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Between the Madness Full Album Lyrics

Vangough - Between the Madness cover art

Between the Madness

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-06-24)
1. Afterall (5:55)
I take her hand in mine
It’s soaked in blood
Two souls becoming one
Caught in the flood

Left without a place to hide unprotected
Deep inside this tortured mind I can hear him
Calling out his father’s name
Falling, I’m falling now

Everyday still the same, learn to see and breathe
Mourning comes, still I’m numb
Lie awake as my heart slowly breaks apart

I look into her eyes, all I see are painful lies
Reflections of our unborn child, fires burning deep inside
Burning out


Nightmares flooding my mind
Black holes filling her eyes
Nightmares flooding my mind
Black holes making her blind

Find me, I’m standing in the rain
I’m calling out your name
Sinking in filth and mud
Please god erase our pain
Please make us whole again
All this life is passing by
We won’t be the same again


Lie awake in this afterfall
2. Alone (6:05)
Walking out alone at night
I stroll past lanes of candlelight
All the dolls they seem so strange
Inside they try to hide their pain
I turn to face my greatest fear
An empty room is someone here?
And yet the stairs seem dark and long and strange
As if they just go on for days

All my life I’ve tried so hard to play this game alone
Are you sure you will not lose, father?

I try to be strong forever alone
God I am lost and I’m bleeding
I cover my scars to bury the pain
Is this a life that’s worth living?
I come home to find my heart in a vice
My confidence finally is broken
I find her with wings that hold her above
God I am numb and I’m shaking.

Heal the loss and heal the pain
And try to make us whole again, oh god
Give me strength to cut this flesh away

3. Separation (6:11)
And I’ll burn this flesh you made
But it’s just so hard to say
Digging deeper to the core

Come feel what I feel tonight
Where lost souls hide from the light
Hear the silence of my pain
Alone my heart grows dim

Separate me from this dying heart
Thoughts of you that leave such painful scars
Burn down my cathedral
Cast out the deceiver

And it fills me with disdain
At the mention of your name
And I thought I’d let you know
That it’s time to repay

For the fire, for the lies
Too much burning into brine
Separating till I’m bleeding
Not enough to sew this needing

I’m complicating this game
Separating my pain

Separate me from this dying heart
Thoughts of you that leave such painful scars
Burn down sacred temples
Erase all our evils

Separate me, separate me
Remove all these scars, release this heart
4. Infestation (7:16)
Come to me, come on bended knee
Let us cleanse impurity
Teach me please, teach me how to be
Not so cold and empty
Say those words, say those empty words
Say that you still need me
I’m the tree, I’m the dying tree
And my leaves are falling on you

Climb the stairs, climb the slimy stairs
Climb upon his throne
See her face, see her slimy face
Turn your heart to stone

See me
Do you see what I see?
Hear me
Do you hear what I hear?
Know me
Do you know what I know?
Fear me
Can you feel the plague grow?

Cutting through this flesh and blood
Drifting in a lake of mud
Born a beggar and a slave
Sacrifice the pain away
Watching idle hands at play
Reminding us we cannot stay
Finding flesh that fits the mold
So many lives we killed untold

Young son I’m the god that beckons you
Kill your son I beg of you
Obey my words
Kneel down for his hate and genocide
Jealousy and blackened eyes
A fabric of man


See me
And I buried his hate
Hear me
Under flesh and blood gates
Know me
Until oceans ran dry
Fear me
And dry


Oh, can you feel the love coming from above?
Can you feel the love?
Oh, I turned to drink its blood raging from the flood

Oh can you feel the hate
And can you feel the fear
It’s coming from the dirt
It’s coming through sincere
It’s coming from the mud
And from the gates of heaven
And from the minds that man made
And on the backs of hatred
And on the souls your god saved
Oh can you feel the love?
5. Schizophrenia (6:47)
I feel a dreadful chill sinking into my skin
Eyes ablaze as souls are saved
Flesh made graves for man-made plagues
And all these years we’ve bled
All we have and all we gave

Come on and dance with me
A schizophrenic dream
It happens all the time
So close your eyes and die

I chip away until you’re fully made
A wooden shell inside this hollow grave
Your skin returns I spread your hair
To feel the burn and taste the air
I know what’s down below

How did you know I wouldn’t go
Down far below to where it wouldn’t go?

