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Instalment of the Night Full Album Lyrics

Vampire's Castle - Instalment of the Night cover art

Instalment of the Night

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Black Metal
Album rating :  40 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > V > Vampire's Castle Lyrics (10) > Instalment of the Night Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 10 NC Duality (2013-08-08)
1. Sunset (6:02)
The sun is setting in the far west
Leaving away these cursed lands
In the deep dark forest the creatures await
To haunt once again in the night

As the daylight is approaching its ends
The screams of tortured monsters starts filling the forest
Behind the trees the vampires awake
And out of their biers they rise for their blood thirst

Only a few rays of the sun are left on the sky
Pale and lifeless as the nightly inhabitants
The twilight is about to be over
Thus unleashing the nightly terror upon the world

Red eyes glow in the darkness
You can hear whispers and laughs between the trees
Oh, turn around and run away, foolish traveller!
For the sun has set in this cursed forest...
2. Instalment of the Night (6:32)
Transylvania, land of vampires!
Your evil shines in this unholy night!
The foolish mortals are hiding in their houses
As at this time of the year I return to this land

The vampires greet me with excitement
And we all bow down hailing the Instalment of the Night
The blue moon shines upon us and unleashes the curse
Thus giving us the power of Death

Tonight I am enthroned as the triumphant of vampires
As my servants bring me the blood of innocent virgins
The unholy ceremony begins with my speech:
"In my name tonight we'll kill! Dracula! Dracula!"

Unleashed are the beasts upon the villages
The screams begin to sing along with the Macabre Symphony
As the witches begin the Zodiac Ritual
The land under the Majestic Mountain reeks with evil and havoc

The forests will be decorated with Red Snow
While the winds will echo with the Sorrow of the Black Winter
This night the Succubus is out for carnalites
There is no way out of this land forgotten by God

As the chaos takes place
I spread my wings and fly away
For I have a more important mission
So that my kingdom will be endless

The stars shine above my castle
Announcing the beginning of the forbidden rituals
Ah, the planets are aligned at last!
The reign of Dracula shall last forevermore!
3. The Zodiac Ritual (10:45)
Moonless night in the deep dark forest
The witches gather under the lightless sky
With twelve symbols in their arms
They start making an unholy fire

Upon the zodiac they call for power
The ancient magic of the stars
Which was closed for hundreds of years
And no-one dared to speak about

On the speed and energy of the Aries they call
The first sign of the zodiac appears in the fire
The ram moans and gives them power
The purity of the first sign is theirs

On the slowness and calm of the Taurus they call
The horned animal appears from the ground
The bull moans even louder than the ram
And grants them with the calm of the earth

On the sociable Gemini they call
Two twins are created by the freezing wind
The twins cast a strange breeze on the witches
And give them youth and power to communicate

On the Cancer they now call
A magic crab comes out of the water
A red gem it holds in its claws
Whose power gives them the ability to love families

The witches now call the mighty Leo
The fire takes the shape of a proud lion
The King stares down at the witches
And his fire blesses them with the power of generosity and passion

Virgo, the virgin is next to be summoned
Out of the ground comes a young girl
The witches get blessed by her earth
And gain her perfect wisdom and knowledge

The cursed witches now summon Libra
The wind takes the form of two scales
The scales have an equilibrate form
And they gift their summoners with the power of justice and sensibility

Now the witches call the unholy Scorpio
Out of the water the evil scorpion appears
The poison from its tail is sprouted on the witches
Thus giving them bigger unholy powers and all the unknown spells of their ancestors

The witches now call the philosopher Sagittarius
The fire takes the shape of an archer centaur
He throws his fire arrows on each witch
And grants them with the power of independence and free will

[the guitars disappear once again and the drums play an average melody while the keyboards stay in their background]

They now call the Capricorn
The ground takes the shape of a goat
The creature made of soil slowly goes to each witch
And gifts her with the power of working hard

The inventor of the zodiac is now called
The air takes the form of a man which is pouring something from a bottle
The Aquarius pours his magic air on the damned women
And blesses them with the power of imagination

The witches summon the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces
Out of the water two fishes jump out
They fly above the unholy summoners
And grant them with their mystic and spiritual powers

The zodiac ritual thus had ended
The witches have finally gained full powers
They have the power of both humans and spirits
Thus the chaos will be unleashed upon this world!
4. Macabre Symphony (6:55)
At last the bells announce the midnight hour
Inside the Bran castle the vampires are gathered
The ancient Carpathian ritual is about to begin
Three... two... one... BITE!!!

The violins play the Macabre Symphony
Accompanied by the haunting organ
The pianos sing ghostly melodies
As the creatures scream the forbidden choirs

I sit on the throne of the Dark Immortals
Watching the carnalities from above
A theatre of blood and sin
Where evil has its majestic play

Naked virgins are tied on the table
As the actors enter the stage
Taking off their ancient masks
The Tragedy of Blood takes place

Horror, screams, flesh and blood!
This is my entertainment!
Eat the humanly sacrifice, my servants
And let the kingdom of Dracula become eternal!

The bride of Dracula is thus born
The sacrifice has been finished
A red and white dress by her is worn
Her life's blood now replenished

"Come to me, my darling
Sit on the throne and enjoy with me
The show of bloody sacrificing
Which has just created thee!"

The carnage goes on and on
Blood and agony, lust and pleasure
This night we break the rules of nature
And offer our bodies to the Dark Side

The ritual has brought eternal night
Upon this lost Carpathian land
Vampires wander freely to kill
Transylvania, you're under my will!
5. Majestic Mountain (4:07)
There's an ancient path through the forest
Where only the bravest have ever dared to walk
Its cold winds and unpleasant stones greet us
As our cursed journey brings us in front of a Mighty Mountain

Oh, Caraiman,
Your Majestic beauty exults the blood in our veins
Oh, Caraiman,
Grant us the honor of climbing you!

