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Garden of Mutilation Lyrics

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Garden of Mutilation

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBrutal Death Metal
Album rating :  60 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > V > Visceral Damage Lyrics (7) > Garden of Mutilation Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level ― (2011-10-09)
1. Dantesque Landscape Of A Hell (Intro)
2. In Advanced State Of Decomposition
Worms of kind are polluting the world
everyday consume the natural resources that nature gave us
propagate their venom over all corns of the world
like a fly disseminate their maggots under the flesh

Slowly they are infecting everything around there
millions of workers like their maggots
forced to eat and forced to infect the world
like maggots infect the rotten flesh

They live on power, corrupting and egoism
they aren't compassionate
they infect the world even they infect themselves

All living being which infect, which eat, has to defecate
mountains of toxic residues, smoke of the factories and radiation
the maggots expelled their shit for the entire world
were living in advanced state of decomposition

Thought a piece of meat was very big
maggots would end up infect and decompose it
they will destroy the Earth
nobody can make a heaven,
but any stupid can create a hell
we're living in advanced state of decomposition
3. Hammer Massacre
Wishing the madness before pain
death before the torture
run away for survive
feeling the punishment of hammer

torture and knocks without limits
you scream cheers up the seep of hammer
your flesh deform, your bones are breaking
but the hammer is not suffering wounds
it isn't sympathize with your screams of pain
it won't stop the knocks until the massage is finished

In your head hammer massage
in your arms hammer massage
in your torso hammer massage
in your face hammer massage

The count destroyed with the hammer
the fetus born stain of blood
the fetus and mothers viscera have smashed
hammer knocks visceral massages

Your body smashed with knocks
your disfigure face, your brain
your brain is the final knock
your body smashed

hammer massages
4. Cannibal Semen
Virgins suffer with the physical torture
whores screams and vomit her viscera's
the proper pain, the another pain
they wake up cannibal appetite
my body explodes in the carnivorous world

Cannibal semen, enjoying with your pain
cannibal semen, vomiting your visceras
cannibal semen, eating rotten bodies
cannibal semen, proposition for the cannibalism

rotten bodies season
cutting the guts for the feast
your victims ultimate orgasm
is mixed with the flies for make the flesh cake

Dying end for the chanson
the best feast is in the altar
the blessed feast is with the pregnant
extraction of guts with your hands
fetus and viscera's for the orgy
masturbation with the breast
while defecate in the fetus
5. Garden Of Mutilation
The church of anthropophagi
temple of purulent corpses
flowers, torsos, heals and visceras
remains of flesh decorate the garden

Quartering victims, visceras and rotten flesh
heats and torsos, sculpture of anthropophagi

Arms, legs, loose flesh, bones
viscosity, flesh, purulent blood
infected torsos, visceral expansion
your face's skin is pulled out
and nailed on the tree
to fly skin, the hands reflect the horror
in the garden of mutilation

My son occupies the middle of the garden,
dirty and viscosity stump
eating the rotten flesh of the ground
dragging without arms and legs
he's living like a viscosity maggot
6. Maggots Under Skin
Your deformed face cause pain
the born hour has come
the worms are performing and through your skin
your purulent skin is perforate
your infected wounds have life
the carnivorous worms are bubbling
announce the beginning of your viscosity death

Pain under your skin
your wounds the fester
running nothing, you infected
running nothing, you are live alive

eat or be eaten
living for your maggots
the insects are infecting your flesh
they are eating under your slain

flies, worms, inside your body
your flesh is rotting slowly
purulent wounds
putrefaction's viscous liquid

See your body and vomit for pain
your life is a continuous nightmare
the suffering of life being devoured
the sensation of feeling the worms movement
7. Necrorganic Ingestion
Dismember pregnant
look for her fetus for trimming
bitches are shouting of pain
aborting fetus for the supper

my bloodthirsty spirit running the streets looking for nurseries
looking for the young mothers and children
to steal her tenders organs and pieces

Disfigured fetus disgorge with pain
delicious flesh with human form
fetus' fillets with ears and eyes
it's the trimming for special dish

Pieces, bones, organs, corpses remains
arms, legs, torsos, guts and worms
trimming fetus, baby soup
necrogranic ingestion, human trade
tender flesh, viscose's organs
for a carnivorous feast
8. Lost, Tired & Forgotten
9. Empire In Decadence
Heartless man
army is my power
creator of collective terror
putting limits to their existence
proud and arrogant
I order my subjects
they wish "kill them all"

I need to see, war
I need to see, blood
I need to smell, the carcass in misery
I need to hear them, crying
I need to feel them, pain
I need to knock over my enemy

Protected behind my human shield
slaughtering on the battlefield
enemy lies on polluted land
massacre it's reserved
my suffering is near
I feel sickness after victory

Master of homicides
master to make to die
damaged corpses
now I'm near the sky
near to my God
rotten corpses

Now I feel banished from my homeland
this is the end
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
empire in decadence is my destiny

Enemy seeds
pestilence deeds
I don't want to hear banshees

Six feet under, loosed the grave by slaves
like a depraved mind
upon my decomposed body
I show my hate with a malevolent stone cross...
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