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Goatgod Full Album Lyrics

Uterus - Goatgod cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2015-10-01)
1. Winter Hell (5:02)
Total cold, total darkness
Dawn of unholy force came
Destruction will come after a black goat
Death, blood, vomit is winter hell

I need destroty this fucking world
To sow a sin, chaos and death
I hate your christian life
My life it's winter hell

I am a heretic
I that, who is higher than law of god
The power of winter snow-storm in my hands
I am perverted by Satan

There is the print of sin on Me
There am I in the black-list of god
Because I damned all humanity
And submerged in Winter hell
2. Goatgod (4:15)
Screaming christian slut
She is dislikes this fucking goat
But a goat likes to fuck the christian cunts
Hails to sodomy!!!

You is the dirty slut,
do you dislike?
Enormous penis tearing cunt
And effuse blood.
You will be raped by Goatgod
Your entrails will be poisoned by His seed
It is not necessary to cry
Just enjoy!!!

He is a fucking Goatgod,
Do not wait mercy from Him.
It will enjoy you in full
And you going to hell!
Hails to sodomy!!!
A big cock penetrates is deep
Deeper in a bleeding cunt
Today your best sex
in your pitiful life.
Hail Goatgod!!!
You will be raped by Goatgod
Your entrails will be poisoned by His seed
It is not necessary to cry
Just enjoy!!!
3. Selfdestruction for Satan (2:58)
I opened the gates of hell
I see the pure madness
I dedicate my death
To my father to SATAN!!!

My veins are opened
My death for Satan
I damn this world
Let's go to hell!!!
4. 666 Cumshots on the Face of God (3:56)
So many icons
So many mouths
I touch my penis
And quickly cum

The virgin Maria
smiles to Me
She likes taste
of my cum

I'm masturbated
In ecstasy of hell
I am the devil
5. The Black Triumph (3:31)
In the name the Satan
I walk by this land
I hanker after perversions
Give Me a bloody cunt!!!

A father Satan
lives in my heart
I carry out its will
on earth
A goat sees my businesses
My life it is contribution to the black art

Cemetery fog it is my air
A dead flesh is my food
In shade of horns is hidden evil
Death of your god is near

Your church is the banquet of lie
Your sainted fathers are fucked children
Shut up your mouth
And admire before an antihumane cult
6. Anti-human Cult (3:24)
Unholy night
Face of goat in fog
Look in eyes of sin
And die in its honour

The night of black triumph!!!
Suck SATANS cock and fucking DIE!!!

The night of black triumph!!!
Night of the global sodomize
Let's make a great comshot
on the dead body of nun

The night of necrocult
Cut off the penis and eat it
Let's be fucked and be vomited
Hell will be here and now
7. March of the Living Dead (4:48)
Smell of rotten flesh
Unhurried steps
Death and pain was brought down on a herd
Adopt the gift of Satan!!!

When in hell will be no place
The dead will come on earth

The massengers of SATAN
Walk on this holy ground
From sin to pain
Humanity will join hell

Look at its army
Over them not to win
After the horned commander
They boldly go in a fight
8. Terrorist (Nattefrost cover) (2:52)
9. Prepare to Death (2:49)
10. The End of All (6:54)
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