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Serpent Empire Lyrics

VenomSpreader - Serpent Empire cover art

Serpent Empire

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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-07-13)
1. Cerebral Separation (1:26)
2. Adorned in Dermis (4:27)
Welcome to wardrobe, mind the carcasses
Walk in closets decorated with outfits used to be walking
Garments of living origin
Scraped of flesh, stretched and tanned, sewn to fit the butchers
No comfort in your own skin
Why not try that of another, plush of fur and sued of leather
Pinnacle of extravagance
Peel something defenseless alive and wear its face

Adorned in dermis
Carrying death upon your back
Can't live your life without taking what you weren't born to have
Transforming bodies into boots, blankets, hats, coats, belts, bags
Brutally murdered souls in stasis hanging on the racks
Adorned in dermis
One layer of skin should be enough
For a species that kills to prove to itself it's tough
Rebuff what’s in your hearts, you're taught to brush compassion off
Like a snake sheds the slough
Why would you kill?

For fashion?
Ending life by the billions for fashion
Once necessity morphs into excess you can't stop production on that which still sells

Methods of execution, most heartless modern art
Sadly there's more money in the cruelest methods of death
Genital electrocution, sharp probe up your ass
Bite down on ten thousand volts, cardiac arrest while conscious

As blade slice around extremities
Precision cuts free the whole hide in one piece
Dying in a pile, skin another to appease
Pieces of shit who think it's just fine bearing another’s identity

Adorned in dermis
You can't escape injustice
When you wear it like a trophy
And you fund it from your pockets
Adorned in dermis
Don't pretend you're not learned
Of the horrors of enslavement
Tortured, skinned of all your purpose
3. Humanic Disease (3:58)
Imagine that, from the moment you were born I had planned your execution
Value of life, if not human nothing more than pick and choose exclusions
Dead at birth, sacrificed from the start but mortal vessels have yet to expire
Circle of life, weeks and months at a time lifespans unnatural mother nature the liar


Where's God now?
We are God, and given God's consent we've manufactured this man-made hell.
Production screams murder factories to frozen isles
Function complete, and all you had to do was die
A hell for man, but not for man
All hell is man, but not for man

No, this can't be right, perhaps we went awry somewhere in these calculations
To feel this way, is not the way, since when is something that should be cherished?
No it was never enough to be the greatest thing since sliced bread
Everyone else had to be made lesser, sliced up and on bread

It should be only humans
Dying from humanic disease
Don't feel for them, they're helpless,
Feed on them
They're not us, they don't look like us

And only after your body is crippled by sickness will you meet the end

The ire I feel for what's transpired in this mire of death
You dub the killing floor climbs higher than Everest
Terror's flavor bitters your tongue, blood rusts metallic like iron
Seasoned and cooked in fire until the corpse is desired
Bodies, fuck your euphemisms
For once, can't we just face the facts and call things what they are?
Flesh of innocents tortured, murdered and burned
Worth nothing more than fuel to all you bottomless tombs

Hate for you takers of life
I've seen the reaper in all of your eyes
Scythe blade re-forged
Death dealt with fork and knife
No remorse as you gorge to bursting, course after courses
Numbers don't lie, you takers of life
And my math says that with you dead instead there’s be far less corpses
4. Earth Beast (3:26)
Invasion, saucers descend upon the Earth
Not written in Bibles, carved in tablets of stone
Expectations? Intent of visitors unknown
How could you think that you were ever alone?

Fly, if you fight them you will die
Technologies, science unfathomed to man
Peace? Maybe a treaty can be reached?
You hold outstretched hands, but they don't understand

They think faster than you can blink
Your feeble human minds leave their brain power unmatched
Fools, now forced to play by your own rules
The species who thinks the hardest gets control of the planet

Your reign couldn't last forever
Pass the torch
Kings of the Earth no longer
To these next-level lifeforms, just a filthy Earth beast

Horror, from top of food chain to food source
Cerebral separation, neuronal gaps too vast, no recourse
Packed in and primed for slaughter, face to face with past mistakes
Excuses unacceptable now that you're doomed to hold the same fate

At least now you will know what it's like
To live in fear and die at the hands of ravenous tyrants

This can't be right, taking advantage of a lesser mind
Tiptoe the moral razor
But would you be willing to live your life
In the same conditions forced upon them

I hope they’re not like us
Exploit all just because we can
Come kill us if you’re watching us
For all man's done, time to undo man
5. Blood and Pus (3:25)
Drag the newborns from their mothers
Before they start to sense their hunger
Secretions of mammary origination
Mechanical sucking satiation
Artificial insemination
Also known as rape

Simply ignore the cries and wrap this rope around their ankles
Pull with all your might then know they'll never see each other again
Males restrained to remain tender
Females kept for years to render, sharing the fate of their mothers
All for flavor of the udder
Raped and milked to death

Exocrine obsession
Perversion of the miracle of life for self-progression
Drink it up or let it spoil
Never toil with the concept it has not been produced for you

No rest for the teats, suckle every drop
Injured and infected, sebaceous cysts will form and pop
Milking machines running at full speed, never knowing when is enough
Unable to discriminate between the milk and blood and pus

Parts per million is just a number, after all
Pasteurization means of sterilization, not particulate removal
Cartons overflowing with disgust
What percentage would you like your blood and pus?

