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Shadows of Exile | Full Album Lyrics

Vanquishor - Shadows of Exile cover art

Shadows of Exile

GenresDeath Metal
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1. Morning Star (2:49)
2. The Jagged Wastes (5:51)
Your rite of passage
Taken from me

No time for ministry
For burning angel wings

I'm blind in fathers eyes
I'm blind to fathers lies

Amid the fruited spring
Serpentine through the leaves
The beast reaps what it did not sow
Flesh of man hollow and alone.

Sallow in defeat
Secrets I will keep
Morsels in my eyes
Tempting their demise

Descending down the tree
hanging so effortlessly
The innocent flower
Shepherds the ox
Envenomous dour
The invitation knocks

Slithering desire
Undermining power

Beget to believe

Refuse the decree

Swallow the fire

Relinquished to me

Ignorant tragic life lived
Treasures of nothing are found again
Lost in a vortex of pain and suffering
Wondering when he will be returned to death

Exhuming a withered soul
Maelstrom spinning consumes all
Empathy, entropy dwindles it down
Terrible hideous empty abound

Rid from your shackles,
Perplexing your plans
Now deaf your orders,
Your voice it no longer commands

The times come for your slight
Blackened unholy night
Remedy all of the ovis minds
Diabolical rites, Committing your own deicide
3. Worms That Walk (4:23)
Legion carcass
A mass of rotting souls
Turmoil and anguish
All it knows

They seek, envelop you with fire
They eat, your flesh and minds acquired
They stalk, prowling many it’s faces
They watch, the worm that walks

Digging through the veins
The soul collapses

Tunnel through your brains
His slaves to master

They seek, delivering its poison
They eat, from underneath the throne
The stalk, luring you empty gazes
They watch, the worm that walks

Deceiving goals of taking what they deem
Ignoring pleas confuse beliefs
Decipher they’re planning panacea disease
Arrival countdown extinction wicked fucking beings

They scurry to enter your homes
Devouring splinters and bones
Crushing them under the weight
The might of will alone

Dark parasites
Scum of the night
Consuming the crop
The worms that walk

Dark parasites
Scum of the night
Consuming the crop
The worms that walk

Through the hearts of so called man

Writhing forth en masse
Sinning through your flesh
Tithing in your mind
Wriggling to find
Burrowing inside
devour your kind

Only to ingest
Take all that’s left
Reduce you to mulch
Return you to death
4. Caverns (5:40)
Echoing Caverns, awake
Subterranean crust, violent quakes
Solidified, frozen its crown
Bringing the void, slagging waste down

Collective cosmic dust
Autonomous Flesh of rust
Reflective Tarnished steel
Scarred Marrow sin revealed

Treacherous passage, too late
Deliver the victims, to fate
Conscripting the time, from our hate
leaded rival, it pierces the slate

Echoing Caverns, awake
Subterranean crust, violent quakes
Solidified, frozen its crown
Bringing the void, slagging waste down

Eons of portent, bearing it forth
Fatal a wounding, open the core
Chaos descending, masses will fall
Forces dictating, all life is gone
Black Noxious skies, bleeding no more
Land calcified, forming the sore

Nothing, rejuvenates
Wasteland, the pure remains
Scattered, the tales of age
Epochs, the light will fade
5. Death Winds (5:59)
Manufactured Stars Emerge
Stillborn Scarring Scourge
Integral Densities Collapsing
Disintegrous Energies Amassing
Projected Death Currents
Neutron Powered Winds

A Program of our Sins

Casualties of foresight
Commencing The Half-Life
All Hope is Lost
For the cries in light

The Smoke Holds the Vision, as The Masses divide
How the gods have fallen, with their rancor and pride

Their Wills torn asunder, Chaotic Entwined
Receipts of the Failures, Wrought forth by mankind

Fiery Horizons
Amidst the Echos of sirens
Judgements for the weak
Watching them burn in the streets

Fiery Horizons
Amidst the echoes of sirens
Judgements for the weak
Claiming the innocent meat

Torrential Pain
Contaminating stains
Glass rags and bones
Skin peels death throes
Lined one by one
We've dug the holes
No time to pray
The death wind blows

The death wind blows

Behold the black moons spawn
Endless hunger of foul desire
Plagued survivors in a state of decay
Burning wights marked with dismay

fission of flesh from sinew
All offerings useless tributes
Tidal flames ascending higher
Routing the lands of old empires

The cost that ignorance has bought
All hope remaining will be quashed

We will be doomed!

The earth will fall!

By the damning hands of us all!

Raining judgements in its strike
No struggling against it’s might
It’s devastation can’t be stopped
Creating our unwinding clock
6. Shadows of Exile (3:34)
Familiar hope squandered
Hecatombs jagged wastes
Memories of dreams now trite
Alone in the shadows of exile
Bestowed the gift of sight

Endlessly searching
Forsaken spans
Coagulated corrupted plans
Exsanguinate the souls be damned annihilating the pox of man

Besieging kingdoms which has brought him forth from distant lands
To build the pillars that will tower over tyrants hands

In this land of nod
The kingdom that turned from god
Light fades faith wanes
Roads of blood are paved
Flowing to thin eroded end of days

Garroting it’s throat
Spilling it’s vital
Corroding it’s bones
Restoring control
Delivering the silence
Tearing esophagus

Exsanguinated nations
Coagulated policies
Hemorrhaging morality
Ablating your hearts
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