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Percussimus Foedus cum Morte Full Album Lyrics

Veneror - Percussimus Foedus cum Morte cover art

Percussimus Foedus cum Morte

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > V > Veneror Lyrics (8) > Percussimus Foedus cum Morte Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-12-26)
1. Impervio (2:10)
2. The Wings of the Daimon Sethos (4:50)
Dark star, you solitary fount
of spiritual ascension!
Black light of mystery and infinity
You're shining forever

I invoke
your enslave my human mind!
of hate and malignant rites,
I'm falling into vice

The wings of the Daimon Sethos
Open the gates of the endless night!
The Wings of the Daimon Sethos
Embrace the claws of the sovereign Death!
3. Conclaves of Blest Carnality (4:28)
Brothers, I'm calling from the stars
Crossing the silver path of darkness;
a Monstrance in the black church of Lucifer
has shown me the hidden light of power

Oracle infernal and divine,
dancing through the depths of night
Mystery and torment
I have beheld

Flectere se nequeo Superos,
Acheronta movebo
4. Witchblood Arcane Sodality (4:14)
Son of faith,
Disciples of the black principle,
Preachers of Evil,
This is the night of the Coven:
Circle of power of earth, sky and sea
Circle of power, I summon you!

Into the voice, the hand and the eyes:
Witchblood/ Witchblood/ Witchblood/ Witchblood

Eye of the black moon, the sun of the night
Out of the black moon, out of her fire
Into the flesh, the living desire
The Witchblood Arcane is sealed
5. De Arcana Reptilia (5:28)
Viscid and loathed reptile,
and tmeple of adoration
Master of the hideous path
and parish of the dead
Serpent, O bringer of the Night
You shall not serve!
Belial ariseth: I follow this stench,
Lepaca Helel!

We come to praise,
We come to praise,
We come to praise
The Unholy one
6. Curse of the Antisacral (4:59)
Introibo ad Altare Dei
ad Deum qui vexat juventutem meam!
I will ascend to the Altar of God
to crush his filthy scepter
Reviled sacrality, the shrine destroyed
And Chaos among humans

O Dyonisos, come forth to me
and lead this pervert spawn!

Ensorcelled by your eyes
Bewitched by your tongue
In this cursed night
We keep the black Pledge
7. Alogos Azothos Achronos (4:55)
Alogos the word of silence
Azothos: the life beyond the threshold
Achronos: without eternity
For I'm the quintessence
of the Alpha and the Omega

To open the portals
To unveil the stars
To enchant and reveal
the nimbus of Evil

The silence of the underworld
is calling my heart
Your fire enlightens me
through the dusk of the night...
Your fire enlightens me
8. Et Taurum Draco (6:33)
Ave Satana!

By the sorcerer's hands
are brought here your unholy seals...

Now I call upon thee,
Master Satan!

Taurus Draconem genuit

I feed the powers that sleep within you
Et Taurum Draco
I call upon those that dwell beyond
Et Taurum Draco
The ancient serpent of the cult below
Et Taurum Draco
Is rising through me, reborn from the ashes
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