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The Unearthly | Full Album Lyrics

Unearthly - The Unearthly cover art

The Unearthly

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
LabelsShinigami Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-02)
1. The Sin Offering
Sacrifice upon altars
Evoking images
Horns, blood spill, murder acts
Diabolic rituals to Jehovah

Cut throat

This is my excuse for my sins
To redeem my faults
I have to kill some innocent life
Blessed lie, blackened pulse
The sin offering for the world
This purification proffering
With empty words

Assassin on my conscious
Redeemed by the sacrifice
From the servants of god
As above so below
Seeing what I see
Living what I live
I just can say
All gods are dead

Seven times – Infidel as I
Seven crosses – Fail as I
Seven sacrifices – Human as
2. The Confidence of Faith
Look in my eyes, tell me what do you see?
A martyrdom, blood and misery
My kingdom was built with fire
Vaporized oceans blistered by praise
I’m the light of revolution
Inside your mind
The “writ of execution”

Corrode and regenerate from deep inside
Silence inspires my despair
My wisdom was made by the pain that I felt
To all my enemies, stand up to claim my victory

Tortured spirit
Tormented consciousness
Reborn like a metastasis
I breach the sign of god
This is regeneration

I breach the sign of god
Icons fall at my feet
I breach the sign of god
This is regeneration
I breach the sign of god
Icons fall at my feet

I will not get down
On my knees to religion
The worst of men’s creations
Voices callin’, voices cryin’
Some are born, some are dyin’
Rebellion against Christ
It’s my confidence of faith
3. Eshu
O caminho se encontra na encruzilhada d’alma
Iluminado pela divindade, ardente como brasa
Portador do ogó, do falo e do tridente
Senhor da obrigação e da magia regente

O bem e o mal são faces da mesma moeda
Executor da lei divina, lhe prepara pra guerra

O que está mais próximo de você
É exatamente aquilo que você menos conhece
Laroyê Exu

Abrem e fecham as portas
De pé assistem enquanto o mundo padece
Laroyê Exu

O que pensa, o que escuta
O que planeja, o que executa
Laroyê Exu, Laroyê Exu

Exu que tem duas cabeças
Ele faz sua vida com fé
Uma é satanás no inferno
A outra é Jesus Nazaré

Exu que tem duas cabeças
Ele faz sua gira com fé
Uma é satanás no inferno
A outra bastardo de Nazaré

A veia que corre entre o mundano e o plano astral
É vibração ordenando o caos primordial
O Sacrifício emoldura o seu portal
Sua justiça é seu poder vital
4. The Unearthly
One by one servants will die by my hand
Tyranny craved in a heart
Devilish desire, sublime sepulchral
Eerie mercenary, ethereal sanctity

Infernal dynasty
Obsidian soldiers
Dawn of disorder
Whipped father

Corpus Christ feast
Corpus Domini

Corpus Christ feast
Hallowed be thy hate

No god will ever enslave us

I give you my absolution
Convicted to dry thirst
Communion in black
The Unearthly
5. Agens Mortis
Agens mortis, Maria sanguis
Agens agnum mortis annuntiat

Made by flesh and bones
Resting in pain
Lay down with your sins
When you look into an abyss
The abyss looks into you

Deeper goes your scream
Convicted, damned
Branded by grief
Delight to be thief
Convicted, damned
Branded by grief

Agens mortis, Maria sanguis
Agens agnum mortis annuntiat
Agens mortis, Maria sanguis
Agens agnum mortis annuntiat

Oh, bloody Mary
For those who truly suffered
Nevertheless time has come

Oh, bloody Mary
Maria sanguis annuntiat

This is my body, which is for you
Do this in remembrance of me
This cup is the new covenant in my blood
Do this, whenever you drink it,
in remembrance of me
Do this
6. Chant from the Unearthly Rites
7. Where the Sky Bleeds in Red
I sacrifice my body
I shall not quit the fight
Here is where
The sky is bleeding red

I shall not quit the fight
This has no end
Burn this land
The sky is bleeding red

Slaves sing their choir
While the messiah screams
Claiming to be the newborn redeemer
In his name a war was declared
Our Earth is plowed
In tears, blood and sweat

Can’t you tell?
Civilisation from barbarism
Can you tell?
The deserter from God
Can’t you tell?
For the suit they wear is the same
Can you tell?
For rapture in ecstasy I pray
Knowing no saint will come to our aid
Our souls eulogy won’t save

Your false prophets can’t face us
Rise and fall, marching for our lives
I watch it all fading away
8. The Dove and the Crow
Rising from the shadows comes the Crow
Open your wings, son of the night
From the darkness comes your light

Plague spreader your grace
Doesn’t belong to me
Plague angel be taken on your cross

Signs of love and hate
Black and white spirits
Almighty gods, magic birds
The Dove and the Crow

Avis alba morienda
Affer spiritum nigrum
The Dove and the Crow
Avis alba morienda est
Lux mea obumbrata
The Dove and the Crow

Alive in human poetry
Personation of good and mean
The Raven is the bell of insurrection
The Raven hits hard the cattle drum
9. From Womb to Reborn
Bred from entrails
Seeded by vermin
Corrodes from inside
Like a piercing nail

‘Mountains are dead stone
Their insolent quietness
Mountains are not softened or troubled
A few dead men’s thoughts have the same temper’

Now the truth becomes clear
My hate holds on my fears
The rebirth of mankind
Beyond your death

Grows fast like a disease
The human error formula
From womb to reborn

‘Death’s a fierce meadowlark
To die, nothing but flesh and bones
To die, weakness shed’

The symmetry of zero
The human matrix
From womb to be reborn
10. The Fire of Creation
Burn inside my soul
I’ve gone consumed
I’ve gone corrupted
Uncreation’s ghost
This spark will light my flames
Flowing inside me
Let the blood spill

The dynamic universe turns around
That was called Holy ‘fucking’ Trinity
The myth of the third character
The rhythm of life

Abiogenesis, from images to archetype
Abiogenesis, unblessed in the highest
Spawn of disease

Light from uncreation
Spawn of disease
Genesis of incarnation
Spawn of disease
Fire of creation
11. Aisle to Everything
A dagger in my hand
And nails in my neck
Piercing hard and fast

Spilled wine
Red in the color of fading
String of hope that flies
A chill creeping down your spine
Leaving you empty inside

As light as a feather
As hard as my rage
Steps that disappear
Beneath my feet

A reason to believe
The mirror of my strength
A taste of disease
The edge closer
A breath of life

Mourning star in the sky
Aisle me thru the everlasting
Chaos star in the endless
Guide me thru the everlasting
Mourning star in the sky
Aisle me thru the everlasting

Drawing the end
A drop in the universe
Drawing the end
No innocents
A path on reverse
No innocents
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