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Songs for the Slain Full Album Lyrics

Winterhymn - Songs for the Slain cover art

Songs for the Slain

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresFolk Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
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Lyrics > W > Winterhymn Lyrics (12) > Songs for the Slain Lyrics (12)
Submitted by level ― (2013-02-23)
1. In the Troll Forest (3:52)
In the old forest, the sun has died
and the moonglow banishes courage and pride
from the hearts of men, for through its eerie beams
echo horrid screams

Up from the caverns, out of the fog
come the trollfolk sniffing my trail like dogs
their breath on my neck
Howling for my blood

I pray for the morning sun to turn these
ghastly creatures into stone
I fly for my life or join the nameless dead
beneath the roots and the bones

They surround me in a clearing
and now I can see their gore-caked fangs
eager to have my flesh sliced

So I draw my sword of equal size
and raise it to the sky
Their meal will come at a price
2. Castle Kelly (3:35)
Where did it go? Can it be found?
I hear no laughs nor cries, I hear not a single sound

Warriors, nobles, knights and knaves
Live forever in the song I play

Her story's a secret, reason without rhyme
Castle Kelly, forgotten by time
Her story's a secret and buried inside
Castle Kelly, forgotten by time

Only this tune is all that remains
a mournful melody from the other side of the grave

Warriors, nobles, knights and knaves
Live forever in the song I play
3. Dispelling the Mist (5:28)
For honor and gold, pride and glory, countless men do fight
But I am here for one thing only; to make my enemies die
The gods have granted me all the strength of one-hundred men
In the fields I swing my blade, eager to kill again

Their screams will echo like those of my clan
Slain before my eyes
They will die by my hand, I make vengeance my prize
My hunger is that of Fenrir's Great and unfulfilled
Their bodies turn to ash and ember and all their blood is spilled

By the will of Thor, we take weapons in our fists
Cut you down and clear the storm, dispelling the mist
Lift the veil from their eyes and clear every flaw
Turn chaos into order, turn anarchy to law (Anarchy to law!)

Blessed as I had become, I could not take them alone
New allies were fearsome as we sought the enemy's throne
Four in number we grew our ranks, stronger by the day
To the gods we gave out thanks, preparing for bloody fray.

Liars! Profaners! No warriors they! Falsehood is their creed
Trading the truth for their shame, to satisfy their needs
But hear we stand, the truth, the light, with vengeance cold as ice
Justice bring you our metal's might as you pay the ultimate price

We swing our sword and hurl our axe, chanting Valhalla's verse
Soon, all their skulls are cracked and every name is cursed
Hear the cries as darkness dies and hope ends our story
Hammer-forged steel expelled their lies and carried us into glory
4. Stand Your Ground (4:30)
Have you heard the call to war?
For the battle has reached our sacred shores
We're the only defense for the golden hall
And none of those bastards will pass her glorious doors

I came, I saw, I fought with them all
Until our glorious victory was crown'd
Defending my land, so much blood on my hands
I will stand my fucking ground

Stand (Stand!) your ground!
Stand (Stand!) your ground!
Show your passion, show your hate!
Stand (Stand!) your ground!
Stand (Stand!) your ground!
Fight! Kill! Dominate!

We've turned the tide, they try to flee
But I give my solemn vow, none shall escape me
Our ripped and tattered flags sway in the air
A battle to the death? Haha, we are prepared!

I swing, I hack, I press my attack
Until only pieces are found
Defending my empire, with a soul of fire
I will stand my fucking ground
5. Up from the Roots (6:47)
Caught in a web of living night
I and my brothers nine, shackled by the trees
A sentence served for spitting in the face of death
We await our primal judge's wrath

Out from the tangled black, the She-wolf comes
Grim eyes aglow with sorcery
Wrought of earth, wind and rain and dark desire
Drawn by vengeance and warm blood in the cold night's air

Each night, the Wretch returns
Each night, a Volsung falls
Tonight, when she returns for I, the last,
Tonight I will answer death's call

Far off in the house of my captor, Signy comes to my aid
A trick of the senses, the price of a chance
A trap of honey upon my face
I must not die like a rat in this night, fruit of the Barnstock be fed
I will drink of the bastard-kings blood
and see all his children dead

Now the Bitch approaches
Bloodlust in her eyes
As I stare into oblivion
All doubt within me dies

A pause before the kill
she stops to taste the trap
As the tongue of death slips past my lips
I clench it in my jaws and rip it
Up from the roots
6. Under the Hunter's Moon (4:07)
Who will go? Who will stay?
Without hope, for peace I pray

Staring into my life's end
The fear grips my soul
Never to go home again
I'm losing control

But far away, under the sky
The shining moon makes me complete
I clench my fists, quicken my breath
Tonight I will not know defeat

Burning hands, the will to fight
A hardened man conquers this night

The enemy has fled the field
Hear the tolling of the bell
Their destiny is now revealed
As we send them straight to hell (Straight to hell!)

