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A Moribund Destiny Full Album Lyrics

Valiant - A Moribund Destiny cover art

A Moribund Destiny

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > V > Valiant Lyrics (40) > A Moribund Destiny Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2017-04-16)
1. Over the Highest Summit (8:21)
Above the highest summit,
And beyond graying skies,
I gaze upon these lands,
With tempestuous eyes,
In my sight I see a bitter reflection,
Of a lively world once profound..

On the highest summit,
And below graying skies,
I rest upon my shadow,
With these tempestuous eyes, I see,
I see a lonesome bitter reflection,
Of a lively world once profound.
2. Autumn Darkening (7:19)
Far beyond dells - at dawn it dwells,
Murky thickets decay in silence,
From the mist immorality impends,
And in peril - the aura of autumn darkens.

A keen wind blustering onward the fragile forest,
The up-growths moribund, frozen and petrified,
Through autumn's total darkening.

Darker shade, bolstering it's way upward,
Through blackened sky, moribund,
Frozen and putrefied, from autumn's complete darkening.
3. Fury of the Wilds (6:24)
In glory, mountains rise,
With force and might,
Asunder, rivers cascade,
In the earth's lawful right.

In the fury of the wild, the wilds altered blight

In aura, the mystics rise,
With profound grace in sight,
Frozen, wintry waters,
Woodlands altered blight.
4. Last Rain (11:36)
An ominous gloom is in the air,
Darkened clouds to usher in despair,
No more shall the sky be seen,
A cold cold rain, in this moribund destiny.

The sound of the last rain, echoes on,

No light is there beyond the sky,
A frail world, in presence of the night,
As gentle rain falls, the time has come,
For the last rain has begun.

Echoing on, through long lost dreams,
Last rain, to fall upon these seams,
Echoing on, to the sound of the last rain.
5. Vestige of Emptiness (5:25)
A vision appears to guide our souls,
A civilization from below,
The sea rises and the sun's light fades,
In this naturistic calamity.

Our vestige of emptiness will guide us below,
The new prosperities we'll find beyond,
A vestige of emptiness of a dead world.

A connection to spiritual lands,
Our will to continue on,
Before we'll sail in this flood to find new hope,
In this vestige of emptiness we will find our inner realm.

Our vestige of emptiness will guide us below,
The new prosperities we'll find beyond,
A vestige of emptiness of a dead world.
6. Shattered Dreams (7:03)
There was an image of malevolence,
Etched in stone, long ago,
Before the storm, the creation of centuries old,
Tells of a time, of a nature worn,
Long ago, in a destiny that we now behold.

Like Shattered glass, these dreams,
Faded in time, an old memory.

When baleful winds blew through the storm,
Banished in silence, long ago,
Of what could have been, was told,
By the darkness of the sea, a final calamity,
Long ago, in a destiny we now behold
7. Majesty of the Inner Realm (6:46)
Onward from fire,
We sail to infinity,
Evading a barren empire,
A journey of prosperity,
We will find our destiny,
Within the inner realm down below.

A land of peace - we embrace,
The majesty of the inner realm,
A dark voyage beyond we will face.

Onward to the destiny,
To transcend our soul,
Escaping this calamity,
A never ending rain,
An endless generation,
Within the inner realm down below.
8. A Long Lost Voyage (10:36)
As the tides rise above my eyes,
I fix my eyes upon the skies,
Dark clouds pursue beyond my sail,
The winds thicken as I trail,
No sight of land, a far away strand,
As we begin to near the end,
My spirit begins to transcend,
Into the inner realm we go,
Prosperity and peace to find below.

Sail on, sail to infinity - forever at sea,
A long lost voyage to our destiny.

I meet the inner shoreline,
A clandestine new world,
Met with new life to breathe,
A realm protected underneath,
We live on to higher consciousness,
We abandon the doomed surface above,
The final prosperity, and the future is ours,
A moribund destiny had lead us here,
And this voyage for peace,
No longer the darkness to fear..

Sail on, sail to infinity - forever at sea,
A long lost voyage to our destiny.
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