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Shunya | Full Album Lyrics

Wallachia - Shunya cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
LabelsDebemur Morti Productions
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-04-11)
1. Dual Nothingness (4:10)
I stand at the edge of the world
With a heart shattered into pieces
And a pain that never cases
Forever lost in this void
Wake me up from reality
There's no catharsis through this agony

Bring me the poison or give me a reason
How to have faith in a world full of treason?
Spiritually homeless and no need for a compass
When the journey is set for the abyss

Holding on to a broken dream
It's all what i've got left
The promises that i have kept
I will go down with this ship
86'd by destiny
The never-amending story

A glimpse of hope turns into oceans of sadness
Climb to the top and dive into the madness

No mask for concealing
These wounds never healing
No sense of belonging
Or what is becoming
A mind that never rests
Every day an endurance tot
A soul that never sleeps

And a heart that forever keeps
Bleeding for what could not be

Absolve me from the emptiness
All-consuming nothingness
The mirror of my soul
Torn between this duality
Haunted by the memories
I had to bring myself down
2. Gloria in Excelsis Ego (4:11)
High on your throne of apathetic perfection
With a Matter's Degree in the an of provocation
The judge and jury, the grudge and fury
Still there's no blood on your hands
Light the fuse and spread the abuse
Keep yourself from a safe distance

You regard yourself as the equator of humanity
Can't do nothing wrong when doing nothing at all
Your cup runneth over with envy

The pride and prejudice, deep rooted cowardice
Your chants of disdain shall echo as silence
Come full circle with your animosity

Your joy in life depends on others' misery and
Fall victim to your own cynical nature
The backfire of vanity
By ignorance you base defined your strength
Having no idols apart from yourself
Feeding an illusion
Living a delusion
The mirror reflects the enemy

Gloria in excelsis Ego
Curves reverse From the lack of response
You reap what you sow
Gloria in excelsis Ego
The bitterness is yours all alone
Dismissed and dethroned
3. Ksatriya (4:56)
The stars were aligned for a short moment in time
To continue this dream I can only rewind
On that beautiful summer day with happiness all around
When my heart turned into a burial ground

Loss defines love and sorrow reminds the joy
And how everything so suddenly was taken away
Many seasons have passed and the world has changed
The emptiness inside of me will always remain
4. Enlightened by Deception (4:42)
Leave me with the agony
The only thing you gave to me
Close the door - leave conscience behind
The pain is all mine
Never look back but always move on
Make sure that guilt can't keep along
And in your time of need
You should know that I am gone

Enlightened by deception
Betrayal and rejection
Enlightened by deception
Flip the coin of oppression

You had my world in your hands
It slipped between your fingers like grains of sand
All my trust, love and respect
You chose to trade it for something less
Because you're not at peace with yourself
Easier to pass the torment to someone else
What I once felt was a loss to me
Was the painful process of being set free

Leave me with the agony
The only thing you gave to me

What you have done to me, unconsciously, made me a better person after all
To this tragedy I found no remedy, and I just had to take the fall
Separate ways, better days, I carried your pain as my own
Accepting fate was never too late, and so I travel alone
5. Hypotheist (6:20)
The folded hands creating the perfect image of God
Adjusting faith to make room for yourself
Standing proud on your moral high ground
The rules are applied for everyone else

Putting yourself above the law
Twisting the word to cover your own flaws
Damnation you bring upon us all
So let the angels sing and the money continue to roll

The molded man deep in trance by your crucitricks
Salvation depends on the wallet size
The promised land will in the end make you all rich
Kneel and pray as you throw the dice

The party is on at your Go-go Bar Mitzvah
Drinks are on the house, hallelujah!
When the table is empty and redemption is yet to come
The mirror of truth doesn't cast any reflection

Living a charade
Keep fooling yourself
A glamorous parade
I don't buy what you sell
6. Nostalgia Among the Ruins of Common Sense (4:31)
I close my eyes and drift away
The wonders of the world so far ahead
Childhood oblivion and days of joy
Memories from a time long gone
The curiosity and exploring will
When the days seemed like eternity
And I ask myself where did it all go?
The pure essence of freedom

When the pressure of the world weighs me down
I travel back so that I can move on
Save the sorrows for another day
The past becomes the threshold

Evolution or dissolution it's all the same
I find myself in the opposite lane
Conscience fiction reality
Convenience is the curse of humanity
We take it all but forget to give
We exist but forget to live
So many things I don't comprehend
Nostalgia among the ruins of common sense
7. Harbinger of Vacuumanity (4:32)
Neon signs along the way - not reacting until it's too late
Tomorrow seem so far away - leave it for someone else to pay
Evolution got out of hand - turning us into grains of man
Apathy now shall rule the land - awareness was just a one-night stand

I see a bleak future - the pollution of human nature
The inability to change our destructive ways
Guinea Gods to take the blame as we make a smooth escape
Sacrifice our souls upon the altar of technology

Knowing only the value of material things
Contemporary entertainment to fill your empty beings
Living for the moment in blissful oblivion
The rear-view mirror is broken

Lay waste the earth and claim your wage
A higher power will take out the garbage
So this is the legacy that you leave behind
A cargo load of responsibility
8. Emotional Ground Zero (7:33)
The sleepless nights of wondering and pondering
How my world got turned upside-down in a flash of a moment
Everything I believed in and wanted to be myself
Suddenly became what I feared the most

Don't be surprised when I choose to leave
The decision wasn't really my own
It was made a long time ago
Some things can't be unsaid or undone
You had it all but it was never enough
Betrayed your own flesh and blood
Lost the game and put the debt in my name
The solitary heir to your kingdom of despair

I am the ghost of a 10-year old boy
Who died on that day when you went away
I cried and I begged and I hoped you would stay
Telling myself everything is okay
Bloodstains and broken glass among my toys
Gave me your pain in trade for my joy
Amending, pretending that nothing was wrong
In a desolate house a child weeps alone

On that night when you turned your wrath against me
Because I witnessed your cardhouse of lies fall to the ground
How could I forget those words you said and forgive those things you did?
You ran away with no trace of repentance to be found

As our paths cross and I'm reminded the loss
I realize it was the only absolution
Drifting away into the oceans of fate
We're beyond the point of any redemption
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