Exocrine obsession
Perversion of the miracle of life to quell addiction
Drink it up or let it spoil
Casomorphine complex protein full absorption rancid oils

Moral distortion, post-term abortions
Reap the nectar of the bosom, birth and kill, epic proportions
Liquid flesh, mamm-alien cells
Gargling on fluids squeezed so selfishly stolen from babies
Conceived by rape and born to hell

Curds and whey so coveted
Production rates deemed exploitative
Desperate for something to quench your thirst
Blood and puss, it does a body good
6. The Rights of Upright (3:43)
Under your footprint a world being trampled
Over your head, coexistence and change
Outside your grasp, the truth of your condition
Does anything it matter if all is your birthright?

Take all you want and
Destroy what gets in your way
Be it conscious or earthen
Spare only what stands on two legs

Outcast by your mass, a world slowly smothered
Over your head you think saviors await
Outside your grasp all concepts of renewal
Step over it all, all you've claimed your birthright

Disgusting, the amount of disregard
For all things, not us, justifications for
Exploitation of environs
Atmosphere, ocean, Earth, and the ones on all fours

Unleash the hordes, no one can stop you now
Walking in stride, we topple all
Feel no remorse, born man the chosen ones
These are your rights, the rights of upright

But standing so tall
Only makes it easier for us to look down
Only makes harder to hear the plead
Sounds of a planet crushing under two feet

Took all you wanted
Destroyed what gets in your way
Now live alone in the barren
Sympathy died on two legs

Eclipsed in your shadow lay the scarred remains of a dead world
Over your head, dead space holds no escape
Too far from your grasp are all second chances
The fault is your own, and death is your birthright

What is right? Defend our wrongs with these rights been granted to us alone
The rights of upright
For those who do what they will conscious of consequences
I’ve stood upright, forever weighted downward by the shame of my kind
No longer upright, identify with the dying masses, not the chain wielding masters
7. Sepulture (1:15)
8. Killing Machines (3:47)
Honestly, it's hard to believe what you just said
Use bold-faced lies, plead indifference to justify your ignorance
Gesturing to the food chain as if you can even compare
To purpose built killing machines evolved to be all that you’re claiming

Your brilliance a curse that left the whole world damned
The only way you can rise above every being you’ve come across is
Your ability to reason, now suspended
Convinced this playing field still even despite your immense advantage

There's no way that you can be this dense
In the court of natural law, you're defenseless
Without your brain power you wouldn't stand a chance
You'd still be up in the trees, you'd still be prey

Stop trying to argue with biology
Omnivorous behavior does not equal causality
Left to your own devices you would not survive
Living life by tooth and claw, no fire, feral you would die
Too blinded by your self-regard to see the truth
Set loose human intelligence your world comes crashing down
Sleeping on the ground no roof above your head or thoughts inside
Time spent scavenging savagely just to get by

Killer instincts non existent
Behavior learned, it’s not in our DNA
Convinced these selfish actions are all natural
Barely physically adapted to be living this way

Your brilliance, the only reason you made it this far
Endowed by a creator? No, these chimps just learned to problem solve
Back to basics, maybe then you won't forget your place
On the hierarchical plane of existence, fucking hairless apes

You're not a natural born killer, you're not equipped to hunt
Just a producer of excuses to be an abusive cunt
Claiming likeness with the likes of ursidae and canines
Truly gory predatory stories carved by evolution and time

On the scale of tooth and claw your kind don't even register
Metrics of earthen law unbreakable without cognition
Human beings just can’t conceive complete abstraction from nature
Living as killing machines in need of feeding off aggression
Killing machines you're not
9. Humane Slaughter (3:39)
I don't need sleep
Exhaustion is nothing compared to my urges to end life
Nights in the streets
Bludgeoned and stabbing my way through the darkness to first light

No, don't think me a monster
Because I take my pleasures in death
From where I stand it is mercy
Humane slaughter

Can’t you see I'm just trying to do them a favor?
Life is all downhill from here, I just want them to be spared
They've all had such good lives up until this point
But now, I get to fucking kill them
And how they fucking die, I decide
Some call it psychopathic I call it a win-win

Maybe a pair of lovers? Walking home from the perfect date
Maybe a pair of runners? Who like to exercise at night
Maybe a pair of brothers? Just drinking beers and watching the game
Maybe some babies and their mothers? Maternal love and innocence incarnate slain

