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Warscythe EP 2009 Full Album Lyrics

Warscythe - Warscythe EP 2009 cover art

Warscythe EP 2009

GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-05-24)
1. Beyond the Infinite (6:30)
Forged through the infinite, eternal force

With limitless power, to create, and destroy

Giver of life, and bringer of death

Sovereign master, of all he creates

Altering the energies, bending to his will

Gathering of forces, revealing the light

The architecture of the grand design

(from dust you came and dust you shall return)

As planets form, and stars align

Worlds unfold, of ice and stone

Skies are born, and oceans rage

Magma floods, the realm of chaos

Energy unleashed, upon this world

Profound creation, of pure perfection

Organic beings, plague the earth

Breeding lies, condemning the fate of all

Man will die, as he turns to kill one another

Who survives, in this world of deceivers

Behind the eye, lies truth and power

Those of light, will not perish in the final stand

As planets die, and stars decay,

Worlds return, to ice and stone

This realm destroyed, to nothingness

The realm of light, beyond the infinite it will exist
2. Flesh Harvest (3:20)
Forced to suffer, process begins

To gain the knowledge, enhanced anatomy

Dissect the body, blades incise

Precision machines, surgically remove

Growing legions, of undead drones

Swarm around me, to feed their urge

Injecting blood, to fuel my corpse

Kept alive, to serve the over mind

The blades proceed, to slice my skin

A faceless corpse remains, to serve

Skeletal structure, reinforced

Emotionless, ambivalent, and cold

Wretched, inhuman, malignant

Bio mechanisms consume and devour

Skin and muscle tissue, bleeding profusely

De-fleshed into decay, will to exterminate

Vile creatures exist feeding off the living
3. Anubis (7:28)
Sentenced, to drift the sands

Wretched, forsaken land

Lifeless, my flesh will burn

Cast down, of wrath and scorn

Behold, the god of death

Bring forth eternal rest

Prowl in the catacombs

The sand will be my tomb

Await, the sun to rise

Bring forth, fiery demise

Scorching, my body dies

Withered, I close my eyes

Winds of the storm, consume the sky

Under black earth, where the dead lie

Enter the realm, of the deceased

Spawn of the sand, my corpse unleashed
4. Oblivion Awaits (4:23)
Charge into the plains my warriors, strike fast and fear not death

Kill off the opposition, and bring their heads to me

Leave no one left alive, impale them to the sky

Burn their corpses take their lives, they will pay with blood

Take this day, for it is ours to claim

Spill their blood, for it is our right to slay

Many run and turn in fear, for they know what fate awaits

My sword and spear will send them, to their final grave

Stand your ground and show no mercy, for you will be shown none

Together we will show them, the valor of our war hearts

Arise! Take that which is ours

Among the warpath, we ride to victory

Dwell in destruction, war is all we know

Running through our veins, bleed
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