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Vengeful Full Album Lyrics

Vengeful - Vengeful cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Disc 1  
1. Decay (2:45)
Sloughed a skin impure
Vacuumed the sane

Monument of a poisonous essence
Afflicted by a thirst for fatality
Archetype of dissociation
Marooned of all light

Truth before the blind's eye
Never to be seen
Truth before the blind's eye
Never to be seen

Coincidences are not
Perfect is the chain
Ravenous Mechanic
Of an inevitable precision
Monstrous language
Absolute and unaltered
Inscribed in desolation
Proclaimed in death

Dictator of derision
Manipulator of reason
Catalyst of alienation
Architect of perdition

Below all structures lives the void
Invisible master of destruction

Sphere by sphere
Consumed a life deep inside
Left corroded the hands of the will
Inconsistent memories solely remain
Broken Reflections
Of an endless night
2. Abyss (2:03)
Suspended between worlds
A forlorn matrix of desert lands
Lost in the confines of nothingness

Abandon your mind
To this restless tomb
In an everlasting descent
towards decrepitude

Petrified cold reality
Beyond the reach of time
Eternal dusk of your existence

Dissolve your mind
In this restless tomb
Obsolescent is the flesh
Abstracted is the link
3. Consumed (1:44)
Strident Impulse
Shattering your senses
Reconnected in convulsions
Contorted out
Of a sombre coma

Exacerbating strike of a sterile realm
A putrified dawn in a lifeless abyss

Bitter lacerations
Frantic breathing
Frozen empty gaze
Engrossed in fear
Annihilation of hope
Grouds broad open
To a domain of decay
Pandered to the venom

Paralyzing chill through your spine
Illuminating horror injection
Ecstasic madness smiling at you

Engraved in your skull
The impossible truth
Yours to embrace
4. Skinned (4:19)
Severed from inertia
Concealment no more
Self-exhumed to transform
Pain into infernal fierceness
Behold the face of malice
Bear this wrecking doom

Madly flourished rot
Of the soul
Recoiled upon
Abhorred captives
Incisive gather
Of suffering

There are laws
None can contravene
Without paying the price
Pay the price

Precluded be your future
Expired by my hand
Your fate be my nurture
Skinned until the end

For the sick
Your perdition
My ecstasy

Merciless embodiment
Of plague and salvation
Or worst
None can escape
Without paying the price

Slave to malice
Fiendish essence
Unfurled unto you
5. Delirium (4:00)
Fragmented veil
Distorted oblivion
Grotesque paralysis
Exiled in lunacy

Corrosive mental impregnation
Paralyzed in agonizing isolation
Mutilating my hollow fate
In an ethereal tomb I lay down

Abrasive essence
Of delusions
Burns dark the wound
Of infused visions

Driven sharpened blades
My face lacerated
Impaling a thousand thorns
As blood sprays out of my eyes

Twisted by the gears
Of delirium
Blindfolded crazing

Chained by the veil
Into frenzy oblivion
Achromatic paralysis
Exiled in torture
6. Pernicious (3:35)
Into infernal dominion
Perpetual harrowing
As essence is drained into

Shackled by the unknown

Nameless fire
Stormed by the hands
Of this malevolent burden

Evanescent control
Of carnal deeds
Blindly animated
In a tool of war

Eyeless heads
Amputated of their mask
Emptied faces
Shrouded by a nether state

Sleepless tyrant
Supremely wicked

As a blade through the neck
Failure spawns failure
Dethroning the doomed
To reign once and for all

Contending exertion
Timeless struggle

Stillborn spirit
7. Delusional (6:26)
Disgusted by the stale image of appearances
Torn apart by the grind of this reality
Distorted sight takes away my sanity
Deprived of a chance to heal
As teeth are gnashing from convulsions

Repugnance for the frailty of mankind
Defiling this envelope made of flesh
Abusing the weak and corrupting their minds
Capitalizing on their pain

I reject it

How can they tolerate
This paralysing existence
Numbed by a soothing illusion
Turned into pawns in this machine

Inflict the negative on the oppressor
Feeding the need to hate with passion

Witness the unwinding of the beast
Eating this world
And leaving nothing
Disc 2  
1. Visions (9:12)
Return from a place to wisdom and
Foresight through insight

Pacing through the hours of deprivation
Deserted areas
Decline of inhibitions

Winds of torment and agitation
Beating in the shadows
Gruelling existence
Driven by a misleading path
Of human emotions

In tolerance of this state
Descend in a mere fantasy
Pessimist visions
Of an abstract reality

Peforating the skin
Reduced to ashes
Remoulded into clay

Winds of torment and agitation
Heating in the shadows
Gruelling existence
Driven by a misleading path
Of human emotions

Bonecrushing revenge
Set into motion
Hammer of the weak
Has fallen on the predator

Of a non-distant future
Answers coming into the shape
Of tragic events
Succumb to the visions of
Ravenous magic

Floods of tribal tribulations
The tempting sound of the waves
A dark hole filled with an artificial light

Awake the drowning
Awake the drowning
2. Still (6:18)
Left stale
In an agonizing climax
State of shock is no surprise
Comfort zone being gone
Awkwardness becomes your new home
Memories the source of infinite pain

Out of reach
Causing the new
Is your presence
Is your absence

Lies as bitter as the hidden truth

Calm has no place in here
SIlence becomes louder
The turmoil comes back
Your insides shaking

Desolate ways of the feeble
Becomes distant to the rational
Desolate ways of the feeble
Becomes dissonant to the rational

Agonizing climax
Left stale, petrified and silenced
State of shock
Comfort zone being gone
Awkwardness becomes a shelter
Memories the source of exponential pain

Out of reach
Causing the new
Is your presence
Is your

3. Malice (10:04)
Surrender to me
Indulge yourself in this soothing grip
Too inviting for one to refuse
Delighted by your coming end


Lurking around is the taker
Cutting the strings
One by one
Stricken by fear
Devotion and obedience
To an unnamed god
Father to all

Mockery of this directionless crusade

The pressure
The turmoil

You shall never leave
Never will you make it to the door
The pressure

Their face, a reflection of disgust
Dead race, extinction
Repelling weaklings destined
To witness the horror

Enter this maze
Face the unknown
Seen in the visions
Delighted by your coming end

A serenade to the ears of the merciless

Overtaken by the swarm
Drained, fed on
A war fought without purpose
Like a serenade to the ears of the merciless

4. Distant (12:50)
Leave this place of absolute madness
For I have stepped into the unknown
The Path to self is a mysterious one
Overpowered by this state of unconsciousness
Through eternity, in emptiness

See through me
The way to your future
Walk towards me
Run to your end

No one to survive
Calculations to cause your demise
Spreading like a deadly plague
Taking what was given at birth

Like a virus we penetre their minds
And watch them fade with delight
Without prejudice we blindly loathe
Feeling their despair
With conquering might

Their faces following you
in every moment
Longing for your soul

Dwelling in a constant crisis
Trampled by the curse
Of struggling
Times of tribulation still like ahead

When relief is sough
False belief is served
Eyes have seen
From trust to treason

Their faces following you
In every moment
Longing for your soul

Dwelling in a permanent crisis
Trampled by the curse
Of struggling
Times of tribulation still like ahead

Frozen stare
The eyes of the void


Soul scattered
You remain
No sun

Spiralling down the tunnel
Confined to the stagnant stillness of misery

So far, yet near enough to knock on your door
That entrance to the realm of answers
Better left unkown
Time irrelevant
For the skies are infinite
A mirage, such a facade the mask that is life
Lost in a psychotic circus that numbs and blinds
From the inevitable
5. Exit (5:13)
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