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Lawless Age Full Album Lyrics

Weapönizer - Lawless Age cover art

Lawless Age

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 12 MasterChef (2018-11-12)
1. Malefactor (3:04)
With boiling hatred and contempt
I view the throngs of man
Poison to all they touch
They deserve the axe and the sword

No sympathy for them
No benevolence
I work for the end
Of the Anthropocene

My malice breaks their every dream
My bile feeds their suffering

(Solo: Bart McCrory)

Cries for mercy go unheard
My heart is stone
Unchained hostility
Lets me breathe pure genocide

As I free humanity
From the mortal coil
Life will thrive in the void
Of our toxic race

My burden will end when I watch as the world burns!
2. Hellbound (4:05)
Rise now, backs turned to the pulpit
Hear my words of apostasy
Cure the word of hallowed dogma
My diatribe against the gods of self hate

Hellbound! Destined for the Abyss
My fate is tied to him
To forever bathe in fire
But always will I stand
With the great Adversary

He who spews “thou shalt” is my mortal foe
I will question all and know that I am

Hellbound! Destined for the Abyss
No pit of suffering
No eternal state of bliss
Here and now is our day
Of great joy and torment

All that man had made, man can destroy
We will obliterate sacred flesh and holy blood

(Solo: Hell Messiah and Christian La Rocca)

Rise now, backs turned to the pulpit
Hear my words of apostasy
Cure the world of hallowed dogma
Antitheist diatribe

Each verse a red inferno
Each word a tongue of fire
Bless the destroyers of false hope
For they will set us free

He who spews “thou shalt” is our mortal foe
We will question all
We are Hellbound!
3. Vulture (2:40)
I, Vulture, feed upon the flesh of man
Geier, hostile, victimizing thirst for blood

Strike for grey matter
But driven back
I bide my time
Bitter aggressor
I take the weak
Victims of fear
Afraid to fight

I, Vulture, feed upon the flesh of man
Geier, hostile, victimizing thirst for blood

Why let this become your fate?
Strike a blow to end the fight.
Allies act when called upon.
Look in my eye and realize
(Solo: Zack Rose)
I know your mind; you won’t survive
Solace comes only as you die

Geier, Vulture, vitality floods every shore

Drown in blood!
4. Rattenkrieg (3:56)
(In) burned out shells and husks of stone
Paulus’ army fought for glory
Stalingrad in endless flame
As Stukas pound it to the ground
In the bloody sewers and
Body-littered ruins
Rodina called to her children:
Crush the enemy at the gate!
Make them pay

Cower before the banshee scream
Of the deadly Katyushas
Raining fire on scores of men
Invaders in the broken streets
The enemy are sticks
Fit only for breaking
Forced hand-to-hand combat
Brought down by the Night Witch

Crumble, rock and stone
Only men endure
In the Rattenkrieg

The pendulum of fate will swing
When Bog Voyny tolls its bell
Bound and trapped by the Red
Cut off from the Fatherland
Winter is the final nail in
The coffin of a million souls
The city burned and burned again
Inferno risen, Hell on Earth

(Solo: Wyatt Burton)

Crumble, rock and stone
Only hate endures
In the Rattenkrieg

Soldiers starve as bodies rot
Desperate men cannot escape
5. Lawless Age (2:39)
Walking through the world of men
Unburdened by the Right (hand path)
Free from guilt and mental throe
Divorced from self deceit
Greed is just desire for more
And Envy motivates
All ambition’s born of these
We have come to break the chains

Fading religions change their ways
Struggle to survive
As eyes are opened to the truth
That sins are nature in disguise
If tenets change to ease the way
Can they be eternal truths?
Accept the Gospel of the Left (hand path)
And build your temple to the Flesh

Build your temple to the Flesh!

(Solo: Christian La Rocca and Hell Messiah)

Lust spreads wide the tree of life
-the innate state of being
Sloth and Gluttony cripple
But Pride will vitalize
Through Anger become
Dangerous even in defeat
And ‘Do What Thou Wilt’ shall
Be the whole of the law!
6. Gangrene (3:29)

I am the beast
Of the apocalypse
Bringing the end
to all that walks the Earth

My putrid breath
Spreads throughout

Leaving the mark
On all I touch
Swollen and fetid
Blackened and burnt

Wasteland of iron flesh
Rotting from the inside out

Poison comes spewing forth
Debride before it kills... kills the host

Mankind: the infected limb
Gangrene must be cut out
Cut it flesh and bone!

(Solo: Wyatt Burton)
7. Iron Clan Exiles (3:31)
Betrayed by hosts
In foreign lands
Sentenced to die

Accused of spying
In the Middle Kingdom
Sent to prison
With no walls
In the desert wastes
Hunted like jackals
Battle to the end
We are the

Iron Clan Exiles

To obliterate the enemy
Wipe their memory from the Earth
Was the sole purpose
Rebel against destiny
Sought by assassins
And Hellriders
The hunt will never end
We are the

Iron Clan Exiles

(Solo: Zack Rose)

Deceived by witchcraft
The Dragon Sorceress
Loyal to the end
Cast out for fealty
In the Forest of
Unwanted Children
We earned our vengeance!
We are the

Iron Clan Exiles
8. Temple of the Iron Skull (4:18)
Deep in the hearts of men
Beneath the lies they tell themselves
There dwells the ancient fire
The lust and passion for war!

The Sword will slake its thirst
On the blood of humanity
Given power and voice
Our primal urges come forth

In the Temple of the Iron Skull
We burn our offerings on alters of hate
Ecstasy and bloodlust are as one
It beholds the mass with spellbinding eyes
The eyes
Enthralling all who meet their gaze
The eyes
Burning through your soul

(Solo: Justin Kelly)

Our hatred is our mead
We drink deep to feed the fire
The burning need to kill
To conquer and wage war!

The Axe will have its day
To feast on flesh and viscera
As long as men are born
The Iron Skull will
Ever be overlord
Unsated until all
Men are laid low to the ground
9. World War 2 (English Dogs cover) (1:56)
World War Three is all the rage
Problem child of a nuclear age
Push button missiles on radio control
Don’t wanna die before I get old
That’s the crap we always hear
Doomsday’s coming, almost here
Why not remember the last World War
I hope, for one, there’ll be no more

Why doesn’t anyone sing about World War Two

Examples should be made of forty-five
When the people were lucky to survive
The hell all around for those sick years
(should be) A constant reminder in all of our fears
No one sings about the last World War
‘Cause modern poets can’t remember anymore
Modern zombies with a one-track mind
Of a World War Three that will kill mankind

Why doesn’t anyone sing about World War Two?
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