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The New Chapter Full Album Lyrics

Unreal Terror - The New Chapter cover art

The New Chapter

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-10-15)
1. Ordinary King (4:37)
Chasing down the nothing
Social state of mind
Keyboard warriors ranting
Hidden by a screen

Still I'm holding
To the little sense that's left
Still it's tempting
To let go of my demands

Cyber-void around me, viral idocy
Evil that lurks from the CLoud
Self-worth built on "likes"

Still I'm holding
To the little sense that's left
Still it's tempting
To let go of my defence

I'm an ordinary king
Of an ordinary reign
Over ordinary people
In an ordinary time

2. Time Bomb (3:50)
Conspiration plots the future
Obliterates your mind
Repercussions like a fallout
Disintegrate your life

living on the edge of borrowed time
Catching your last breath like it's a crime

You're a ticking time bomb
Never looking back
You're resolving all your issues
With a broken smile

Contradictions in your timeline
Won't undermine your faith
Your cold prison's paranoia
You feel you've lost control


Retribution in its due time
One they will not forget
Fact or fiction, such a thin line
You read between the lies

3. All This Time (3:33)
The time has come for losses
When a shadow took the reign
The evil seed that crosses
All the boundaries of our age
Lonely and far away, I'm on the run

The offspring came to bring his deadly gift
Crying in the rain
All the lies before my eyes
Have withered all the same

Lonely and far away,
I have been looking for revenge
All this time, all this time...

The ancestry has risen
From the darkest seal of blood
A whisper of dissent and your head
Will roll down in the mud


The Darkness will be challenged
My revenge about to come
When they will face my rage,
they'll know their fate is sealed and done

4. Fall (5:26)
Under crimson skies
And by the rhythm of the night
I can now see clearly sometimes
What I am, what I've become

When I fall and then fade away
In a rainbow light, rainbow night
When I fall to feel I'm alive, catch me!

Well, my life's in troubled waters
Where I seem so blind
When I'm trapped
Inside my wonderment
And the world outside my ring

Fall out of time
Will the day bring a sign?
Coming undone
Will the rain bring us down?

All my questions lie unanswered
Specs of dust in time
Is there wisdom found in silence
Or just lessons I forgot?

5. The Thread (5:36)
I follow down the river
And watch the morning rise
When the wind and rain are calling
To summon my demise
The time has come to challenge
The heinous wicked beast
The vicious Bull of Minos
Before another bloody feast

She will be my eyes and my sword
Will be remembered
In the darkness of the maze
Where the creature now awaits
And the freedom lies
Where shadows break
When Minotaur will meet my blade
I'll free the world from pain and cries
The dawn of a new start

Wait to define what is real
And wait Ariadne, my reason to live
'Cause faith now is hung by a thread

You will be my eyes and my sword...

Your golden yarn will guide me
To came back to sunlight
When the darkness will surround me
Like the blackest winter night

Seven will be falling
Seven virgins sacrificed
If I don't stop the demon
They'll pay in blood a deadly price

6. One More Chance (3:52)
Once you find out the world
Is the blind leading the blind
Once you discover what it's like
You are out of place, there's no direction
No way out, Crawling away, no way to hide

Running out of time, break out of the circle
Looking for a sign, still no clue, no reply

Finding your voice in a world
That has lost its very sound
Finding the spec of soul you got
You are out of place, there's no direction
No way out, Crawling away, no way to hide

One more chance, another story to remember
How will time heal the pain you feel?


Walking across the deserts of the human life
Turn it to gold if you really try
You are out of place, there's no direction
No way out, Crawling away, no way to hide

7. Trickles of Time (4:52)
Some will take advantage
Some will offer promised lands
Some will hold you tight pretending
They will be your saving hands
Life seems now suspended
Stretching on a bridge of lies
I am feeling lost and stranded
As I leave it all behind

Time will tell me, life will scar me
What is the sense
As we wander in trickles of time?

Some will just surrender
Some will just give up their pride
Some will take you heart still tender
And will tear it all apart
Cold their touch and empty
All the words lost in their spells
Seeking for familiar faces
Finding only empty shells


Some will leave you empty
Some will sell themselves for fame
Some will try to change your spirit
Dishing out their dirty game
The siren's song will charm you
Blending laughter, tears and cries
Lift their spell and you'll discover
Only darkness in their eyes

8. It's the Shadow (3:29)
I've been down before this cold
And lonely path
Walking through the lies surrounding
Looking for a sign

It's the shadow dividing light from dark
It's the whisper of cosmic souls
It's deception colliding,
It's a bed of roses
Awake and fast asleep again

I've been chasing glimpses
Of a truer life
Trying to become more empty
Quiet from inside


I've been dancing
To the rhythm of the sun
Welcomed by a deafening silence
Voiced by timeless sounds

9. Lost Cause (4:26)
Watch out
I'll teach you the meaning of pain
I'm drawn to danger
Like a moths to a flame
Don't need a reason
When life is a prison for you

It runs in my blood
I got one foot in the grave
I'm the lost cause
I'm the one you can't save
Don't need a reason
When life is a treason to you

Like a sacred fire
Heals the night and brings they day
From what they hear and what I say
Spare me your excuses
All the words you are going t preach
My wounds won't make me wiser
your defence I'm gonna breach

Born on a bad sign, got blood on my hands
A loaded gun with no use for regrets
Don't need a reason
When life is a prison for you

10. Western Skies (3:54)
Western skies lead your way down to Kansas
Runaway with a Colt as a friend
Eagle eye, never missed, a deadly marksman
Bringing peace with a gun in your hand

Wild Bill, your name is legend, the bullets
Ripping through the air, with deadly sound

First to draw, quick to shoot, last man standing
Running Abilene with your brand of law


One last shot
Dead man's hand for the gambler
Down in Deadwood it's your time to die

Don't cross a man who killed a bear
With his own hands
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