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Hunter's Pride Full Album Lyrics

Valtari - Hunter's Pride cover art

Hunter's Pride

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-10)
1. Bitterness (4:32)
This time, I’ll separate what’s real,
This time, I’ll waken from my dream,
This Time, what tastes so bitter sweet,
This time, I will rise

You cannot know, what waits for you on this side,
Regret and desolation walk by your side

Stand up and take a bow, let them see you smiling,
Within you wear a shroud, yet reveal nothing.
Bitterness holds your hand. Bitterness guides you down that path.

For there is one that will always be here, never let me fall,
For there is one that will always be here, never let me down.

Take it from me, the dawn of realization,
Step back and you will see – that you are free.
2. Undefeatable (4:10)
Welcome to this world, I will be your guide.
Welcome to this world, till the end of days.
Just call my name, I will find you,
Just call my name, I will be there.

Through the troubled times, I’ll be by your side,
Together till the end – Undefeatable.

Reach for the sky – never take a step back.
You will learn to rise – Undefeatable.
3. Can You Hear Me? (3:49)
In the fields of grey, I stop and ask myself,
“Why have I given all?” Inside I’m left wondering.
“How do I go on? Why must I believe?”
When there is nothing here for me.
The time has come, to take a stand,
For what you believe. Inside I’m left wondering.

I close my eyes and see you standing there,
I wipe your tears away, to dream of better days.
“Can you hear me? From across the sea.
I am dying. Please forgive me”.

When everything you’ve asked of me is done,
Can I hold my head up high? Inside I’m left wondering.

To dream of better days. Forgive me.
Inside I’m left wondering
4. Shatter the Myth (4:11)
By design, you’re made to question,
Undermine the things you know to be true.
Complicate, the wheels keep turning,
Compromise, fall deeper into your lies.

Deleted of all your senses, you find yourself - overload.
The perfect storm for ignorance, believing things all make sense.

But now you see. Fell winds returning,
Can you feel – the tide is turning,
Find the will to keep on fighting
Shatter the myth. Open your eyes.
Shatter the myth, save yourself,
Shatter the myth, open your eyes.

By design, the wheels keep turning,
Undermine – fall deeper into your lies.
Complicate, you’re made to question.
Compromise the things you know to be true
5. In Slides (4:41)
Everything you ask - the price of suffering.
Be true towards yourself, then take you away.
Now the end has come so fast, you ask,
“Why must it be me?” Strike a deal with fate,
Roll the dice.

And still I carry on this lie. Towards a fate that I must know.
Looking back I see my life in slides. In vain pride I see my own demise.
Looking back I see my life in slides. In vain pride I see my own demise.

I am apart from all around me, able to see the world go past in slides.
Once again I am left alone in myself,
Never to be, never to see - It’s alive in me.
Forever alone, forever deceived – there is nothing real
“Is this blood your own?
6. With a Child's Smile (4:40)
With all you see – there’s nothing real. “Where is hope for the future?”
When all you bleed, when all you feel will be for nothingness.

But hope remains – through tears like rain.

Now the truth has come to stay, it breaks me this day,
The world is in denial – with a child’s smile.
When I look into your eyes, I ask, “Where is hope for the future?”
I know there is nothing left to say. With a childs smile.
7. Enshrined in Ice (3:50)
When the time arrives, you will know,
About the things worth fighting for.
Understand, the difference you seek,
You will find it there.

Inside your soul awakes. The fire in your eyes.
You seek a new beginning. Enshrined in ice.

Actions speak louder than words. Now you are here,
Steel yourself and prove your worth.

Fire in your eyes, I can see, as the battle rages around me,
Brothers in arms, from now till eternity. Carved in stone.
Enshrined in ice.
8. Tyrant (3:46)
Can you see the mighty falling? Can you hear there pitiful cries?
You’re facing your enemy – realize.

The fight is never ending. Truth the first casualty.
Inside a battle rages for immortality.

And the tyrant comes. Whispers in my ear,
“Hear the mighty calling? Join or turn in fear.”

The question that I’m left asking,
Where truth lies – I’m compromised
9. The Gift (4:17)
This is all that you ever wanted – a place to call your own.
An escape from all your madness – somewhere you’ll be alone.

Just rest your weary head a while. See things in the clarity of the moonlight.
Is this all that you ever dreamed of; The gift of clarity.
Take a breath and see you sadness and see you’re not alone.

This oath I give to you – you’ll never fear as night runs through your veins.
You’ll never fear when life confronts with pains.
And all I seen before, the journey starts once more. We’ll fight for you.

Take a breath and see your sadness – somewhere you’ll be alone,
Take a breath and see you sadness – the gift of clarity.
10. Hunter's Pride (4:44)
Inside I open up my mind and see the world before me.
I seek, but I am yet to find the hunters pride.

When at that time I’ll seize the moment. Cold and sublime
The hunters pride.

With strength I carry on this path, with pride I see with open eyes.
This life awaits me. The hunters pride.

They will fear – the hunter comes this day.
Run and hide – the hunter stalks his prey.

Inside I open up my mind and see the world before me,
Serene I kiss the morning sun.

My Hunter’s pride.
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