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Devour the Sun Full Album Lyrics

VVilderness - Devour the Sun cover art

Devour the Sun

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPost-Black Metal
Album rating :  86.7 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-12-08)
1. Starless Dark (5:16)
2. Sól (6:08)
Deep is the well of the past
Where matter was born in pain

Came a sphere of fire
Maker of drought and rain

Could a thing withstand its nearness
Could a soul survive its blaze
Pay a price of fading eyesight
In euphoric gaze

Paints the skies
With fine aurora
The dormant earth

All alive
Crave for the shine

The warmth the drive
Of Muspelheim

Reflects in thousand fragments
Lost shadows in diffused light
Glows above a sheer animation
Eternally bright

Paint the sky
With fine aurora
And wake the earth
3. Devour The Sun (5:42)
Fountains, untold
Mountains, unseen

Crunches and turns the axis of time
An epoch of spring begins
The wetlands are fructified by
Intoxicating winds

Fathers, mothers
Await the fall
Sisters, brothers
The end of all

The fall of man
The end of all

Weeping, laughter
Everything fades
Whispers, thunder
Vanish in space

Radiant spheres, luminaries
Run out of fuel
Daylight, candles
All go obscure

And then the winter no one has seen
Aeons become things of the past
All die like embers in the northern wind
Frostflowers remain last

Crunches and turns the axis of time
A beast approaches to devour the sun
To gorge the barren soul of man
No more ages to come
4. Life (2:45)
5. New Earth (7:50)
Limbo of timelessness
With shimmering sparks
Swelling as the blind
Clock-maker works

Under a new firmament
The glow of a final dawn

As the earth emerges
From surfs of seas
A blooming creation
Grass scrubs and trees
Stretch to the sky to seize
The light

Diversity expands
In a cambrian explosion

Bushes of foliage
Maintain and hide
Networks of roots
Surround the hive
Of pollinators
Workers of life

Ecosystems of grandeur
And reckless existence
Committed to endure
With a great consistence

Earth measures to sky
Low touches the high
Mysteries turn science
In the steps of giants
6. Aftershine (10:26)
As last brown dwarfs turn cool
As billions of years pass
In freezing whirlpool
Of interstellar gas

Bounded by fear
Concealed in shade
All we held dear
Will slowly fade
To aftershine

As singularities
Consume all the mass
And capture the time
A frozen hourglass

Bounded by fear
Concealed in shade
All we held dear
Will slowly fade

Leave substance behind
Nothingness awaits
Particles declined
The real disintegrates

What a mute spacetime
Where souls prevail
Not a noise not a vibe
Unable to quail

To misread a sign
To remember the pain
By light defined
We all slowly fade
To aftershine
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