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Defy the Skies | Full Album Lyrics

Unleash the Archers - Defy the Skies cover art

Defy the Skies

GenresPower Metal
LabelsSTM Records
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-20)
1. The Path Unsought (5:00)
He can not eat, he can not sleep, he can not see that death is coming, I know there’s nothing more I can do
In fits and dreams he speaks to me, he says these things beyond belief; I can not take his words as truth

He comes to say his piece...

I know he’s travelled so far to find me in this landscape, perilous and full of unknown treachery
And now he’s giving his life to tell me things I can’t face, how could I betray his utter trust in me?

And with his final breath he, imparts his vital prophecy…
Carry on for your generation, you are the one to guide them all
Don’t delay, your time has come, lead the way into a brighter dawn

I must prepare for the path before me, ever daunting, indemnify for my naiveté
And I can no longer hide away pretending nothing, when the world is ending right in front of me


And to bring honour to his soul, I will accept this righteous role
This nameless prophet that could see, that which resides inside of me

Deep inside, I reconcile my fear
Sustain my sickening apathy for good
For the worthiest of men, but a promise escapes me
Wicked blood will run
2. Upon Ashen Wings (5:11)
This night my son, keep your eyes to the sky, against the black see their shadows for miles
They come with vengeance and hate in their hearts, it’s time, they fly, prepare
There’s no escape when they take to the air

So come on over, to the other side, where it is colder

Hear tell of these wingless angels flight, escaping through the night
Racing over silent mountain sentries, soaring for their lives

They’ve chosen their side there is no going back, and Heaven’s gates they are closing for good
So when they fight they will fight to the end, it’s time, unite, defend
And they’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with men

So come on over, to the other side, where you are stronger


Cast out and betrayed for fighting against His terror, broken by the pain but rising again and again
3. Soulstorm (2:51)
There is a storm coming, I can feel it in my soul, watching the sky go dark as thunder speaks to me
Menacing clouds approaching, they will wrap us in the cold, tempest rising

Electrify! Lightning spans the corners of my mind, abandon all control; release the power
Electrify! Arcing through my fingers, sparks will fly, overloaded it’s my final hour

There is no time for running, feel the static in the air, I can’t delay the charge it’s growing constantly
Try to escape, I’ll find you, I am here and everywhere, tension building


Crushed and contorted, no more a human heart
If I embrace electric destiny, always an internal hurricane


Surging with the force, I can feel it, I’ll electrify!
4. Arise (4:56)
I can’t shake this heavy burden, as we pass the mountains deep in foreign land
I am traveling with the legions, of a power that would seek to conquer man
And I must admit the lie, I’ve been keeping this whole time, I should fight for the other side
So with all my strength and pride I stand up and I cry

Arise and follow your heart again, all souls in one are intertwined
Brothers in arms we will meet the end, and find the light beyond this life

Wander the fields again, as we’ve done in ages past
Life was so simple then, we must push on, we can’t look back

There’s no time for hesitation, come and join me now, there’s glory to be had
We’re protectors of the innocent, we must break the bonds of villainous command
And if they dare stand in our way, they will feel our wrath this day, there’s no stopping victory
So with heart and dignity we’ll stand up and we’ll say


The wars of yesterday, we can not let them fade with time
We must learn from our mistakes, remember well the sacrifice

Follow the path of righteousness, honour in death; the ultimate
Repudiate your selfish ways, enlightenment, is in your hands
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