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Homeward Path Full Album Lyrics

Vallendusk - Homeward Path cover art

Homeward Path

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal, Post-Black Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  3
Lyrics > V > Vallendusk Lyrics (15) > Homeward Path Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-10)
1. Windswept Plain (9:00)
Reaching up to a gloomy sky
with hands that stink of death
crawling across the windswept plain
to draw one final breath
shouting out defiant rhymes
an archaic war raging still

As the night falling on the ghastly fields
veiling a scarlet river cross the plain

The rising crescendo of soldier footsteps
each regiment falling in stages
the clanking armors breathe so heavy
a silent moment passing still
a gentle breeze moving through the air

Bodies sprawling like fields of wheat
weapons flashing and blood marching for wards

Lifeless eyes staring out
as the cold wind blows
in the still of the night,
a gentle sleep remained unbent
a channeled homage for life,
unrivaled by dissent
reach morning, before the sun,
awoke something else..

Bodies sprawling like fields of wheat
weapons flashing and blood marching for wards

Dissolving the ground into red mud the air is heavy with
the scent of death as the sun sets, red glow bursts,
Darkness enclosing cutting off the sight, fading away

Hail to the fire, earth, water, and air
taking back the elements to the ground.
expoding despair, yearning hearts,
shattered souls, a dying of nostalgia,
caged in bitter cold, seize the treacherous night,
farewell forever.
2. Earth Serpent (8:22)
The skies shall burn with fire
the seas shall turn to blood
and the skies will be split asunder
while mortals drown in black flood
the righteous shall fall before the wicked

And when the time has come
for the eve of destruction
humankind will face it's
inevitable damnation

And we raised our fists
from the earth,
we wept and begged
for our lives
all who have felt
will feel it again
a pang of guilt
for what's gone is gone

Lands are plagued as the stormy weather
approaches as the world grows weary and
wether. in time of death..when the flames
and ashes blaze across the ages
of a thousand wastes until the end..

In the land of lurking twilight
through tenebrous eyes
we were watched
and old soul dressed in
wilting young life
with a sorrow and despair

We are the children
of the dead
we are the wishes
of the unknown
we are the guardians
of the earth
3. The Anchors (9:34)
The sun lost a war long time ago
and the moon retreated in haste
waves wash over shores
the earth is our ship
and we turn through
the ocean of time and space
on the mad waves
of a dark cosmic deep
lost in a vast sea like paint
against a burning horizon
watch the footsteps fade away

Billions of lights are our guides
the soul of stars and lightyears away
that have already died and reborn
swallowed into black mouth

Forsaking creatures to wither and fade
and leaving in our stead thorn and nightshade
to injure and poison in the barren waste
where the wind howls like the wild banshee

We are dreaming
to be reborn
with mind awaken
as we ride the voyage
longing in sea spirits
and reincarnation
lost in delusions
of afterlife
and immortality

In gravitational tides we are pulled
and seafarers draw strange patterns in the sky
we might cut the universe to size
and stop our minds from drowning
we forget to took with fear and awe
in wonder we whisper
it's the world we cannot
touch beyond the hull

And way beyond
in our black ocean
the stars are reborn
the light of millions touches us
through aeons and fill
the empty skies
with sights
that leave us wordless

All energy survives and
recycle into endlessness

We reap the power
of the wayward spirit
and howling in nowhere land
we are immortal
we navigate the skies

We are immortal.....
4. The Wayfarers (6:00)
The elder spirits called upon us in signs
Whispers and motion of the heart
With air breathed in the sky and scenes seen
Way up above the clouds
Weeping our children left afar
Life and fertility
Forgotten and lost
The ancestor has now sent
To ease our inner pain

Remember the days of old
Where once we sailed the seas
We used to be the masters
Upon raging waves and thunderbeast
We tamed the rushing waves
And sailed the distant shores
Stood up strong and proud
As far as our eyes can see

Our strengths pounding fiercely
That roared in the dragon’s belly
We proudly wore the scales
From the beast in the valley
The dreaded monsters of legend the giants
And primeval beasts we fought them all and won
Liberated stand proud and tall
The heart that beats within us once carried
A sacred fire a world in which we’ve lost that
Has a fate that’s rather dire

Out there beyond the stars
Lies a sea that thrives a new
The vast ocean of space
Floating through
Realms of energy

Blackholes and lightyears
Now we voyage
Through the stars
As we entered the dawn
Of the slumbering one
The sparkling shores
Are still yet unseen..
5. Ring of Fire (10:20)
The pulse of the earth pounds out a deadly rhythm
Blood of liquid rock erupting forth from beneath
The black sea, however looms dislocated from Earth’s
Divergence it haunts the new convergence with hull-like hollowness.

