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Aurum | Full Album Lyrics

Urarv - Aurum cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAvant-garde Black Metal
LabelsSvart Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-10-15)
1. Forvitringstid (5:33)
I en grotte, kledd i sort
Visket vekk og ønsket bort
Fra en tåre, hard som stein
Viser her kun skinn og bein

Bor vi nå i tankens drakt
Alt er gjort og alt er sagt
Næringsløs i giftig feber
Viljen blør og kroppen strever

Utskutt yngel under fanen
Hvor er veien, hvor er banen
Innesluttet lys som slukner
Se min død i det jeg drukner

Kvalt av skam og lysets stråler
Livet levd på sorgens nåler
Knekt av frykt og skyldens måne
Se meg falle, se meg gråne

Forvitringstid i åndens fest
Lukter vondt og smaker pest
Revet vekk i troløs form
Døden kledd som åndens orm

Livløs ætt i trofast følge
Skylt mot land av hevnens bølge
Dydløs ære fylt med jammer
Spikret fast med hatets hammer

Gi meg lit til det som står
Alt som er, og det som sår
Gudens nektar under havet
Leg mitt sår; den største gave
2. Ancient DNA (5:23)
Conclusive in my external alert
when I see them all commit self-indulgence
and I roar at the altar of pre-religion
where honesty stands sublime

My awe to the animal icon
the perfectional prelude
activating permanent instincts
baptized in senses to adore life

In direct opposite mindfulness
we suffer the lies of our world
a brainwashing fever, infecting all cells
your truths are poison, your love is death

Irrational calculated injury
in a narrow minded view to see
who states conclusions
when everything is based on magic

Cool and crazy when your light dies
Meditating in a black magic trance
energy drained in raw models of ancient ways
gone ludicrous in a fool’s kingdom

A malignant imagery, not right and ill fitted
hard to bend when asked to lead the way
without being questioned and pierced
with arrows of intelligence
but easily broken when stripped of its cover
3. The Retortion (5:36)
So, do you dare
enter places forgotten
Where angels hold hands
and devils fall out

And do you fear
All the races begotten
Where devils hold hands
and angels fall out

Draw a line
come home now
You’re deeply missed
by every single choice

Where colours turned black
and winter lasted a lifetime
Refueled, charged and raw
At this instant mark.....tune in

Get undressed, unveil the snake
Grow a beard and new habits
Lift me up where all is known
Whatever comes along

Come on, get inside
Feel the warmth of mobile love
Take your place, smashed face
Titanic forces revealed
4. Broken Wand (7:28)
Into ceremonial Hell I go
Never ending pain
Compulsions succeed compulsions
And comes again with new faces

No peace in this world
Though I swing my magic wand

To save myself from disaster
Molecular harvest testing all
Pushing my limits of sanity
I have moved beyond
Where there is no rest for
the wicked mind
And the more I seek truth
The more distant I become

No love without hate
And no hate without faith
In this communion, I seek shelter
And fetch a hint of wisdom

Given the power to lose myself
To what I perceive as divine
A spectral reflection of the inside

A drop of venom in the snake-nest

I love to love
But also love to hate
The ecstasy of devastation
With its phantomatic adrenalin
A tempest made for godliness to know
Who I am and what I am dying for

Rushing through my soul
Makes pain go away
5. Guru (4:41)
Look into my eyes
They tell no lies
I need some connection
Some infamous degradation

Tuning inwards, looking sharp
Keeping up a steady line
Staring into a spiral gateway
In violet light, eternity opens

I sink into the eye of the night
A magic trapped in the dark
The subtleties of fear
Come and die for me, bleed me a prayer

When I turn to face the mirror
And see a demon clown
Smiling, weeping, burning
Fear me not
I’m the idol in your mind

The serpent in your bones
Find me, hold me, rescue me

Come and live for me
Bleed me a prayer
6. Valens Tempel (8:26)
Det var en gang en lang trang gang
Som rommet tusen dører
Med en sirkel som blinket
Nøklene til Valens Tempel

I hordens hall, hvor blodet fryser
I leken som innfrir
Hvor veien splittes og leder
Videre mot lyset hvor vi deler
Bevissthetens fødsel
Og i mørket vi kneler

Dyptfølende, levende menneskeskrap
Med utestengt nerve
I vemmelsens ytterpunkt
Hvor døde føtter tramper tungt
I underbevissthet, evig ungt
7. Fancy Daggers (2:47)
Listen, do you hear me now
singing in your mind?
Feel my screams that chills this night
over land and river
Come and break an oath with me
the one that makes you laugh
With fancy daggers carving names
upon your mental wall

I sold my world for its and bits
Ready to declair
War upon this throne of man
Wicked woman, wicked man

Wicked man, wicker man, wicker man, wicker man...
give me peace
Wicked woman, wicker woman, wicker woman, wicker woman...
give me love

Listen, do you see me now
dancing in your goal?
Sense my demons call on you
whenever you enjoy life
Because of someones slow decay
when you wish for something great
with feathers and a face
that tells of truth
8. Red Circle (9:06)
I come from a land of siren voices
Believed to be the prototype of Pan
Where only the dead wear masks
Through the light of your eyes I can see
Why starvation and loneliness
Makes up for the grotesqury here
Where the monkeylike monsters
Chews on our nerves
As well as beastly conjunctions
Sews together diagnosis
Too horrid to comprehend

In my heart I bury your soul
As there’s no one left to trust
In outstanding adaptive abilities
I breathe your transformation through gills

Neglected in a wishful beat
This muscle hammers on relentlessly
Over there by the fences place
Waiting for us to join the great escape

With blue ships off into the horizon
We sail the sea of history
As demons from the deep unfold
And fake predators shows their teeth
The ghosts of indian slayers
Bleeding cowboys with lost dignity
.....paying for their sins
That left me begging for mercy
In this closed up world
Where the ego is a demigod
Greater than any spirit

Humanity’s insane
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