I can see the darkness grow inside of me
I can feel the darkness take a part of me
Such a strange society of sanity
Fed the lies when advertised on your tv

I don’t see why
I don’t see why simple minds
Can scrutinize and simplify that
I feel fine
I feel right
I can’t lie
I am not fine


I can’t afford to lose
A life I’ve shared with you
I’m not fine

I won’t forget those words
I won’t forget the hurt
I won’t forget the pain
And why did I get this blame?
6. Between the Madness (3:47)
7. Vaudeville Nation (6:07)
All these years I’ve faced the truth
You faded losers can’t buy me with
Your apologies or sympathies
Such simple minds that can’t see
I’m leaving you face down
I’m making you weak now
Stop crying for healing
No one is listening

Still I’m facing war
And I feel like I want more

Kneel for your god of flies
Come tear the vines and leave behind the masquerade of this
Vaudeville Nation
Bring the tower down and burn the circus to the ground

Stupid celebrity
Too late to wash us clean

Too many fantasies
Too many celebrities
Watching them mindlessly
God won’t you help us please?
Erase all our fallacies
Please purge of us of our disease


I will confide in you
I will come hide in you
Kneel before the lord of flies
Now I’m inside of you
Give to the lord of flies


Just what you don’t want to see
Just what I don’t want you to be
8. O Sister (8:06)
Did you choose to steal her youth?
Did she even stand a chance?
Fate is cruel, it can’t be true
Are you watching from above?
Angels cry as I stand by
It’s too much pain to bear

I tried so endlessly
To be the man you wanted me to be
But I don’t think I can be

Spirits numb the pain as scarred hearts remain
Fearing solitude I can’t face this blame
My sister has gone into the sea
A face remains stained in me

I tried so endlessly
To be the man you wanted me to be
But I don’t think I can be

Breathe o sister breathe
Breathe o sister breathe

I choose to steal her youth
I still can’t feel what’s inside
Face down I hear the sound
Of too much life just passing by

I sit by as angels cry
It’s too much pain to bear

9. Thy Flesh Consumed (6:00)
10. Useless (5:41)
I feel like it’s time to die
A feeling I can’t deny

I watched you play the part
A slimy stupid person I can live without
Fuck you and your celebrity
Some bullshit prima donna reaching out for me
So sick of dancing stars
Stupid hidden voices and their bouncing cars
But don’t worry we can make it right
A perfect picture of a modern vaudeville life

Useless to heal those scars
Useless to know what we are

And I feel something waking
And I feel something making
I feel like it’s time to die
A feeling I can’t deny

Come on now it’s time to die
Don’t be scared to lose your mind
Come on now it’s time to die
Time to kiss your ass goodbye

Useless to heal my scars
Useless to heal this heart

Useless kings and useless queens
Fighting wars on TV screens
Voices beg to make us see
Erase the plague and wash us clean
Useless kings and useless queens
Fighting wars on TV screens
Voices beg to make us see
Erase this mediocrity

11. Depths of Blighttown (2:05)
12. Corporatocracy (7:55)
Privatizing until you’re secure
And buying merchandise at any price
Every cost is taken in account
Just before we kick your old ass out

Crawling on surface
Animal instincts

Teach me how to take
Teach me how to rape
I am only good
If I can be used

Sit with me, share with me
Give me your soul
Killing my innocence until the day I waste away
Show me your charity so I can’t see your human greed

Privatize, serving lies
Give your lives and just fall in line
Work to save and slave away
Economies of filth and greed
Share in corporatocracy please

Sit with me, share with me
Give me your soul


Into the dark I take you
And in the dark I made you

Sit with me, share with me
Give me your soul

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