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Frozen Storm Apocalypse Full Album Lyrics

Wintersoul - Frozen Storm Apocalypse cover art

Frozen Storm Apocalypse

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > W > Wintersoul Lyrics (5) > Frozen Storm Apocalypse Lyrics (5)
Submitted by level ― (2013-08-10)
1. Frostland (0:44)
2. Dawn of the Ice Hearts (3:41)
From the ashes of fallen angels,

Where cursed shadows of death grow

And the cruel black winds never end,

Beneath the mists of descending night,

Cold as the depths of winters frost,

Rise the horns of a dark new age;

Raising the flag of ascending scourge,

Freezing the hearts of men and extinguishing their fire.

From the infamous Frostland throne

Upon the unsuspecting and unfortunate souls below;

Spreading unhallowed wings of doom,

Plague like, over the war fields.

Begins an eraof death and bitter emptiness

The dawn of ice hearts

Transformed through infectious barbaric rites

Performed by spiritually bereft prisoners of self delusion.

Frozen poison flows from inhuman veins.

Emptiness pouring from silent souls,

Enslaved by hatred, tormented by loneliness,

The land grows cold and black.

Frostland kings

Crowned with serpents,

Frostland kings

Covered with sores.
3. Thorns of Winter (4:53)
. Thorns of Winter 04:53 Hide lyrics

Emerging from the barren wastelands

Ice erects its fearsome monument;

Crafted by the winter storms,

Sculpted by the harsh, frosted breeze.

Dark winds of nightfall chill my soul

As flickering shadows mock my weary way.

Under the screen of darkened skies

The black seeds of chaos grow.

This cold world lies deep inside me;

Brooding within my severed veins.

As the thorns of winter pierce my skin,

Thorns of winter

Deathly pale spirits of suffering

Thorns of winter

Sinister spectres of malice and discontent

The flame is torn from my wounded heart.

Descending to an eternal winter,

My haunted body, mind and soul.
4. Dark Winter Skies (5:50)
In Winter's March through ageless forests the forestland gates are splintered unleashing alegacy of terror and pain evil's breath in unrelenting storm winds clutches at my still warm heart.

Ifeel the hands of death around my soul hatred conceived by my spirits of rebellion. driving troops in deathly processions. embracing piercing. frozen winds from behind the curtain of the night. riding until the command is given dictating desecration thought rituals of war.

Under the endless blackened skies unrelenting legions of hate splattering sorrow across the frosland. binding their own souls in eternal darkness. bringing spiritual winter of those who burned with devotion rendering them silent. lifeless with despair.

In bleak desolation, men fail and fall motionless as the enemy descends. Frozen in fear the weakened few tremble twisted shadows rise to embrace their prey.
5. The Awakening (3:45)
6. Shades of Terror (4:35)
Deep in the heart of these forsaken lands Lie the bones of unmerciful kings of hate Emperors of the night, gathered in a circle,

Surrounded by ancient tombs and crumbling thrones.

Evoking nocturnal spirits of rebellion, Enthroning all that has been banished from these lands.

The eyes of the night beholds the sacrifice Within the chambers of a frosty dimension.

His soul cries into the freezing night As cursed storms ride the sorrowful dawn. Hateful beasts emerge across the realm And shades of terror approach the valleys.

Performing ceremonial rites of abomination;

Evil incantations uttered upon tarnished thrones, Calling upon scriptures of darkness and fear.

Unearthly souls, torn apart from their eternal love,

Blinded by the darkness, guided by treacherous fools Spreading their own desolation and demise.

Releasing their bitterness into the storm Setting the cruel winds free Evil incantations uttered upon tarnished thrones,

Calling upon scriptures of darkness and fear. Unearthly souls, torn apart from their eternal love.
7. Shadows of Death (4:27)
8. Blood on Ice (4:05)
in freezing night. beyond the mountains. ice covers the face of the earth i breathe the cold air of a frozen age.

Across the vast frostland domain has ween unleashed an unmerciful bleak winter. colder and darker than all ages past. shadows prevail across the barren lands. The sunlight a fading hope. Black skies cover the forsaken plains beyond the living realm mortal minds decay.

Blood on ice. screams of war and legions die

Moonlight radiant upon my face i feel the quickening of my thawing hart i raise my sword and turn towards the darkness.

Standing in defiance. i feel my strength return my war cry cuts through the frosty air souls of once fallen warriors are rising.

Upon the hills i see legions marching on under inspired command against the evil throne. moonshine reflects on swords. star lit shields glisten throughout the darkness. the enemy's blood will fall to the ground. the sound of war will break the silence.
9. As the Snow Falls... (2:07)
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