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Satanic Blood Full Album Lyrics

Von - Satanic Blood cover art

Satanic Blood

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  50 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2014-10-12)
1. Jesus Stain (3:40)
Force me in your herd dark breed
Cold dark herald of body deathmaker
Take out all my sins crown me
God saves none this time end your
Jesus Stain
Jesus Stain

Jesus Stain in black is that christ dark savior
In black briefcase the fetus Jesus birth
Drop it in a pentagram 8th hour
Sacrifice his black child eyes Jesus Stain

Jesus Stain (x8)
2. Devil Pig (2:27)
Shine tusk
Blood horns
Pentagram brand
Red screen

Satanic devil pig

Black origin
Goat horns
Tusk devil
Pentagram stamp

Satanic devil pig
3. Venien (2:21)
Black coming...
Black coming of...

Red is blood
Children of red
Die frequent
Always regenerating

Love is red death
Desiccate dead
Soldier walks dead
Mother bleed

Infant stabs needle
Coffin smoke
Funeral smell

Circles coughing redness
Blood fire

Black coming...
Black coming of Veinen

4. Release (1:07)
Lost god
Bleed red
So you'll like this


Slow we're dead
Born again
Spirits scream
Dead soul
5. Veadtuck (3:08)
In the saber-toothed mass
Where the goat cult runs long and black
Behind the black rise
Let us ride the winds of blood
6. Vennt (1:47)
The blades turn watch this cold retreat
Against them black snake slide the blade in the lamb
Fiends die down slave his blade its eyes
With this disgrace survive I blood stain

Take thy soul
Take thy soul
Take thy soul
Take my life

I bleed silver blade earth chains us through fire
Cunt bride bleed blood fill this structure in
Since I drift through skies brother lamb lives saves
Lamb Iv'e sworn I'm done a bleak existence eye on my hand

Take thy soul
Take thy soul
Take thy soul
Take my life
Take thy soul
Take thy soul
Take thy soul
Take my life to

Take thy soul to
Take thy soul to
7. Evisc (1:30)
Hallowing amidst the dying
Fear insight inside
Chemicals line the bodies
Breath amidst the bodies
Cold-face raw raw raw-face
Medical rip rip rip cut
Embalming unholy dead flesh
Cold deaths hands kill
Blood face skin unsewn
Stench old of rot
Hell awaits the deviants
Blood face skin stain


8. Goat Christ (1:27)
Living Christ goat law
In Christ goat blood
Hair animal bones cut
In Christ goat blood
Prophets bones goat cut
Hair animal bones cut
In Christ goat blood
Slaughter Christ goat Christ

Goat Christ
Goat Christ
Goat Christ
Goat Christ

9. Dissection InHuman (3:55)
Dissection Inhuman from a shallow grave
Some will settle for to die in vain
Unless you bury the bones cover the stacks
Once you pray the blessing fuck it! throw em in the hole
Your fucking rope pass and pull it
Pray to the holy mortal make the box
Lots to burn if you save the eyes
Death without obstruction dead mortal
Stick em up on my throne arm to arm
Bleed out to get our dissident soul
Dissication of body torn ripped apart
Tissue taken from the pile of bones
Torn from a killed body
The life the dissident soul
Belongs to me
I consecrate the soul

Visions of dead bodies
InHuman body
It is a man yet we cannot determine its age
For its splattered with blood
All internal within his nasal passage
Escaping through the piercing screams of his bleeding ears
Chunks of fatty guts swap each and every step I take
This horrid soul withered rotten flesh
Inhuman species crawl upon the bleeding floor
Feasting upon lucifers things
Hybreeding sex emerge swollen worms implanted into Venien's skin
Uncovers intentions to unfold its inhuman nature
It dies in a rotting death
As it's strung upon its mortal nature in its sanctum its sanctum is far
It is far beyond acceptance of any mortal human being
All that I envision is madness
For the stray mind unholy lives
Where its attached to nothing less
Then the scalped hands of black death itself
It is evidence

Dissection inhuman
10. Chalice of Blood (3:31)
Come forth the lords of black they come
Bring forth the askew
Cold mist vapors lead them off to the dying sun
Praise praise lords of lust
With a cut the incision will take hold
Watain's soul
Black spoils one black bell ignites me
Spread host all devour!

