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Imprint Lyrics

Vision of Disorder - Imprint cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
Album rating :  87.5 / 100
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-02-11)
1. What You Are (3:35)
Pulled from the innocence
Arms of deliverance
Mouths of forgiveness
Tongues of ignorance
Let your minds lead the way
Be yourself and you shall find
It's gonna be a long hard road
And to wherever you roam
Look for me under red sky
Feed the fire with a flame
Be yourself but don't abstain
We're all free, all the same
Prosper and live, prosper and gain
I know that nothing's perfect
I feel that we're connected
To you I can give
Through all, you can live
I feel like I never have before
And I think that I'll survive
To walk a million endless nights
Introspection - what you are
Dig in deeper - to see what you are
What you are and what you could become
'cause we're not living in a world that's giving
It's only matter of fact That we can all just extract
Any form of virus
So if you decide to explode
Look to me, not yourself, come to me
Start a new beginning
Stop your wasted dreaming
Life is too short for questions
That don't provide the answers
2. Twelve Steps to Nothing (3:42)
Push it
You feel it, you feel sick
Kill yourself
Bleed the vein
The dogs are calling
The dogs are calling
My name through the trees
Confusion comes clear in the depths of the blur
Time can't save you, time won't spare you
I now it hurts, I know it burns
But someday you'll see
True faith absorbed the needle's plunge
Sister don't follow me
I walked down a road, now I will never leave
Push it, pull it, let the blood run over the skin
These tears, these tears are only revealing half the sin
9 to 5, to the bone, all your lives,
you're just killing time
where to go?
so kill yourselves, bleed that vein, dogs are calling
confusion will come to those who run
3. Landslide (3:29)
Count down everyday in life,
Held down, now you feel confined
Walls keep closing in,
Still I got my grip
Never to lose it
Some are confused, somefeel the shame
Always left out in the rain
Some say the other, needs to be smothered
Place the blame
It's time to reignite the flame
No time to recognize the pain
One chance to rise above the rest
Now you know what I mean
Never giving in
Alert always on point
Expect nothing but the best
Commit break away today
Accept forms of change
'Cause it's in you, 'cause it's in me
evolution of the mind
life is a sea, life is a lie
it ain't gonna stop for anyone
why you trying to hold me?
can't you see your never gonna hold me
no one's clock is ever gonna own me
'cause I'm too strong and I lead a smart life
educated, recreated Through insight
refined through years of discipline
if it's me against you I'm gonna win
defeat is a word I never knew
now is your chance what the fuck you gonna do
all oy you have a chance to be something
don't let it slip away
could of but you never did
would of forever's in the past
should of were you afraid
of what you would find
you can't trust it
subjection to an illnes
you know what you see, ain't what it seems
now you're grasping to no avail
why you reaching for my hand
save it for someone who gives a fuck
'cause it's all in my heart...
4. By the River (3:36)
Feel some pressure
An undistinguished knot of waste
Rising in your chest
The man laid open, a soul to test,
is this your last breath?

Cry, we have come too far...
Lonely sunrise, climbing into the sky,
Only to sleep...

We walk alone
Alone exposed to just blood and bone
Scouring graveyards
An empty Ritual for the hordes
In search of ourselves
Like complicated insects will
We discover strangers

When all drops silent
A grave where no light gets in
The world resents it
When all is placid
A tranquil place in time
Our Earth shattered
We ain't getting by...

Dusted twilight, spilling into moonlight
All our lives we're waiting to die

Open up your eyes
The sleeping eyes of time passed by
Never to realize
What might have been sin or doubt
Coming from the riverside
The side that's dried and petrified
Are screams of MERCY...
Why mercy's expected is beyond the point of points
Of points....
Of points....