The voices of our brothers are calling us!
The vampires from the other land await us!
Tonight we'll pass the borders of Transylvania
And expand my kingdom, the kingdom of Dracula!

The path is paved with sharp stones
Thick trees stand in our way
The steepness of the mountain is challenging
But we will pass all these challenges!

Tonight the vampires from all European regions have awakened
They're gathering in the land of the Dacians to reunite
Our kingdom shall be centered around the Carpathians
And last forever from this night on!

Caraiman Mountain,
We must cross you in order to succeed
Country of Wallachia,
We're marching towards you!

At last we reached the top of the Caraiman Mountain
The Valley of the river Prahova can be seen from up here
We have finally reached the Woods of Wallachia
"Listen, oh mighty vampires, the time of uniting has come!"
6. The Sorrow of the Black Winter (7:25)
Happy bells ring on Christmas day
Announcing happiness and joy
While I walk through this cursed winter storm
I am lost in the snow, looking for my bride...

The majestic dark forest welcomes me
In the kingdom of blizzards I enter
Sorrounded by the Sorrow of the Black Winter
I wander through the endless paths

At the ancient well I see her lying down
Her pale hands freezed and her warm sight gone
Her crimson red lips filled with blood
The servants of the cross have killed her!

You bastards have sacrificed my bride
You've taken away my only joy and happiness
There's nothing worth living in this cursed world
Where I am hated by all mortals

Bloody tears keep falling on my face
As I walk through the freezing darkness of the forest
The Sorrow is stabbing my tortured heart
I wish I had never been born a vampire

Hate takes over my ill mind
I'm going to have them bleeding to death
When the night falls on the lost village
I shall return for my revenge!

Their wives shall be depraved
Their children shall be decapitated
Their bodies shall be bled dry
As I'll enjoy my cold hearted revenge!

I wander the endless forest spellbinded by my hate
There must be a way out of this cursed land
For I cannot rest until I create fear and sorrow
And avenge my fallen bride
7. The Vampire and the Hunter (2:08)
[The hunter]:
Through the thunders and rain I wander
Trying to find the cursed castle
The place where the devil's son is hiding
The source of this land's terror

[The vampire]:
I can feel his blood entering my castle
His heart is beating faster and faster
Its pounds are music to my ears
And his fear is priceless

[The hunter]:
There he is, sleeping in his coffin
The beast which has killed so many innocent
Oh, he does not know of the imminent danger
I'll drive the stake fast in his heart!

Sleep well, cursed creature
Tonight you shall go to hell, where you belong!

[The vampire]:
I never sleep, my dear hunter
And may your own blood be spilled in this night!
8. Red Snow (2:32)
The wolves on the mountain howl to the blue moon
As the snow in the forests shines with great power
Footmarks are seen on the deep cold white rug
The forest hears the tired sighs of a girl

The girl has run away from her burning village
Trying to escape the vampire massacre
But she does not know that between the trees
I await for her like the spider awaits the fly

At the river she takes an abandoned boat
And rows away from the cursed forest
But oh, she does not know that this vehicle
Is a one way ticket to the gates of Hades!

I appear on the boat in front of her
And start rowing with my bare hands
The look on her face is so priceless
I can feel the blood pumping fast in her veins

We're just like Charon and Eurydice
Sailing on our river Styx to eternal death
I grab her trembling body and embrace her
With just a bite the snow has turned Red
9. The Succubus (8:48)
A rainy night
The unfriendly weather
Hides in the night
Through the whispers
A tired being
By many desired

She watches the world with raven's eyes
Seeing what even the blind could see
Damned to lust
She offers pleasure
To the infidels
The mischievous ones

Their gift is the carnal pleasure
But their punishment is an illness
Because she's created for pain
You cursed plague bringer
She spellbinds the sinners with her magic serenade
Calling them in the romantic trap

Thus she sees in the night
A special man
Infidel to his wife he is
But mesmerizing with his flair
Like to a magnet she flies attracted
But with the same thought of catching him in her net

The man is amazed by her beauty
Her elegance being beyond the greatest things
His weak flesh is turned on
His bewildered mind is spellbound
The mysterious being offers him unknown pleasures
Body lust which knows no limits

With every touch, with every kiss
Another minute passes
The spell of the being is unleashed
The man's body it scratches
He realizes that pleasure has a price to pay
But he keeps on doing the great love act

Slowly the man passes by
In tears he seems to be drowning his sorrow
He grabs the being's hand
And thanks her for her will
With his last breath he tells her:
"I've felt love in this world."

The man's words touch her
On her cheeks her tears swell
The being feels something weird
Her heart is like stabbed by a needle
That feeling which she had to reject by sight
That feeling which is called love

In the night the hurt bird flies
With a fate so tortured
Damned to not feel love
She vaguely looks for happiness
Only to carnalities she's exposed
This tragic and pale succubus
10. The Sun Is Rising (5:29)
What is this strange feeling?
My skin starts to feel warm
I look at my fellow vampires
And get horrified by what I see

One by one they all fall
Screaming in agony
Burning in high flames
What kind of curse is this?

My spell has been broken
Oh no, the sun is rising!
Hide, my vampires!
Hide before it's too late!

The eternal night of unholy rites exists no more
Ashamed I return to my castle and hide in my coffin
But be aware, inhabitants of Transylvania
For Dracula is eternal, Dracula never dies!
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