This is how I'll kill you all
Come up from behind, quietly raise my crowbar high
The weight of my selfishness cracking through your fucking heads
Take my knife, brain stem severed at speed of light to make certain you don't suffer
Murdered in kind

Because killing’s not the problem
Surely it's the manner of death
Death for simple pleasure is deemed fair trade
Insane to be so humane

Humane Slaughter, oxy-moronic
If I painlessly kill someone you love
Does less suffrage justify ending life
Or does dead mean fucking dead; it's not your place to decide

Humane Slaughter, oxy-moronic
When it’s forced upon innocent beings who don’t want to die
If death by kind is fine for enslaved beasts on the farm
Why not strangers free to walk the streets I prowl in the night

Dead is fucking dead
Humane Slaughter?
Dead is fucking dead
Don’t try to sugar-coat it
10. Butchery (4:08)
Peeling of skin
Ripping ribbons from corpses to watch the blood seep to the floor
Down the drain with the sin
Remorse foreign concept to those who view murder as the norm

Never more at peace than when completely stained in red

Grab each joint and twist until you hear it pop
Snapping free the sinew from the socket gets the ball unstuck
Cartilaginous hinges split with leverage and a sharpened knife
Same procedure used for all planars, pivots, and condyloids

Dismember what you had no hand in creating

Look into the eyes of the severed head before you
It said the eyes are the windows to the soul
So throw them into the garbage with the entrails
Worthless, full of shit
All lies, all I've ever found behind them was gore

Cutting you out of your skin as I'm gutting the insides of your abdomen
Waste nothing as I chop your corpse apart
Worth so much more under my fork than under six feet of dirt rotting

Taking pride in my fine work
The sapien lords to be butchered

Surgeon without a license I will operate
Slicing off the human lesions plaguing the Earth
Not a single one safe from my blade refined to penetrate
Every being of waste from ripened old age to birth
I will kill you all
No peaceful sleep awaits for human filth
Complacency breeds like a tumor, strangles self-doubt
Exorcise the cancer that takes the form of human life
One by one fall to my knife I'll cut you all out

Cut you all out
For your crimes and evils drastic, I sentence you to styrene plastic
Cut you all out
In my freezer your remains entombed forever in cellophane
11. Dead Body Slide (3:47)
Oceans of blood churn violently beneath a storm of panic
Gore avalanches, tectonic plates of flesh divide, loose dead body slide

Onward to your doom, go forth and suffer
Resistance leads to broken vertebrae, electric prods in your eye
Egotism and traditional adherence have somehow justified
There's just no other way, you'll have to suffer

Chains round your legs begin to hoist
This is not your ascension
Tell me how you feel now that I've given you this new perspective?
Upside down, face and eyes swelling with blood
Now know the knife, as all you ever were is drained from your body

Bleed dry
You were made to die
For greed
For feed

In postmortem bliss you dance
Dead nerves fire their last
Carotid spray turns the world red
The blade, just like karma comes full circle
Pierce brain's root, remove the head
I take my prize from beneath your hide
Fruits of your youth torn at their ripest from your bones

Dismembered as you're transformed from sentient being into product
Feel the pain, know only pain
As I lay everlasting waste to your race
Waste to your race
Your race, a fucking waste

When death fetches the highest price
Totally missed the meaning of life
Forgiveness run dry, what is dealt will come back twice
Cognitive dissonance, a murderous device

So onward to your doom, go forth and suffer
What better reason than destructive natures and insatiable appetites?
There's just no other way, you'll have to suffer
12. Flesh Fiends (4:16)

Slowly weakening from a villainous blood affliction
A most disgusting form of archaic hemoglobin addiction
No secret serums to remedy symptoms of conviction
Force fed the vice by thine own hands, eat death without restriction

Rotting from the inside
Battered bodies cannot handle the stress
Too selfish and indolent to work for change
Feasting towards a premature eternal rest

Gory gustatory perception
Worth more than life itself

No self-control as you troll the butcher’s corridor
One more fix and then it's kicked, a promise to keep
Breaking excitation from the taste pleasures of seasoned flesh
They get you hooked and then you cook until you're replete
Saturated fat sadistic, sapid masturbation
LDL floods every cell, cadavers you eat
Heart in over drive pumping enriched blood through narrowed veins
As parasites you'll choke and die addicted to heme

Well done, no fun, so serve it bleeding
Just hot enough to clot protein strings
Sweat beading down your face, your salivation reflects your anticipation
Dependence on death garners relief

Your delusions are symptomatic of your foul taste for death, you addicts
Generations of tradition, lies and pseudoscience engrained in your mind
Emphatic ignorance of instinctual empathy, kind deemed pathetic
Habituation only worsened by convenience, moral compass erratic

Addiction of the deadliest kind
You're not the only one affected, it costs billions of lives
Victims of the fiending feedings out of sight, out of mind
They will have their vengeance as you clutch your chest and you die
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