We trample under a billion stars
And vines that wind over the houses
And past the trees
Smothering everything...
5. Imprint (3:45)
you look me straight in the eyes
it's like a reaction felt straight to the heart
makes me feel like I've been alive
makes me wonder if I got he strength to carry on
not just to get by
whats with you son?
a fatal vision not the only one
it's like sand in my face
i feel the blood drip in my eyes
it's like a constant picture inside
never fades, never slips away
it stays imprinted inside
i slipped again, underneath again
eyes slip back into the head
i see the pictures again
i grit my teeth in my sleep
a shallow imprint, step to the grave
you ain't getting far,
you're a walking stone
you ain't getting very far
where you gonna run
when you're running from yourself
you look up to me
believe me,
i'll tear you apart
cause I ain't one to fuck with
someday I'll cut you just like they cut me
so look me straight in the eyes
vengeance and hate runs deep
i'll always know where you sleep
6. Colorblind (6:09)
pathetic creatures,
walking endless,
pathetic species,
lost in a myth
breeding like rats,
glorious glimpse at the heavens
casting down on shallow threads
over horizons that lay unlimited
sunlight upon my face
crazy world, crazy girl
lost in the sunlight
slaughtered, murdered
over tragic century
spreading claiming
a victim's plea
don't find me misleading, deceiving
i am what i seem
a symbol a product a broken culture
but, bruised, stoned, drunk,
walking dead...
i don't need your conclusion,
i don't need your reason
i will live the life I wanna live
help me Jesus I can't,
give what they want me to give
only lost highways i stray
towards the sunlight,
where no one dares to wear a face
all colors blend,
into sunlight
rain down on me
crazy world, crazy girl
in the sunlight.
what of the horrors, what of the hate
what of the fear, that we all face.
in you in me... because of our skin
we separate, retaliate the colors collide
in attempt to fuckin' survive
a twisted culture
into the streets again, we all try to defend
a sacred place to feel safe. It's like a
mockery of a society that's been laid
to waste with no chance. a place of broken
dreams a place where nothing seems just
what it seems to be.
I try to open my eyes to a much
brighter light.
but it seems to be, dying,
taking us to the grave....
7. Rebirth of Tragedy (3:58)
rebirth, what the fuck did you think you would see
a burnt out complexion staring at me
rebirth of tragedy
you've been tripping, I've been growing
deeper inside i feel like this in me
I've lived it, I've been it,
the addict you've become
so what you got for me
scraping the plate
I always knew you'd come,
I always knew you'd fall on down
collision of the blue lights the drag
deeper comes the ring in my eyes
I think I'm seeping out of my skin
you know it's all a part of my head
came down, you came down
scraping the plate
rebirth of tragedy
the mouths move wtih no voices
I smeared your face again
my face against the wall
I've been coming far too close
so what you got for me
scraping the plate
I always knew you'd fall..
8. Locust of the Dead Earth (3:28)
i've been trying to bring myself away,
breaking down the walls
of misuse, the abuse
the unfortunate temptations
there is only death!
feeding off of me,
these locusts of the dead earth
give it to me
I swear I'm feigning
time i gave it ways,
time i let it get by
let it slip on through my fingers
never asking why, never justified,
allegations against me
i told you, there is only death
in the canyons
cut out your infections
to the locusts of the dead earth
i want you to see what i mean
i want you to be where i've been
still is stand and fight
i will weed out the fake
never look over my shoulder
to hesitate, deliberate, i won't be
your brother!
9. Up in You (3:24)
words no action.
spineless bastards
your world's a joke.
you better watch your step
where you put your foot.
where you pointing that finger
all your ignorance
your talking so much shit
seems like a degree of jealousy
i can't break from the hate i feel
it's too late can't go change the tide
you were the one to talk
with your scattered accusations
nothing but a punk caught up in the masses
up in you, what the fuck you gonna do
go bitch go get your friends
your all so superficial, so god damn predictable,
suckers until the end
I've been living in too much sin
someday you shall see the light
by then dust and bone.
i'll break every tooth in your face
it's too late you should have kept away
you were the one to talk with
scattered accusations
you're nothing but a punk caught up in the masses
watch what you're saying
watch what you're doing
cause people are subjected to change
i ain't slipping
i ain't leaving
be straight when you come at me
no standards, just actions
i'm pushing past the point of success
so you best check yourself
when you're talking your shit
where you're getting your facts from
for your information
i never sunk the needed
only time can bleed the vein
i told you i've been
living in too much fucking sin
someday you shall see the light
by then dust and bone.
biting on cool lips below
searching for the sun
mindless bastards
pointing fingers
mindless bastards
your world's a joke...
10. Clone (4:10)
leave you, in the depths of a virtual silence
believe, in the concept of compliance
never do you ever feel a thing
for the revolution I hope to bring
how long is it gonna be?
until you see.
everything you did
everyone you exploit
may come to destroy you
don't spend much time with apathy,
just want you to see catasprophy
that's about to be unleashed
no chance for recovery
not assuming, you're proving
a thing to me
cause it's an emotional overload
and it seems to persits
you can't recognize
you can't realize this feeling inside
just what you trying to prove?
i'm not feeling the things you're feeling
i ain't reacting for the things you'r giving
all your questions, they irritate,
take compassion, throw it away
just another dollar for your pocket
i'll do my best to try and stop you
show you all what I got
i won't stop until you drop
you're pathetic, you hypocrite
i'll stick your face in the shit
what's it gonna take to designate
rearrange, twist up the fate
a new method to fuel thought
instead of being sold you're being bought!
how's it feeling, to know you're stealing
from the ones who feel
i will, hurt you, break you
replace you with hate
i must lacerate, exterminate
all the weakness within
i know it was a waste
self injecting my own resurrection
i bet you want to take this all the way
if you could, i bet you would
one more thing i have to say
now is the time to be rid of the flakes
the ones playing the part of the fake
11. Jada Bloom (4:19)
when something so special
seems to slide away
the truth is most lethal
it's breathing in your face.
when you coming to me,
tell me what's going on
holding your head up high
there's no shame in letting go
what happened to you and I
thought you would never leave me
when smoke gets in your eyes
trust in me
we all wander out in the night
under starlight
i just need one more fix
to keep me away from it
i beg, i plead for you to
leave me!
cause it's killing me and dragging me down
cuts and bruises
bruises and scabs
it's getting really hard to laugh
at these tears as the crystal's gleam
3 days and still no sleep
i wait for dead to come to me!
if you were to give me your hand
i'd make you understand
if i were to leave you behind
it would only be a matter of time
before we meet again....
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