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Into the Void Full Album Lyrics

Veonity - Into the Void cover art

Into the Void

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-01-07)
1. When Humanity Is Gone (5:16)
Darkness surrounds us
Evil is rising, spreading destruction
Hatred and fear
So the beauty of life fades away

Igniting the war
I know the end is almost here
I will survive
Search for a new beginning
Soon the world will fall

I’ll prove us wrong, one day we’ll see
That life is eternal, creation is free
I'll find a way, it's meant to be
The last of our species, into eternity

When humanity's gone forever
And the sun doesn't shine no more
And when the seas are dried and forgotten
I'll be millions of light years away

We’re living a nightmare
An endless night and we cannot awake
No hope for salvation
Because pride has devoured our souls

We have met the end
All that we had on earth is gone
There is no light beyond the darkness
There is only hope in space

Oh oh oh
I’m heading out for space
2. Frozen (5:15)
Riding through the sky
Dead but still alive
Chained and enslaved for your crimes

Frozen through time
Imprisoned in my mind
Now see the world through my eyes

I drift into infinity
Destination unknown
I'll meet the end alone

Cryogenic dreams
Nothing’s what it seems
Madness is what I believe in

Endlessly in pain
It's driving me insane
Memories of life start to fade

I drift into infinity
Destination unknown
I'll meet the end alone

Fire and water are crushing the earth
Humanity is burning in flames
Remember the good times that carry us home
When the people of earth will be gone
Carry on

When fire burns the world
When fire burns us all

From the raging seas and burning hills our explorer
courageously took off to the stars.
Into the cold empty void with a small hope to find refuge in space.
As the sky opened up, the stars reflected a glimmer of hope in his sparkling eyes
3. A New Dimension (4:40)
Time for deliverance, time to save me
Time for deliverance, for my soul

Fires and destruction, horrors and despair
Humanity in pieces, the end is nigh beware
Chaos and disorder, pollution everywhere
There is no tomorrow

Time to look towards the sky and see what lies beyond
Time to fly away into space
I'll leave the unbelievers and all the blind will see
It's time to leave the past behind

Rise up to the challenge and hold my head up high
Fly for mankind and glory and gods
See the fear of millions slowly fade away
It’s time to leave this world behind

All alone I drift again, this time I won’t return
Into the deep unknown I go to start anew

The anger is spreading consuming my soul
The memories of earth fade away
Mankind can't see that they’re close to the end
And fate is in their hand

Far beyond the stars
Into the never-ending night
Fly away search for life
On a journey to infinity
Far beyond the stars
Into another galaxy
As I'm searching for light
On a journey to a new dimension of hope

Come all unfaithful and see the fate of man
Come gaze upon the destruction of the world we knew
Come all unfaithful and see what we’ve become
We’re just an echo in our history that no one knows
4. Awake (4:56)
“You have slept for ages
Now it’s time to open up your weary eyes
And gaze upon the lifeless sky
For many million light years
You have roamed across the endless empty void
now the fail-safe has been deployed”

Slowly coming alive
“All your vital signs look good”
Bring me power and light
“Everything is on”
Show me where I've arrived
“Location unknown”
Is there something ahead of us?

“Nothing but infinity, stars and endless space
You will be alone forever, the end of human race”
Will I ever reach a planet, a hope for human kind
Or will I end in frozen sadness, an intergalactic grave

“But I’m a failure
As my systems crash, I slowly fade away
And everything decays
Initiate the shutdown
And the life support will end in all but days
Find your path and never stray”

Is this really the end?
“Redirecting power source”
I will never survive
“A solar storm approaching fast”
A celestial sphere?
“A halo of death”
Bring me the power to make it through

“Nothingness and empty voids, stars and solar storms
Face your fear and fight forever, eternity may end”
I shiver so deep down inside, my blood has turned to ice
Will this end in solar madness or will I find a way to rise?
Stars align in the end
They lead me on
The stars will align
To the bitter end I go

“Stars align in the end we’ll meet again
Stars begin to mend my broken soul”

“Nothing but infinity, stars and endless space
Face your fear and fight forever, eternity must end
Lost in the infinity, in the endless wide of space
You will be alone forever, everything is gone”
5. Insanity (1:51)
Out in the void
The stars stare at me
Watching my pain
In my hour of need
Lost to their sight
So eyeless the see
Ignoring my call
I’m down on my knees
6. Solar Storm (3:36)
(Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejection)
Helpless and afraid that death was on its way
And everything I did was in vain
I’m faster than the speed of light
But I cannot escape
Eruptions from the giants in the sky

Gamma ray arrives
A heliosphere of light
A burst of fire ends the night

Solar storm, devours me
Incinerate my deepest core
A Solar storm, the last frontier
A vortex made of holy light

Experience the force of a total solar storm
Nothing to do when the hammer falls
Melting off my skin as its pulling me in
Inviting me to join them in heaven

Gamma rays so heavenly
Becomes my freedom call
It’s time to leave this pain at last

Solar storm, devours me
Incinerate my deepest core
A Solar storm, the last frontier
A vortex made of holy light
7. Until the Day I Die (3:58)
The moon is rising again
Shining its empty light
On me and all the warriors
Who lives deep in the night

