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As All Torn Asunder Full Album Lyrics

When Nothing Remains - As All Torn Asunder cover art

As All Torn Asunder

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  91.3 / 100
Votes :  4
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Submitted by level 10 LightListener (2014-04-20)
1. Embrace Her Pain (7:28)
She lives in her shadowland
Deep drowned in misery thoughts
She feels like buried alive
The surface is so high above
She prolong her hand
But no one can reach it

She's alone in her shadowland
Deep drowned in fightful memories
She can't catch her breath
Respite in unsound air
And the world around
Lies in ruins

I will meet her in her shadowland
Embrace her pain and make it mine
Maybe i can save her
From the darkness within
And she can walk away from here
Leaving me with her agony
I will wipe the shadows away
I will clean her air
I will erase her nightmares
If she let me embrace her pain...
2. The Sorrow Within (11:40)
An empty place
A forceful aspiration
Enduringly within
The tears will fall
From swollen eyes
And a silent scream
Will burst from bleeding lips

It hurts
The sorrow within
Like the silence
After a disaster
I can hear my thoughts
But i can't bear them
How can i live
With a breach inside
An emptiness...

It could be a nightmare
It could be a scar on my skin
But it just burn inside
All save me
From the past i have
My memories
Rip them out from my heart
Give me your air
Give me all that is me
It feels like i'm fading away
And it's no return

It was not me
Causing this pain and misery
It was not the dream i once had

It could be different
It could be good again
All save me
From my memories
Tear them out from my ruined soul
Give me your sinew
Give me all that is me
Shatter the past i have
Before i'm lost forever
3. A Portrait of the Dying (7:14)
Affliction gain ascendant of the being
Weakness grow sinewy
Try to darn what will befall
And we will misfire
Bewildered of what will occur
We seek, the sinew
We all forgot

Dust to dust
Is what we are
An empty shell
Of a spirit in flight
Embrace our fate
Neglect humanity
To never return

Entomb the distress of life in soil
Deep in internal rooms
Sense the grief no more
And be free
Behold the last moment
Before we break, down
To ash

Dust to dust
Is what we are
An empty shell
Of a spirit in flight
Embrace our fate
Neglect humanity
Withering away
To never return

What will become
Of the remaining sparks
A gap between bounds
Of die down souls
No more to see
No more to be
A portrait of the dying
4. Mourning of the Sun (8:42)
Once the world was new
In the beginning
We where shining

Then there where changes
The hands of destruction swept forth
Past there where failing
The hearts of destruction heated acute
Prior the wishes faded away
And our eyes was blindfolded

It's a die down star
Who takes us all
Down to the darkest abyss
It's the mourning of the sun

Visions are dismissed
Dreams are improbable
People are shadows
We are the broken ones

Never going back
Never see the light
Never be increased
Never be living again

It s a die down star
Who takes us all
Down to the darkest abyss

Now there is sable
Now there is death
It's the mourning of the sun
5. Solaris (1:14)
6. Her Lost Life (9:00)
She holds my soul in her eyes
Her deep dark eyes
So young and yet
They have seen a passing time
I hold her in my arms
Trying to embrace the life
That slips away from her
But it's final now

She give me words
In her deep dark eyes
She wish that life was sacred
She pleads me
Please do not let me go
Hold me forever
Force my soul to stay
With you

Her life was not hers to live
And deep dark shadows
Turns pale in her eyes
And i betrayed her
I failed her
Because i let her go
Her life was just a moment
But so beautiful

Was life meant to be
Just a glimpse of her
Or was her lost life
Only a mistake
Maybe she was never born
Perhaps a dream in the night
In another world
Her deep dark eyes
Had been blue
7. In Silence I Conceal the Pain (7:44)
Dream the dreams
In a senseless sleep
And forget the awakening moments
When darkness comes closer
The silence grows old
And the pain obscure deep

Deceive the untrue to reality
A theatre of insincere hopes
An act of mending thoughts
But the grief will recur at dawn
And the pain that where gone
Will possess anew

The agony is me
Thousand shivers in my soul
Suffering i tried to abscond
But sleep is eternally lost
And the silence i need to conceal
Is a rear inside

I was a child once
I was alive once
Now nothing is left to be me
8. As All Torn Asunder (13:02)
From the first breath to the second
A billion years
Just an instant time for mankind
We have come to the final moment

It's the end
As all torn asunder
The darkness will rise
And our gazes of fire
Will see it all die

Who are you
When life is death
What will we be
When death is reality

New life is dying
And the silence screams the words
It's the end
As all torn asunder
The sun will reject us
And the memories
Will forget it all

Fortune disappears
No one's left to whisper the words
No one's left to hear
No one will see
It all torn asunder

It all has come
To the end
9. Outro - Tears (3:56)
My darkest pain
My shallow breath
My worshipped sorrow
My longing for death

My time's demise
My silent fears
You see it all
In my falling tears
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