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Hjørungavågr Full Album Lyrics

Utstøtt - Hjørungavågr cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  86.3 / 100
Votes :  4
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-21)
1. Hjørungavåg (8:08)
Great ships sail through the waves
mighty oak upon cobalt tides
Warriors of Odin pray to Njordr
with spear and axe, prepared to die

Thunder roars
As ocean turns violent
Waves begin to crash
As first death tolls
Horns now sound
the battle has begun
Pagan's might vast
and strength untold

Death begins with blade against blade
Blood is spilt and oak is burned
Swords clash, drowned out by waves
Chants thunder over death this day

Blades may dull
Breaths be taken
Death will toll
Men forsaken

Waves may pass
And names forgotten
But Thor will stand
To honor the dead

Pagan lands
of fjords and mountains
by old tradition

Axes drawn
shields at the ready
Sail through the waves
prepared for death

Ships shall sink
and corpses with them
Ocean's wrath
Brought upon us

Lives will end
wrought with honor
For Aesir await
In the land of the slain

Halls of gold
and oak await us
horns of ale
and endless battle

Journey's end
shall be in asgard
Odin and Freya
protectors of men
2. Hagl Over Stekende Skip (6:27)
Great waves crash
against the charred ships
Drowning out the
screams of dying men
The sky grows black
As a tempest begins

Hail and snow
rain from above
The hailstorm
a sign of death

Njordr's wrath
has been wrought
as hail falls into
blazing ships

Icy waves
Engulf the flames
of men and oak
Endless searing pain

Death draws near
as a blaze upon the sea
Frost falls from high
as the end waits below
3. Skrotter Under Bølgene (7:19)
Life taken carelessly
And blades rend through bone
souls part from earthly binds
as corpses sink far below

Njordr claims the dead
cold ebon waves now changed blood red
Remains of men forever drowned
To the sea, their bodies now bound

Death's cold grasp soon shall near
brought forth by hatred's head reared
Men of both faiths now lay dead
adrift in the ever-violent sea
4. En Hedensk Død (8:20)
Bloodshed's end is near
Ebon waters still once more
Remains of ships and men bring fear
To those still fighting the endless war

A doomed man clings to life
felled by the blades of men
his death a product of christian strife
visions of death's embrace return again
5. Etterlivet (4:58)
6. Skjønnhet av Fólkvangr (11:24)
emerald towering pines
loom near the sky
forever bathed in sun

Forests coat the hills
forever thriving still
against the blade of time

rocky mountainscapes
a wall untouched by hate
solace from the end

rivers flow from far
unending and unscarred
by the hands of men

beauty unbounding
souls thrive after death
Nature surrounding
a great oaken hall

Safety from men's hate
haven from honor's fall
respite from wartime
bravery's gift to all

thundering cliffs arise
with the eagle's cries
place of pagan rest

Freya watches all
from her throne filled hall
Asgard's fallen fields

Elk roam through the plains
the heathen goddess reigns
watching over nordic men

Their battle ends in death
pagan souls' new breath
Folkvangr at last
7. Storsalen av Eik (11:08)
Oaken boughs
Adorn the hall
Room of thrones
Life's final home

Rest at last
from death's cold grasp
crackling flames
honor souls now passed

Aging pillars
of pine and oak
stand undaunted
By hands of time
8. Klippene Over og Skogen Under (4:18)
9. Uskadd ved Menneskeheten (8:09)
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