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Unholy Medieval Congregation Full Album Lyrics

Uruk-Hai - Unholy Medieval Congregation cover art

Unholy Medieval Congregation

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresRaw Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-03)
1. Under the Embrace of the Black Plague (5:29)
Damned souls walk through the nights, in departeds’ time In a macabre funeral procession, expiating life’s sins. Under the old ruined abbey rituals of blood and blaspheme. Invoked the dark powers of eternal blackness. And in the black storm cloud dark sky. The fourth seal is opened. Rides a horseman with sword in hand, on yellow steed. Awakening before him grief and pain. Black winds strike with unjustice wrath. In a danse macabre of pain and suffering. The black plague whips the world. And dead men souls soar towards the graveyards. In legions of bizarre ghostly sight. Infernal Meliades spirits inhabitants of cursed places. Desecrate the putrid bodies of corpses. Devouring unclean flesh under the dark veil of night. Spreading sin among the pure lambs of god.
2. My Sword for the Shadow Throne (4:34)
Funereal winds of hate ship the black night. From the hells, The wrath of darkness turns loose in rivers of death that cover the earth And the trumpets of Apocalypse sound in a heaven defiled by demons. Monarchs of the old kingdoms of bigotry. Barbaric gods of pre-christian lands Honored with blood sacrifices in impious sacred ceremonies under tall trees Invoked are the ancestral names of the devilish trinity And the black druids of utter darkness abhor of Christian faith Embracing the old cults of his ancestors Endovelic rises from the hells in sulphurous stench Under the he goat’s hooves the gates to the forbidden kingdom open. And the throne of sin wakes the wail of the damned souls. Swords are defiled with runic symbols praising the wolf. Devoted to the kingdom of Hephaistos and baptised in blood. In the night in which bonfires summon god unclean. Keeper of the secret enigma of the fire’s flame We consecrate our souls to the shadow of the black throne
3. Unholy Medieval Congregation (3:54)
Dark sky of Castle, where witches fly to their sabbath Under the black night breaking the moon’s silhouette. Hidden in profane damned forests Satyrs gather, as unholy court from hell to the darkness assembly And awake from graveyards corpse-ravenous ghouls In danse macabre besides the Eriades walk by the crossroads the deceased’s souls dead in sin, with candelabra in search for the live ones herald death before them winter’s shadows cover the cold winds swept mountains And darkness comes to the walls of old castles Magical and mysterious kingdoms tyranny and of pain Under stone basements, dungeons talk with morbid visions About rituals of blood, blaspheme and death in gloomy torture racks Shadows of mortals walk now beside demons Towards the core of some deep forest. Far away from God’s eyes, whereas
4. The Dark Veil of the Winter Forest (3:51)
Under the dark veil of winter forests, Shadows dance in communion with cold winds And the devilish conspiracy is awaken in desolate snow-covered landscapes Under the gaze of immortal white and everlasting mountains Millenary trees immortal titans embrace the winter, icy and ruthless Walks my soul through the lost path of sin Afloat, banished from lands of light And visions of lugubrious kingdoms befuddle my eyes blinded by darkness Embracing the silence in magical rituals beneath the light of the frozen moon The holy body is desecrated, and from the chalice of hate my spirit drinks In a black communion under the winter forests Far away a blaze lightens the valleys Where the vastness of void suffocates breath And the black soul is possessed by the mystic winter vision Conquering the life of mountains in the depth of night
5. Interludio (0:45)
6. The Return of the Pagan Fullmoon (3:22)
Walking alone under tall immortal trees, through forest subdued to shadows that open their arms to the forsaken one. The black soul invokes night seeking revenge. Through desolate valleys in perpetual silence, the voice of Eriades comes through the nocturnal wind with a message of death. Megea deviless of vengeance, Alceto and Tisiphone are invoked under the winter fullmoon the white hand, monarch of nocturnal sky makes her way breaking with pale dim light and the chalice of blood is dark over a pentagram carved in the land.
Listen to the dryads in the forest, intonating the chant of victory over death. Of those who walk the path of eternity. Over the sea of suffering and pain. Being one with the heart of the beast. Winter opens hands to the ritual of human flesh in profane orgy of death. The dethroned gods are awaken from blasphemies. With the return of the pagan fullmoon.
7. Knights of the Castle of the Black Sun (3:45)
8. Filosofia Oculta (4:36)
Horned master of endless times, embrace the dark disciplines, My blood falls in dark rituals over the secret grimories. And with blood I also write the spells of the new power I’m black wizard that returns with the eternal knowledge. An old deep forest the hidden spirit calls me with icy winds. Now I master the secrets of the forbidden alchemy Where the days are black and dark. A kiss the human skull in profane rituals. And write my covenant with the forgotten forces of the forbidden light. Getting the power from the White Hell Now I am one with the sacred energies that escape to human control. Dark grimoires full alchemic sorceries open their pages. I can see the forbidden words. Now I know the secret name of Satan. Under the image of pious savour. At the forest’s shadow, under the trees’ shadow My blood falls again on honor pactum. A big pentagram is painted with the thousand names of infernal hordes. Under the throne of Reltih the sacred angel of a new orde We open the pages to the new dark faith The new occult philosophy
9. The White Order of Lucifer (4:16)
Infernal regions of chaos where the angels of light living in peace and order. And where the rivers full of blood are blessed by the human suffering, In deep of sacred night a thousand monk soldiers call your names. Demons of law with double rope banners. Now the new solar order is arising from the heart of white hell. Angel master of eternal knowledge, Angel master of heaven rebellion. Father of all white knights horned in hyperborean lands where your crown was fall, your crown will be forged again. Now your new throne is rising to rule this world with rootless intolerance. In the eternal throne of white master. Thousand knights awaiting your new Kingdom.
10. Night of the Templars (Outro) (2:25)
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