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The Burning Full Album Lyrics

Urn - The Burning cover art

The Burning

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  100 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-09-04)
1. Resurrection (1:27)
2. Celestial Light (4:58)
Wolves of the night in luminous starlight
They bath in blood and howls to moon
Star of law with a crystal crown
It's a golden dawn for a world to come
..for a world to come..
Prayers of heaven torn from their dreams
Under red dawn demons rode
To be swallowed like sons of Kronos
The earth and sky.. will disappear
Celestial light
Shemhamforash dominion in spirit world
Shemhamforash domination cosmic chaos
Celestial light
Rise, rising from the astral lair
Rise, rising in a tombs you pray
Rise, rising words won't save
Rise, rising shemhamforash rise
Celestial light!
3. Hail the King (3:36)
Believe me sinners
Only the devil laughs
..On your last breath
There are no winners
Gamblers oozing confidence
..So fight 'till death
Forever for all time
Stand together we are one
Die in fire bring the action
Lord eternal burns for evermore
Hail the king
Live your days
Hail the kings
Like it will
Hail the king
Be the last
Hail the king
Oh, it's too fast
Worms are crawling
Divines are falling
..Down from the heavens
Born for burning
Soon enough you die
..Rise up bloody heathens
4. Morbid Black Sorrow (5:13)
Morbid black sorrow!
Can you smell a fear of cowards
Or cleanse in poison shower
Can you see the sun or moon
Or march to mankind's doom
Can you hear a voice of life
Or live on the edge of knife
There is no things for you to see
Only the pain is what you feel
On the wings of black mourning
Death shall arise to lay you to rest
On the wings of black mourning
Fly.. fly through the gates
Fly.. fly.. fly with your wings through the gates
Fly.. fly.. fly with your wings morbid black sorrow
Morbid black sorrow!
5. Sons of the Northern Star (4:17)
We hail again
Kingdom of thousand mights
And raise hell
In the dead of the night
Sons of the northern star
Awared of mankind's doom
Sons of the northern star
At dawn we curse the fools
Wake up stand up and fight
Pray for war and march to die
Rise up my brothers of night
Raise hell with a sinners might
We are the ones stand as brothers
We are wolves among sheep
Sons of the northern star
Sons of the devil rise again
Nature of evil shall prevail
Stars shine for us
It's a call to arms
We are immortal
Fire in our hearts
Sons of the northern star
Children of the night
Sons of the northern star
We serve this might
6. Nocturnal Demons (4:04)
Burning of days.. endless ways
Evil prevails in call of the night
Horrid echoes in a sight..
See you in hell.. wherever you dwell
Isolation and sorrow..
Leaves your soul dark and cold
Voices are calling through the mist
Harsh, loud.. endless echoes in the night
Cannot fight against their might
Welcome! These realms of endless skies
Nocturnal demons
Never rest in peace
Raise your chalice.. drink it up again
Unleash the fury and shout it out loud
Whiskey.. metal.. hell
New day is all I need
7. Wolves of Radiation (4:36)
Sun fades away so does the day
Moon rise again to guide their way
Voices are calling inside of me
I am crawling out of my grave
We will be among them.. covered in blood
We will hunt as one.. in a poisoned shower
Wolves of radiation
Wolves are awake to hunt in the night
Feast with flesh and please their needs
Radiation so deep makes living creep
Poisoned blood will set their nature free
Wolves of radiation
Hunting without destination
Never pray for a salvation
Victims of persecution
8. All Will End in Fire (4:18)
Blessed be the sacred fires
Flames of damnation devil's sire
Torch of hatred burning bright
World collapse in eternal night
Rotten policy rules this nonsense
And these lands of end in sight
We are the lords of endless skies
Wolves of burning might
All shall burn.. all shall burn.. no return
All will end in fire.. Hail!
Razor thunder demon claw
Blood & iron are the shining star
Pierced by nuclear swords
Fenriz eats half moon
Flows of filth scum of the earth
Shall be cleansed in a fire's birth
We are the lords of endless skies
Wolves of burning might
All will end in fire..
9. Falling Paradise (3:23)
Vulcanos blow fire
Hear a wind of your sire
Anticosmic warfare
Under this fiery doom
On the wings of demons
Into burning paradise
Sacrifice your life
For a higher mights
..In these warriors eyes
I'll feast in paradise
With these thoughts I rise
But I'll fall from paradise
Falling.. falling
Falling paradise
..And the last sunrise
Falling paradise
..From there I shall arise
10. The Burning (4:35)
Wicked lifeless hours, days and years
True horrors of countless fears
Travelled ages to meet you at this night
Princess of the darkest shining light
You will never to be rest in peace
That is what is meant to be..
Burning.. the burning!
Thus life should not be
Embraced by hope
It's an effortless choice
For a rope
I fall into darkness to find my light
On this night again I'll be watching you
Burning.. the burning!
What I feel I also see
And what I see is all in me
Torment me by your fire
I will burn for your desire
Burning.. the burning!
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