Tonight I'll rise, I’ll ride again
For mankind and glory
I'll fight, I'll rise and fly again
Always be strong to the end

I will not give up, never give in
Keep on suffering
I will not give up, never give in
Until the day that I die

My body is broken my friend
But my spirit remains the same
I dream to find a better place
To rebuild the human race

I’m here alive, I’m born to find
My power and glory
I’m here, alive, I'm born to fly
Always be strong till the end

I will not condemn my spirit
To burn eternally
I will not be taken down
By forces I can't see
You can bring me sorrow and
You can bring me pain
But I will fight till the end
8. In the Void (5:06)
I took my leave into a blackened world
Where everything was unexplored
I closed my eyes with a hopeful mind
But woke up with agony inside

I opened my eyes nothing were in my sight
Drifting alone floating in pitch black dark

Losing my strength and my spirit
Was it my final mistake?
Putting my hope to technology
A hope invented by man
I’m heading for suns in the distance
Millions of light years away
Watching the stars and I pray
That in space I'll find a way

Out there in the void
I unite myself with the stars of ancient hope
A hope to live again
In a kingdom frozen in time
Free from the madness and the chaos on earth
Flying like a newborn in the sky

Light years passed, all remained the same
Barren and lifeless the space lay
A burst of light in the starlit night
At last my life were to end

Life will always find you bringing light in the dark
The way you embrace it will define who you are
I’ll always remember when I lost my pain
Holding on forever to the heat of the flame
9. Warriors of Time (4:02)
I thought I met the end
Than life did strike again
But the deepest of my fears calls out to me
-The end of time has come-

8 000 000 light years
I have travelled through space
I’ve crossed the borders to a spiral galaxy
And there it was, the mystery of space
An entity of nothingness, a presence in the dark

I’m trapped inside this nightmare, where shadows blind my sight
Paralyzed by panic and I cannot see the light
In the heart of darkness, life is not the same
But the guardians of the universe erase my pain

Oh we are warriors
We are the ones who guard the gates
We are warriors of time
Oh we are warriors
We are guardians
Of the past and future
We are the warriors of time

Since the dawn of time
They have dwelled and despaired
The gate must be protected till the hero comes
So here I am the traveler of time
Savior of humanity, glory to us all

They carry me through fire, a shadow quest of pain
They see what I desire, my missions not in vain
They send me through the black hole, reversing time again
But the guardians of the universe erase my pain

Fight on
For the future
10. Astral Flames (4:46)
I think about the lifeless times when life was so unkind
On and on the betrayal kept me tied to anger
But once again I opened up the gate to my mind
And there I was stronger than before

I thought about the times it could be over
But I saw the light, again I will return

In astral flames I drift astray
I break through space and time
In interstellar dreams I hide
It’s heavenly, but not divine
Marked by infinity’s sign
I will revive

I found myself in a mystic sphere with no light to be seen
Inside my head a voice from far beyond
“Remember, we denied your soul
a frozen grave and sent you down your path”
And there it was the sign I waited for

In astral flames I drift astray
I break through space and time
In interstellar dreams I hide
It’s heavenly, but not divine
Marked by infinity’s sign
I will revive

Fighting on I’m never giving in
Resurrection pierced my dying soul
Lighting up a fire almost gone
The battle of a lifetime has been won
11. Heart on Fire (5:50)
If the darkness is to deep and your will is far too weak
The demons in your head screams and makes you mad
The present proved you wrong
The future is now gone
And the only things that’s left
Is to change your destiny

Never give up, reach for the top
You’ll never fall if you reach for the stars
Cause the fire that burns in your heart will survive
If this hymn still sings in your mind

And with a heart on fire
My mission carries on
And I will ride through time
And answer to the call
And with a heart on fire
In a vessel made of steel
So my destiny can be fulfilled

If your life is built on lies
And the sun never seems to rise
Listen to the sound of a warrior’s battle cry
The power lies within, a new story can begin
Never lose your faith, dream your fears away

We stand by your side warriors of time
Your fears burn away within astral flames
Cause the fire that burns in your heart will survive
With this hymn of magic inside
12. Winds of Faith (6:01)
I am back in times of old, this fight I will not fight alone
Madness laying further down the line
Where everyone will face the end of time

We are the same in many ways but different in our hearts
Exploration is your goal but I’m here to take control

I stand up for freedom; we have to save our Eden
My demons defeated, I’ve found the missing pieces
Warriors of life

Faded away in their silent embrace
The wind beneath my wings
Was created by their dreams
Life passed me by as I travelled back in time
Carried by the winds of faith

They will never understand
That their reign must come to end
All my life I’ve waited for this sign
For something to ease my troubled mind

“You keep on walking down this path and pushing us aside
You will use your last resource and we are bound to die”

We’re screaming, we’re bleeding, we’ll die to save our Eden
Your progress ain’t needed, our freedom call is heeded
Warriors of life

Aeons ago we were born out from the night
A journey of deliverance into the glorious morning light
But greed struck us all, the beginning of our fall
I search for life beyond the skies, but I found truth behind the lies
Behind the lies

Their vision my mission, a Nordic expedition
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