos
In her eyes the depths of the spirit
The breath of dead angels
Is the nocturnal scent


Her womb is microcosmos
Of the macrocosmos of the end
From the beginning of life
Hail mighty serpent god


Dry, hot, vast
The south, the sun, the sign,
White. Black, red
Mens animus corpus

6. Marana (4:40)
(Music: KHaos 2008 – Lyrics: Seldrack 1997)

Clad by mother nature
Shimmering eyes in the depths
Waiting for the sign of the Winds
To unleash hatred from fear

Che a´sapucai Marana
Che roheno´i Marana
Che a´sapucai Marana

Allied to the sons of darkness
Their spirits share the feast
For life, for death
For Kuarahy, for Jasy

Che a´sapucai Marana
Che roheno´i Marana
Che a´sapucai Marana

The fog carries the stench fom the battles
Enthroning the joy of victory.
7. The Light of Hell (3:54)
The light of hell
Shines on my face
Blessed be the fire
Of your holy skin

Rip off the angels wings
To sow your wicked seed
When your children start crying
The sunlight shall fade away

Oh golden skin
Lord of disease
Oh golden skin

The words of Jehovah dies
In the land of precious night
Humankind breaks its chains
For your hellish pray

Oh golden skin
Lord of disease
Oh golden skin

When the sky starts burning
We`ll bear your key
For the birth of dark ages
And our destiny

Hate, evil and arrogance
Blood, fire and death.
8. Sacra Privata (4:56)
Eleven thorns embrace her praying hands
Purify my blood
Awaken!- Acuasal entity
We worship thee
Save us from the light

Through the hidden gates shall Azoth rise
Bless the inner flame
Ancient runes reveal the path
As shadows dance beneath the stars
Usurp the angel´s throne

Sacra, Sacra privata. (x3)

Crucify the saint, the chosen one
Dogma stains my flesh
Immortal!, lord of sacred fire
Unleash your holy wrath

Seven heralds cast the seven heads
Into the pits of hell
Feathers fell upon the ground
Where ashes lurked to catch their fall
The rotten sacred lie

Domine ne in furore tuo arguas me neque in ira tua corripias me
Miserere mei Domine, Miserere mei Domine

Sacra, Sacra privata. (x4)
Heavenly saviour invoked
Through the blood of incest and decay

Quoniam non est in morte qui memor sit tui in inferno autem quis confitebitur tibi

9. The Somberlain (Dissection cover) (7:31)
I fell deeper and deeper as light now was gone
I could feel the dark embrace my soul
Agony was no more, and so was pain
At this point of solitude I knew I was there
There where I belong
Thus far a long journey through my souls infinity
It has been a journey far beyond mortality
I have found what I wanted, tranquillity
I'll thrive on evil, eternally

I flew over crystal ground
My existence, numb
Over orchards of grievance,
sorrow and tears
This beautiful silence
calls me now
Black fog devours me but I can see it all
The monument of my past,
this land of seven horizons before my eyes
I reach the land of spiritual rest

Its the dawn of descending
- I am the Somberlain
down to evil divine domain

Lord of infernal, gather my strength
Carry me through the gates

Its the dawn of descending
- I am the Somberlain
down to evil divine domain

For I'm eternal night
- I'm the Somberlain
Precede my evil divine domain
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