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The Graven Sign Full Album Lyrics

Urgrund - The Graven Sign cover art

The Graven Sign

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-04-17)
1. Eorðscræft - A Reckoning (1:26)
2. Crusaders & Destroyers (3:09)
With mantles in numbers By the hills, through waterways To conquer. To conquer with power Crushing the boundaries of foreign tribes Shielded by strength of will, the will to slaughter For blood, wealth and religion Barbarism, tyranny Crusaders & destroyers Strike! The final blow I shall kill your ways in ascending rage To rove in quest for plunder To attack with heathen force To conquer. Bodies impaled on stakes "Remember it well then; this night, This great victory!" For blood, wealth & religion Barbarism, tyranny
3. Scourge (Of God) (4:19)
As we bear witness to the signs of the End Age the blood quickens in our veins; Know ferocity and bloodlust of times now long dead, in time's ultimate hours know the Scourge of God Revealed to us is the birth of a new age, when we'll stand as giants among men When we've fallen our pyre will engulf the world (burn) Scourge of God The lone tyrant O, Scourge of God Soul of a demon, eyes of the serpent Until that day envenomed treachery takes him back, heads on pikes shall reign as our banner With new legions of apocalypse thundering in his wake, Atli, I said raze the fucking globe Scourge of God Scourge of life Bane of all they hold sacred Scourge of civilisation In the half light you might See the horns at his temples; in the fray or melee they're very clearly there
4. Black Death (3:58)
O Lord, deliver us... One million satanic beasts Ravage from the east Killer of civilisations Feudal and village desecration Rattusrattus, Black Death Rattusrattus, the Devil's grin Rattusrattus, Black Death Rattusrattus, the Devil's bite Vigorous infected bearer Pestilence and death From North to South Decline the branches of life Rattusrattus, Black Death Rattusrattus, the Devil's grin Rattusrattus, Black Death Rattusrattus, The Devil's bite The swarm, and the fall Hundred thousand graves By the wrath of God Parasite of darkness Suffer, the bubonic plague Rattusrattus, last breath Rattusrattus, cursed soil Rattusrattus, Black Death Rattusrattus, the Devil's bite
5. War Elite (4:22)
Fire, walk with me, Death, I summon thee A call to war, cold as stone, bare as bone Bloodsoaked armour and mail The superior instinct of man Armies raise your weapons for the quest, destruction and land Enslave the peasants, War glorious war Blood spilled by me Feeble's what you'll be Sympathy not rewarded, to the fucking patriotic fleet I am war elite, For I am war elite Enslave the peasants, War, glorious war So, gather around, you are nothing of worth Make way for the kings Ha, watching you lie in dirt
6. Besieged Cities (4:04)
7. Oskereien / Wildes Hunt (2:58)
I am the night…The cries in mysterious depths
The call of death…Ride

I am wolf…The blood on my teeth
The eyes of the beast…Ride

I am bear…For I am rage
See the fire burn in my eyes

I am warrior
I paint with your blood
I weild cold steel

Wildes hunt…(jagd)

Embrace my strength
I am hunter

8. On Stones Marked Black (4:38)
9. Heathen Dionysian (3:27)
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