The beauty lays scattered in the newborn ash shine upon the
World in fiery light island sinks beneath the waves with a
crash screams fill the air as fluttering birds take flight.

The sea serpent precipitates a neon luminescence only to be
swept by the scumbling tides. Their breaths smoke and
Perspire to the lava layer. Rafts of pumice float away to the
distant lands. While in the air, ash distorts the light,
The sky turns hues as it hadn’t happened beforehand
As an upshot of the giant might.

Inferno erupting from the waves
Arising the son, as the fire water
Burn the son of flames, born on his
Parent’s grave. In the glare of
Burning lights
The lava bleeds to black, as the scrape thin horns of the
Mighty mountain probing for answers.

Plague and destruction shall wreak again
From the island of the grieving mountains
The genetic impulse of conservation triumphing
Over the temptation

Their breaths smoke and perspire to the lava layer
Raft of pumice float away to the distant lands
While in the air, ash distorts the light
The sky turns hues it hadn’t happened beforehand
As an upshot of the giant might.

Vicious red foams bear down
As the invader crawls
Red and blazing like wildfires in the night
Crimson-like bloodstains on the
White fur of an innocent lamb
Reaching its discontented fingers
To the unblemished earth below

Heat oppresses the air
The blood flows to the skin
Verbal fire and brimstone smash
Through fragile walls
When enraged angry flames gruesomely
Cleansing all in its path
Blood runs red in the hearts of the living
Burning through the rebellious veins
The wild smokes curled, seize the day of the sun
Velvet darkness enshrouding
Glares reaching for the sky
Burned and perished
A fire from the ashes shall be woken
Once we lost now regained his crown
6. Eyes of the Watcher (8:26)
With eyes of the moon coat of arms of the night
On clouds of soft velvet unfurl the twilight
Stopping you to listen and watch its plight
You might hear the howl of the weakening light.

To gaze upon an empty night showered by the darkest
glow illuminate the woods and morrow’s rise

Slowly sinking into black where path and signs start
to lack. When daylight vanished only darkness left

As the light floats into the sea
And sinks in depths to flee, flashes
Of the eyes rear up the world

To watch the trees and grass glow by an eerie
Iridescent light see the glowing grass
Turn to charred ash

The rule of the stars and shadows deplore
The light and its joy to reign over the dark in rising
Days to be fought and the night was all gone as it’s
Known among all the day won all along.. The rule of
The stars and shadows deplore the light and its joy to
Reign over the dark

Amongst the shadows dancing, beneath a moon lit sky,
Sweeps the depth of darkness no one can defy
And within the nightly air across the forest path
Walks a hidden figure with the structure of a lass

A cry pierces the night sky splitting the clouds like
Lightning, settling down like ashes tasting the leaves
Thunderous echoes follow after while the fogs of
Fear spread below..
7. Grains of Horizon (10:47)
The clouds break forth the streams of light
To dance upon the earth
As the light swallows into homes
And cradled in the sands of time
A murky rock consumes all the light
A gentle breeze blows through the night
Whispering through the grass
Ripples on the water form
As the rain glistens on the glass
Mother earth’s tears in a valanche
A faint cold fear runs through the veins
Freezes up the heart
Freezes up the heat of life

Almighty nature presence all around
He summons us to go
To the peaceful waters flow
The great cosmic cycles
Cleansing the earth
And the shadows growling still

Lightning shrouds the mountains
A dark herald of things to come
Longings spirits and mages number
The fallen and count the damned sum

A rainbow arcs across the sky
Whiteness overflew, balances corrupted
Everything became so blurry
The autumn leaves in their splendor
Fall gracefully to the earth
And stars proclaim their song at night

The skies darken as the clouds roll in
Blocking out the light
Whips of lightning break the darkness
Flashes of angry light
Then the thunder rumbles
Like a rumbling that shakes the earth
The wind howls like a wounded animal
Leaves and dust fly through the air
The seaweed and petrels the sand
And the mud and the river’s end
The wind is silenced
The whips and gongs have ended
The blue starts to reappear

Then the gentle of
The sea-mother’s tongue
On the ocean’s evening
And the hum of song through
The shadow and the clouds scudding
Free through the water
A sudden storm in the deep
Miracles in motion
For the soul’s delight.
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