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Vexamen | Full Album Lyrics

Verberis - Vexamen cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
LabelsIron Bonehead Productions
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-19)
1. Thanatosia (1:17)
2. The Primordial Rift (4:01)
In luminous darkness
Radiating tenebrosity
Blinded by the absence of light
In distant silence
A cacophony unfathomable
Deafened by the absence of sound
In infinitesimal vastness
Atomic boundlessness
Crushed by the weight of infinity
The primordial rift
A crack within the void
Light & sound
Born from the womb of naught
All opposites from one
Duality out of singularity
Chaos & order
Rival sovereigns
Dissension eternal
War without end
3. Vexamen (4:44)
Hark now!
Discern this foul proclamation
Hark now!
Behold this unearthly declaration
A great Storm is descending
Invited by the minds of man
Fostered by flesh-embodied Gods
To revive primeval lore
Vomit pestilence forth
From the tomb of Tartarus
Endowing caustic torment
Upon the cavern herds
Descry the blazing tendrils
And nebulous is their grasp
For I implore upheaval
To wake the sleeping serpent
And inject its venom of transcendence
Into all
Those of righteous fire
Transmute the devil's poison
Bestower of fatal fruit
Into the amrita of divinity
4. Protogonos (6:12)
O mighty first-begotten, hear my pray'r,
Two-fold, egg born and wandering thro'the air
Bull-roaper, glorying in thy golden wings,
From whom the race of Gods and Mortals springs
Ericapaeus (Ἠρικαπαῖος)
Celebrated pow'r
Ineffable, occult all-shining flow'r
From eyes obscure thou wip'st the gloom of night
All-spreading splendour, pure and holy light
Hence Phanes (Φάνης) call'd, the glory of the sky
On waving pinions thro' the world you fly
Priapus, dark-ey'd splendour, thee I sing
Genial, all-prudent ever blessed King,
With joyful aspect on our rights divine
And holy sacrifice propitious shine

- Orphic hymn to Prothogónos
5. Charnel Vibrations (7:48)
Enter the city of silence
Where the fear of mourning
Bring shades to stupor
Enter the city of silence
Where Vetala dwell
With bated breath
Where ashes of the dead
Feed the sands of time

Layers upon layers
Their dust has settled
Into dunes of charred remnants
Their bones build structures
To erect upon the foundation of the temple
The fumes of burning corpses
Creating pillars to the stars

Atunement to Death
Immersion into unpermanence
Tail to tongue
Serpent as Saṃsāra
Churning spectres in the bowls of Yama
6. Flagellum de Igne (8:10)
An Abomintation churns
Within the loins of Earth
An Emanation seeps from the cosmic Vulva
The influential Mysticism invoked the intuition of myriads
The malignant blight deemed prophetic
Ceremonious, the flagellation of anointed
Flagellum de Igne
Lesions germinate and putrescence sprouts
Thou shalt acknowledge one's own parasitic Existence
Flagellum de Igne
Commit to a sacrificial bout of mutilation
Flagellum de Igne
Submit to infernal lashes of the prophetic
Inhibit the acrimonium!
Seething black flame
The crucible of deconsecration!
Till all the flesh is stripped!
Spirit vapourized
My intent is read off
From the reflection of fire!
Praise the whip of his fire!
That I shall withness smokeless fire!
7. The Gaping Hollow of Divinity (8:54)
There is a space
That few are apprised
For it is not here
And yet not is it there

Betwixt the familiar lies the secret gate
In trance and euphoric collapse
To impregnate the chasmic depths

Concealed, abstruse, divined!
Divine, abstruse, conceal!

There is where infinity resides
From which emits the darkest light
And verily, the brightest night

Cursed are those who wander aimlessly
Even more so those who seek it out
But conquest promises but one final death

Implore the greatest of truths
The beckoning never ceases
But only wanes in yonder

Deeper and deeper
There is no terminus
8. Fangs of Pazuzu (3:27)
Ancient son
One of the West
Southbearing winds
Vector of dearth

Storm of fevers
Winds of plague
Of rotting psalms
Devouring faith

In desert rites under full-moon skies
Forbidden tongues by candle-light

Storm of fevers
Winds of plague
Of rotting psalms
Devouring faith

Bearing horns
And fourfold wings
Dragged to the depths
With claws sunk deep
9. Vereri (3:44)
10. Voidwards (10:46)
Revelations of absence from the silence of self
Eternality achieved
In the heart
Amorphous Kingdom
Beaming shining vacuum
Overlaid before the eyes your forms are nonexistent
Dissect and deduce then dwell within the hollows
Among shattered conjecture
And corpses of the obstinate

Voidwards (x2)

All things are devoured by the light of Śūnyatā
By which all structures will crumble
As the acausal foundations tremble
For none evade the absolute
That pierces the heart of Matter
Transmigratory Zenith
For most death is the revealer
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