Silence the dead life
False blessings burn bones
Talons lock no mercy
Black lust forcing me
Chalice of blood ancient rite
For our own dying breed
The master will reveal
Black face unholy

Bleed blood an old wound insert the blade
Drink blood and use the blade
Unholy temple a goat priest drinks the blood
Unholy temple a goat will drink the blood
Die die die die setup host the ghost body
Take hold! The fear off ritual dance
Force of satan behold! satanic chest
Cut cut cut cut feasting off the soul

Silence the dead life
False blessings burn bones
Talons lock no mercy
Black lust forcing me
Chalice of blood ancient rite
For our own dying breed
The master will reveal
Black face unholy
11. Blood Von (3:40)
Kneel before me
Show no face
For the flames
In my eyes
Giant flames
Burn dark and deep
Red the bleeding
The blood streams
Kneel before me
Show no face
For thy cross
Awaits thy healing
Punishment yes
Thou soul shall staple
For I kill
Those to be punished
Kneel before me
Show no face
For thou blood tears
Show thy suffering
Kneel before me
Show no face
For The Blood Tears
Show thy suffering
12. Christ Fire (2:51)
Burn black cross
Sea's fire
Red beast ship
Sailing slow, smooth pain
Black sails
Pentagram emblem against the mountains
Black rising mountains
Darkest earth...

Christ Fire

Spine of life
Closest true embrace
Forever burning fire
Forever darkest depths
Distant patching fire
Thin smoke lines
Weaving like snakes
Reaching, always dying

Christ Fire

Thorn headband lashes scared skin
Nails puncture hands
Dripping like webs
Orange spirits rise
Red souls breathing
Fire gods

Christ Fire
13. Backskin (3:10)
Bleed insides excise within
Backskin death
Thoughts final hallucination
In my dream protecting

Backskin whore
Insane mortal
Pale skin devil
Peel the skin off

Rip strip pull the skin off
How will he live past it never afraid?
Is it forsake of dying?
The tide pulls sail off war pig

Backskin devil
Insane mortal
Instant rage
Murder end game

Living for years
Thoughts grew suffering disgrace
Gone to sea salutation deaths skull devil weeping
In false skin of death

False guard instinct
Bloody thoughts
On to my last deed
Kill murder kill

Insane thoughts
He wants to live with it
Insane life
It'll strap hold of ya
I fought this
It crushed me
It's all gone
14. Watain (2:41)
Although it may seem bloody
He shall die with only one drop of human blood
For you will feel his black death with him

Brothers of blood
The invisible images of vast horror is within thoughts
Shall hang mutilated, stale animals
With the veins of Jesus Christ

For it shall sway back and forth
Dripping most unkempt stink
Pig blood
Drop by drop falling
Creating a Satanic blood-face for me
I welcome the blood from these pigs of Hell
May it bleed upon my blood-face eternal

Lucifer killed his unborn child
So he may be a victim of circumstance
Undone evil
The wicked child lays in shallow, crowded graves
This unholy place is where the black sacrifices are performed
Here is where He kills...
15. Blood Angel (1:09)
Blood Angel

hell-priest wishes thou soul
spitting thy veins in bowls
collecting vile and viles
hell-priest aside Lucifer

diminishing slowly into blood as
Jesus spinning above
thou eyes bleeding
descending into Satan's throat

seeping thru thy body
delivering to hell
fill the chamber of hell
filling it with blood

for thy blood angel bleed forever
Jesus soaking in blood
moistening thy skin
god watch in vain

for is son sleep in blood
for is son sleep in hell
the drapes of heaven
burn in flames

producing an entrance
for Lucifer arrival
death cleans each cell of blood
for the coming of blood angel

blood angel
blood angel
16. Lamb (1:29)
Upon chapel cross
Stab the lamb
Spinning in reverse
Kaleidoscope... artistic blood

Shall die in vain
Drink the blood
Sacrifice to thee
Worship blood
Ink the sign
Worship to thee
17. Satanic Blood (2:36)
Pray Satan, pray Satan, pray Satan...

Satan fertile
Woman's egg
Need to cut
Her own skin
Son of Satan
Within womb
Need to cut
Her own skin
With a razor
Spells a word
Within the chest
A single word
Carved in deep
Through the skin
Bleeds the word
Satanic Blood

Satanic Blood
Satanic Blood
18. Satan * (7:51)
Praise Satan fire burn
Eternal unfold the circles unbroken
Ignite end time
We seek a vengeance
Of an unholy prayer
In secret Black Mass
In trance in prisoned within
The soul erupts a darkness a calm
of death it greets us now
The core an evil unspokinvocation
The coming destroyer of faith
O Satan
19. Litanies of Von * (7:34)
In the servitude mass
Where the goat cloak runs long and black
Behind the black eyes
Let us ride the winds of blood
For the blood will be spilt
In ritual
A feast among the dying
For the darkness has come
Lead me to the shining gates of Evisc
Upon chapel cross
Stab the lamb
It needs to be spilt
Spinning in reverse
Artistic blood
and bless his soul
To Satan
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