Live for today, unafraid to die
Carry courage on the path you choose
There's more to life than waiting for death
May you find truth under the moon
7. Alesong (5:28)
Yes the winds of my homeland are cold
And were so long 'fore I was born
But you'll find no warmth by the fire
But deep in a cup or a horn

Men may fight over plunder
Kings may squabble for land
But gold is just garbage and land is just dirt
without a good ale in hand

Hrumdidadala, hrumdidadala, hrumdidadala
Hrumdidadala, hrumdido, hey! hey! hey!

My son's first time in the shieldwall
our numbers made hardly a fence
but a few drinks filled his legs up with iron
and he was laughing himself out of sense

The lady, she asked me for flowers
Something to leave her feeling alright
So I cracked open a jug of that juice of the Heather
And I was raising her spirits all night

Drink and be merry my brothers
Drink for the good and the bad
And always remember, when death calls us home
There is still more drink to be had
8. Woad (4:45)
We look to the south
Our shields to the north
Like he who graced the wolf's mouth
Each man will prove his worth

What's past, it matters not
These plans that we have sown
Tonight someone will rot
Tonight we wear our woad!

Our path ends here
On the wild huntsman's road
Valhalla draws near
Tonight we wear our woad!

One day all may be healed
The scars we cut this day
These welkin keys we wield
will see us on our way

Before we meet the sun
Before that day of gold
We'll stand and see this done
This day we wear our... we wear our woad!
9. Blood Eagle (5:22)
I sit in this cage, how long I do not know
They took from me my freedom, they took from me my hope
I traveled to this land to spread the word of the Lord
They sent with me a book, they should have sent a sword

Only fear, have I found
My eyes are blind, my hands, they are bound
Poured out from my heart is all of my faith
On wings of blood, I fly to my fate

I am to be killed at the first light of dawn
My body remains... My spirit is gone
Fear renders me immobile, I cannot move my legs
As tears fall from my eyes, I scream, I weep, I beg...
10. Witch (8:51)
I wandered through alien forests
Beneath the great eye of the night
Far from my camp and my army
Like ash to wind, I took flight
Drawn by the voice of a maiden
Hanging in the frozen air
I was caught in winter's grasp
transfixed by her stare

Her flesh was pale like a lily in moonlight
Eyes soft gray of the tumultuous sea
Hair pitch black like a raven in the night
Ethereal visage made for me
She promised me a myriad of wonders
An end to endless strife
She would trade the unfathomable
For my wretched life

Wrap me in oblivion, open your doors to me

I have heard you call to me, in the dead of night
When my lips have failed me, when I've lost my sight
I damn the dreams of yesterday to this barren land
This witch in the winter take me by the hand

Try as I might to remember
The names of those I held dear
Their hands in the dark I could not find
Their voices, I could not hear
For there she was before me
Naked starlight on the snow
And there I took her in my arms
And she cast aside my woe

This river is eternal
I long for the shore

Icy death submits to me
Earth gives way to celestial seas
A realm born from my flesh

Here I dwell by my lady's grace
Time dismissed without a trace
Bound to freedom alone

Life is but a frightful dream, death but a fear
How I long to awaken, beyond the bleak and drear
Sweet is the voice that beckons you to death
Soft are the hands that smother your last breath

I have heard you call to me, in the dead of night
When my hands have failed me, when I've lost my sight
You broke the chains of this life, which held me like a hound
Witch in the winter, Oh what is to be found?
I have heard you call to me, in the dead of night
When my lips have failed me, when I've lost my sight
I damn the dreams of yesterday to this barren land
Witch in the winter, take me by the hand
11. The Berserker's Axe (4:08)
I fall upon you like so many past
With a fearsome blade in hand
Torsos cloven, and bodies smashed
To quench the thirst of my axe
Dragons and Death mean nothing to me
The scouring calls my name
Now sealed away for centuries
For so many slain

I am the...
Fleshbiter! Bonecrusher!
Skullbreaker! Doombringer!
Fleshbiter! Bonecrusher!
Skullbreaker! Doombringer!

Locked for years in this earthen tomb
For the Hero, I will wait
But death is all I know
And pain is all I gave!
I hear my master approaching me
Bloody screams and steel
Finally, set free
We die on the battlefield!

The Berserker's Axe!
12. The Fall of Kings (6:07)
A snowy wind was blowing
And the mountains clawed the sky
The air was cold and sharp as any spear
Far beyond our knowing
And with distant, bloody cries
I could not foresee what would happen here

This is the fall of kings

We were surrounded, overrun
As the arrows rained from the trees
We met their charge with a thirst for blood
But my hero fell to his knees
My father, my king

His eyes met mine
Spoke these words
All kings must fall
The duty rests with you
for the good of all

Without a voice to guide
Or direct the battle's flow
Our men broke rank and fell to disarray
Still my greatest pride
was my mightiest blow
Dealt when my heart was set ablaze

My father, the King, lie dead on the ground
An arrow shot through his back
In a pool of blood sat the crown
Still we were pressed to attack
Rest father, my king

I pulled the crown up from the earth
I placed it upon my brow
I speak the king's voice, I speak the king's word
The time to kill is now
Attack! Attack!
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