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No Beast So Fierce... Full Album Lyrics

Warhammer - No Beast So Fierce... cover art

No Beast So Fierce...

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2016-05-17)
1. The Slaughter (1:50)
2. Doomsday Inferno (3:20)
The long night has come to crush all human souls
Terror from out of the sky to burn away all hope
Cries for mercy fade away unheard
The storm is here, and it is the third...

Malicious hatred's on the rise, we act in total panic
The earth is a mass grave now, all hope is abolished
Sadistic disciples keep marching on
Doomsday inferno has just begun

Nowhere left to run
Armageddon has come
This is the end
Fate has dealt it's last hand

The long night has come to crush all human souls
Terror from out of the sky to burn away all hope
Sadistic disciples keep marching on
Doomsday inferno has just begun
3. Warriors of the Cross (3:50)
Through the ages they followed the imposters
Their victim lived under the wings of the cross
Some called them the cruel transcendency
Others saw them worship the doom messiah

They are the warriors of the cross
Holy inquisitors - The final command
I have never felt so lost
We have to take our last stand

Have you ever felt the claw or religion?
Can you sense the deathchrist emerging?
Some just called them tyrants of rage
Others saw them usurping with hate
4. The Bloodstained Shadow (5:24)
The sins of the past will never be forgotten
You try to hide among the masses
He will always know, who's insides are rotten
Your punishment will go beyond the grave...

The bloodstained shadow follows your every move
And guilt washes up towards the surface
Ages ago, but this nightmare is still here
And one day you and the shadow will be one...

The sins of the past will never be forgiven
You try to live a normal life
He will always know, who feels guilt-ridden
This punishment will go beyond the realms of this world...
5. Flames of Armageddon (2:19)
As revelations have foreseen, my resurrection is at hand
My endless slumber in total darkness has finally come to an end

Flames of armageddon
Walk with the legion of the damned...

I'm being brought back into the light with loads of endless pain
Join me in this insane struggle, or await your entrance art hell's gates

This is your last chance now to choose sides, mine's growing stronger
Watch the abyss burn, kill every man, can't wait any longer...
6. ..from the Abscence of the Sun (4:53)
We rushed through limited time in constant insomnia
Plundering the earth's resources without any shame
The mourning for lost souls has followed all our footsteps
Now we're only years away from the absence of the sun...

Darkness, death, destruction - Eternal pain
Everlasting sorrow - The children have gone insane
Power, might, force - All have fallen into dust
Now I turn my head away in shame and disgust

When it was time to lay down the sword, we clinged to it in desperation
Bitterness entered our hearts to resolve in acts of deprivation
Everywhere all beauty slowly vanished - Hell has come!
Now we're only months away from the absence of the sun...

There's no more need for any vengeance, all sinners stand united
Hateful eyes turn into hollow void, time to take the deathride
Predictions of doom have proved - They told us the truth!
Now we're only minutes away from the absence of the sun...
7. Total Maniac (4:34)
No remorse, into death - The only thing that's real
The winter of our discontent has passed away
Deathchrist and doom messiah walked in side by side
The absolute eclipse has proved: no beast so fierce!

Total maniac
Devil's on my back
Total maniac
Triumph of death

Don't try to lie to me, I can see it your eyes!
Fake thrashers come and go, they're just posers in disguise
Put your heart into it, don't let yourself be fooled
If you're only in it for the fame, you're gonna loose...

This is for life, 'til death - Th only thing that's real!
Not some trend, no greed - Just some light in the dark
If you don't get it, get the fuck out of my face!
And make way for this insane horde - Deathdoom Brigade!
8. Thirty Pieces of Silver (5:26)
In a time endless wonder, the greatest treachery accured
Something so devious, that left him doomed to walk the earth
Can you ever walk through gethsemane again without shivers on your face?
And when night falls, visions of disgrace start to attack

Thirty silver pieces - Is this enough to clam your mind?
Thrown in front of you with true disgust
An exchange of epic proportions . Silver against the soul!

Running from what you've done won't help you wicked creature
Insanity follows you, wherever you try to go now
On the other hand, what did you truly expect to gain?
This will happen on earth again and again and again...
9. Frozen Screams (4:47)
Every night, I am waking up in a pool of sweat
The same nightmare is coming back to haunt my soul

Frozen Screams - A storm in my mind
Frozen Screams - 'Til the end of time

Such a place I have never seen before in life
So cold and dark, it's drawing me towards the unknown

Can't resist temptation - I can't escape fate - Fulfill the dream
Farewell to life - As I've known before - Let the journey begin...

Frozen Screams...
10. Mysteries of Imagination (5:02)
Further and further we come to solve this mystery
Can't trust anyone - Not even my companions
Hide your emotions - Pay respect to the darkened woods
Civilization fades away, the wilderness is calling us

Frozen Screams - A storm in my mind
Frozen Screams - 'Til the end of time

We lost some men today, they vanished without a trace
Maybe we have to turn back our weakened bodies...
But it seems to late now, we have to defy the dark!
Cut the last rope to society - Finally free or forever bound in new chains?

I, thought, that I would never fall into apathy and disillusion
And will I ever find a comforting enough solution?
Something pulls me away, and something is drawing me nearer
If something exists here, it sure knows how to hide...
11. The Tunguska Riddle (6:49)
In 1908 the world was torn apart in the darkest corner of the earth
As bright as the sun, a flash blinded the eyes of those who knows the truth
We can't consult them with our thirst for insight, for they are long gone
Wiped away like nothing on this strange and undiscovered day of pain

Did they arrive or did they send a message?
A black hole maybe? Or thousand other guesses...
Is anything we know just shades of disillusion?
And will we ever find a comforting enough solution?

Aren't you scared of what you may find?
If something's there, it sure knows how to hide
Or is this just a source of wild imagination?
Forever wrapped in darkness and mystification...

The vegetation in that place has never been the same since then
Nature cannot win the struggle against the force that was at hand
Rotting trees and disfigured creatures is all that you can find there now
This riddle will remain unsolved forever, to the myth we will bow down

"Wait, listen, can you hear it, too?
I swear on my soul, I saw something move!
This place makes my blood go insane
If I don't leave here now, in Tunguska forever I will remain..."
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