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Eclipse Full Album Lyrics

Veil of Maya - Eclipse cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Deathcore
Album rating :  77.1 / 100
Votes :  7
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Submitted by level 18 퀴트린 (2012-02-28)
1. 20/200 (1:15)
2. Divide Paths (2:47)
Raise your fist
Smell the air
Taste the fame

We follow our hearts for
This time is fading

We nurture our minds
With a fake lullaby
In this world
Each to their own
Divided Paths
In Overcoming false hopes,
We enter the age of cycles

Freely we take to the air
Not knowing nor-
Caring the end

I won't forget today
It is burned inside
My Brain

We use memories to
Canvas our lives in
Colored means
This is all our
In This world.
3. Punisher (2:32)
Do you remember
When your heart had that
Drive, Thrived to seek more
While it was there

The last care
We won't sleep for a day
If we survive, survive
Just one more day.

I'll forge a moment
A Marvel for all of
Time in life was simple
Mended by the mask,
Perfection glistens
It glows glamorous

Faces drawing near
Purged away by the
Flame seeking out
Under this weight
We crawl
Last shot trigger
Hold your ground
Freeze all of your love
Ignite all the lust
As we try to get back
It drifts away.
4. Winter Is Coming Soon (2:11)
This is our kin,
Our oath, and
Our Honor

Within my chest beats
The heart of a lion
Winter is coming soon

The white wall

We are the left behind
The lost who never glance
For everything we
Need is in our minds

We save the broken ones
The helpless left with
No defense
Ones left standing in
The dust and grime

A Virus

Stay true to yourself,
So much value in that line

Race to the top
There we can see to no

Look for your power
Everlasting, raging
Look for your power
Master and conquer
Till you expire.
5. The Glass Slide (3:31)
Feel the vibrations
Lasso them
Hold on for the ride

Despair inside calls to you
Uprise inside calls to you
Cowards will call for

I'll light the match
Can you take me down?
Ignite the fuse
Can you take me down?

Relay the message
Ravage your false goodbyes

command yourself into
Twisted figurines

I see poems of rise
They know I live
Upon the glass slide

I know the truth
It's still denying me
I know the truth
It haunts me

They know I
Live upon the
Glass slide

Now test yourself
Challange it
Now test yourself
A failure of diamond design
Now test yourself
A breeding of
6. Enter My Dreams (2:53)
We are the start of bleeding
Slowly envelop what we
Lacerate, fill your lungs with
Intentions last play at crime
Enter my dreams
No pictures or inquries
They enter to feast on the
The devil's kind is right

Enter my dreams
No pictures or inquries

My thoughts are
Not a straight line
They fluctuate like
Waves or wine
I will not falter
I will unbind
If you feel satisfied
Then exit now
'Cause in this nature
Hunger will thrive

Here it's the last
one, so say goodbye

Feel the songs serenade
Spun in its twine

I will not falter
I will unbind

Song's serenade
Spun in its twine

Enter my dreams
No pictures or inquries

My thoughts are not a
Straight line - They
Fluctuate to a
7. Numerical Scheme (3:16)
Pictures graze my
Consciousness like a

Ripped from the hands of
The beast and given away
To those who conquer

Blood and sand - the only
Thoughts upon my mind

A numerical scheme
An unbearable dream

We stand at the line and
Leap towards our fears

And in this boundless
We Fall

We stand at the line and
Leap towards our fears

We mold our destiny
Through the actions of
Our Lives.
8. Vicious Circles (3:19)
Messenger, when have you seen my face?
I will become - become like the wind
A tyrant in disguise
A muse upon our eyes

A rare extermination, no stop to extinction

When have you seen my face?
I will reform - reform like the storm
No stop to my spreading
Unarmed die around me

Enter vicious circles
Feel it close upon you
You feel it consume us all

Our honor is out the window for tonight
Choke on leverage

When have you seen my face?
I will become, become like the stone
So strong to my standings
My skin cold and lonely

Feelings will mean nothing
I laugh at their coming

I'd taunt what they'd die for

When you find yourself in that room not alone, you are surrounded

You will collide with your thoughts
Brand yourself a natural inside you know it

No one will save you today
This is a fight for your pride
9. Eclipse (2:23)
10. With Passion and Power (4:04)
This is a war
And attack on us all

We all let it slide as our
Morals burn in it's wake

We all fly
Until the day that it strikes you.
Leaves you broken inside

How could this be
Happening? We were like

I won't forget you
Keep you with me

When the smoke clears
Our life's total appears

We will map everything,
Structure all of the Lines

When the smoke clears
Our life's total appears

You were a king to us all,
Gentle giant of the land

When you have life in
Your hands
Hold it tight
Grasp it with strong

Mount this earth and excel
With Passion and Power.
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