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Collatus | Full Album Lyrics

Valyria - Collatus cover art


GenresMelodic Death Metal, Power Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-23)
1. Praeludium (1:24)
2. Polaris (4:39)
A pale and indignant heart
Perched upon the roofs of Providence
Drawing tales of terror dire
From worlds beyond the walls of sleep
Prideful demon in the skin of man
Cursed with boundless ignorance
Crafting Shoggoths of suspicion
Always the eternal outsider

He is the horror
Of Old Gods

My existence is hollow
My spirit soars above this empty realm
Tear me from this ever fading sorrow
And set me free to roam my dream-lands

Eldritch, your heart beats with the blood of Aeons
Scion of Providence
Your voice will be heard

Star of glittering fire
Set me free
From this world which I despise
Blind all their vacant eyes
Cleanse my soul and
Lead me astray

Chronicler of unseen worlds
Gambling with finite time
Paralyzed by his own fear
He observes our decline
Towers soar above the blackened plain
Of a mind not bound by earthly chains
Limpid nightmares of crawling forms
Bleed from dreams of splendours unforeseen

Star of glittering fire
Set me free
From this world which I despise
Put out their hateful eyes
Cleanse my soul and
Lead me astray
3. Karbala (5:09)
No man, under God,
Shall live in tyranny
Better to die on our feet
Than live on bended knee
Foul blood fills the streets
And soaks the clean white sands
No more will we retreat
A martyr’s fate at hand

Autocracy of thieves
Hides behind the Prophet’s words
False Caliphs
Craven, vile, usurpers
Thousand years
Of broken promise
Sectarian divide
Larceny of divine right

Husayn Ali
The Prophet’s living blood
Refused to pay homage
To the Umayyads
Betrayed by his own
He marched through the wastes
Seventy men by his side
A grim fate a waits

The ground rent with hate
An act of treason
To echo for an age
The saint'sthroat cut
As he wept for the weak
Rally the people
Out on to the streets



Hear their dying cry
Thewinds of the desert
Carried away
The saint's throat cut
As he wept for the weak
Rally the people
Out on to the streets

One byone
He cut them down
Time to face
The crescent blade
Asign of hope
Vain hope that's fading

Even the Gods mustdie

In the Caliph's endless hordes
None would kill thesaint
But no man alive
Can escape his fate

As he kneeleddown to pray
He found Mecca and his grave
Impaled through thechest
By a coward as he rest

Holy blood's been spilled
theschism is fulfilled
Murdered innocence
the price ofarrogance

Holy blood's been spilled
the schism isfulfilled
Murdered innocence
Vengeance never rests
4. Crown of Creation (7:24)
Strange sound of rapping bones
Spirit force moves
Beneath the table
Whispers of a poltergeist
To hear it
Few are able

Driven from the Church’s hand
He was
Too radical
Convinced of Holy Illusion
Man-made God no more delusion

New Motive Power
Supernatural architecture
Grand Electricizers
Make me your prophet
Communication from
Beyond the Grave
Decayed elders
Transmit me your plan to save

I will build a God
Scrap metal and refuse
The New Man
A divine age of steam
A sacrifice to die for my dream

Come from the shadows
My Mother of Machines
Stoke the bellows of
My God’s waiting heart
A pulsing light
Beats in time
With each labored breath
Gift of new birth
Crowns the king over death

Whirring buzz
Pneumatic reeling
Echoes off
The wooden ceiling
Invisible spirit rising
His eyes are smiling
Virgin corpse falls to the floor
Twisted wires drip with gore
Incantation is complete
Steam-Powered heart
Starts to beat

The wooden frame
Eyes opening slowly
Hydraulics flare
Rushing black blood
Acolytes bow to their knees
The MachineChrist arrives this eve
Realization near
Not a god
Something else
Something worse

No more
false idols
Physical Deity
Small voice, silent warning
Satanic reality

High priest tears his robes
Aware of his mistake
As the voices fade
Cut down blade by blade
Triumphal slaughter
A new taste of life
Perfect shape of rage defined
He ran to warn the town
Of what they had unleashed
But they would not heed
The mad heretic
Too late, the alarm raised
As the beast descends from above

Torches flicker
In the grey sky
Dreams betrayed by
Hubris of the worst kind
To tamper with the divine
Only fire can cleanse this crime
Ecclesiastic arson
Cast down the Crown
Of Creation
5. The Blinded Torch (5:23)
Feel the rotting wind
Flying through the warm night
Leave me here
In the cage of moon-light

Down this river to hell we’re sailing
Deep into this ancient land
The jungle’s whispers call me
Their taunts can break the hardest heart
A hunt for wealth and the spoils of ivory
Plundered at the cost of slave’s blood
Liars trade for souls of men
At the barrels of their guns

A demigod by his own hand
Tyrant from a foreign land
Visionary’s white fire
Lighting the blinded torch
Alone with his own madness
Even a hero falls
Prey to the nagging weakness
Within this darkened heart

This river carries the blood of injustice
Through the veins of Earth’s heart
“The Horror, the horror..”

Even the genius must
Face the terror
Hiding in the forest of his mind
The true savage waits
Within the ego
Your own truth
Becomes lies

Grab your rifles men
And take a swig of the last rum
Gallantly we charge
To reclaim our outpost

Shrunken heads on wooden poles
Their gazes blank and empty
No longer of our kind
The visionary’s gone blind

Even the genius must
Face the terror
Hiding in the forest of his mind
The true savage waits
Within the ego
Your own truth
Becomes lies

You die a coward
But you’re a braver man than I
All wounds never heal

Here in this heart of darkness
6. Starborn (9:49)
Singularity foretold
A blink in time
Carved on ancient stone
The gods divined
Charts and astrolabes
Aimed at the sky
Contingency plan
For the end of man

Message received
Confirming our worst fears
Earth shall rend
And boil away the seas
Telluric demise
Continental suicide
Eschaton verified

Solar sails
And stellar drives
Calculate our lives
Scouring the stars
For gods long lost
Celestial salvation nigh

A voice calls out
From the void
A sign of life
Beyond our Minds
Red moon dust and solar winds
Stoke the engines
The search begins

Terminal voyage
To the ends of space
Enter the lands
Of the Starborn

The darkened Nebulae
Caught in snares
Of black geometry
Time is running out
No air to breath
Echo rings
Coordinates reached

New world – Fresh born
Paradise promised
By greater minds
Rebirth of Man
At hand
The dropships fall down
Through open skies

Confronting terror
The dream a lie
Divine deception
Of alien minds
Genetic aberration
Of parasitic flesh
This world is but an anvil
For the hammer of the gods

We travelled
So far
We crossed
The stars

A failed experiment
Abandoned abortion
Of creation
Defective recombinant genetics
Consciousness a mere side-effect

We were the vessels
You were lost souls
Victims of your creations
We usurp your throne

A voice called out
From the void
A Paradise
Red moon dust and solar winds
Cut the engines
The journey’s at end

Terminal voyage
Has reached its end
We have become
The Starborn
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