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At History's End Full Album Lyrics

Undying - At History's End cover art

At History's End

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Metalcore
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-08-12)
1. Reckoning (4:57)
Ashes to ashes, forever we fall down
With broken dreams we’re blind to see
What twisted words they tell
In a sky that’s without stars tonight
Where Nightmares grow so real
How far we fall, forever lost in broken concrete fields.

In a world that grinds so ceaselessly
Where the wheels of culture turn.

Where machines of hate speak hideously
And heaven’s brightness burns
Offered up the fruits of slavery
Sown – the poisonous seeds of forgetting
Grow choking vines like bitter tragedies
And piercing thorns unseen.

And so runs the world away
On scriptured lies
The ash of memory
And so we fall away
On scriptured lies
The ash of memory.

In the withered tongues of love we’ll speak
Our whispehidden heresies
Ten thousand years of bondage
And their cultures black disease

May this bloodstained tale come to an end
Blessed are we who without hope at history’s end

And we have buried what we have known of love
Come hollow eyes and unseen thoughts and brutal selfishness
And these scars of hate will never heal
These wounds that do bleed dry
Our mother earth condemned to die alone and she does cry

As we have grown deaf to the ceaseless roar
Of paradise burning forevermore
Choked with ash those dreams within us
Are waiting to be born

Let us speak of god
Let us speak of pain
Let us speak of suffering, sin and hate

Shut tight our eyes to their hollow lies
In this broken land of the dead
May silver tongue screams fall upon deaf ears
May the rivers of heaven run red
2. Lament (3:32)
Into the shadows of life to which we’ve been driven
In the ruins of Eden to which we have come

Under bleeding skies still writhes this tortured land
And this world without end stands forsaken
And we forget, have we gone so wrong?
That onward we march, lost and enslaved to their culture’s carrion song

The truth in the silences goes unheard, as we drown in their hideous faith
For they’ve built up their temples to slavery, and the stench of deceit suffocates

Through this night which we crawl
For there is always further to fall

Their rust scarred cities stand
To mark the graves below
The poisoned skies they weep
For their fates are cast in stone
The oceans boiling black upon the shores
Of this bloodstained waste landscape
That burns forevermore

And they step blind through this fever mad dance
In the last days of Eden which have come at last

And they’ve traded cheap the world and her love
For keys to the kingdom of filth above

(their cold kisses taste of blood and despair)

But we may surrender humanity’s shame
Reborn from the ashes of our world in flames

Burn, burn with the fires of change

Tear down their culture of conquest and greed
With unblended eyes a new dawn to greet
And cast off the weight of humanity’s sin
For a new day is born at their history’s end
3. Teratisms (4:22)
May the price of your heaven be this hell…

So we wander through all that is
Born up from shadows and lies
And everything that I have not
Is stained black with the blood of the blind
Whether chains of enslavement in silver
Or the glitter of the gilded cage
Are no less the bars between us
And our dreams as we march to the grave

In the horrors that breathe, of all that will be
Let us fear not the lies that they speak
Lest we are condemned to die on our knees

As dusk descends so all this must end
Let us lift up our hearts and become
The nameless damned, will you join the dance?
Of their culture’s poisonous song
Let night begin, the winds whisper in
The echoing absence surrounds

To claim the means to sever the strings
To the myths to which we are bound

So we reach for the stars above us
For tomorrow may never come
And everything that I am not
Is the price of this world come undone
We are washed of the sins of the fathers
In the tears of the wounded and lost
And if we are the last of the loving
May their empires crumble to dust

If our hearts must weep for that should be
Let us fear not the worlds, which we seek
If all this must end then mourn not the ruins beneath

The names of the dead, whispered in tongues
Voices lie still, songs left unsung
Bury these words in ashes and blood
For here lie the worlds of dreamers;
Uncharted, decayed – unloved

If our hearts must break and we bear the scars
Then blind us in darkness to blot out the stars
And carve our tomorrows in the flesh of the past
So tear off this veil of humanity,
Surrender our pain at last.
4. By Turns (3:35)
Burn this path that we tread, blindly whatever the cost
In this savage game of conquest our sacred world is lost
We stand outside the circle of life and worship our myths held so right
While our foundations crumble beneath us, for they are woven with lies

We die, with each passing breath
We watch the collapse of all that is left
The barren fields of plenty stand bitter testament
To mark the steps of progress written in this world’s distress

And we’re led astray
And we are enslaved
The lies that we are told
And learn to tell, body and soul

So drown the fires of life with this blood we have shed
As we enact this deadly dance, and bound by our culture we’re led
In this march of the damned, and do we stand a chance?
To unlearn the tales of this culture, to rewrite the myths of man

For we bear the shame, of this brutal reign
Of domination and conquest and pain
From birth we are blind, and no hour slips by
Without the whispers of our mother culture,
Her vision and her lies

And can we survive?
With this way of life
For we must deny this suffering, this sickness and this strife
Close your eyes…to their visions we are blind

And I will turn my back on this charade
A newfound worldview to light this path
Through these darkest days
And burn these bridges we have lain
To fill the darkness with the voices of freedom, regained
5. As Above (4:03)
As she chokes on the lies of the fathers
And their lust to degrade and enslave

How long must we wait in the silence?
While these quiet atrocities build
Condemned by their faith to honor, obey
In this nightmare of dreams unfulfilled

To walk in the shadow of violence
Through the visions and words that surround

Taught by these lies that dehumanize
And debase and degrade as she drowns

And the words that we speak offer justice
While the crimes of the sons cast aside
Beneath the weights as she suffocates
In this curse of the flesh we divide

Devoured by eyes without mercy
Stripped of her worth by their fear

The rituals of hate and beauty betrayed
Surrendered to sorrow and tears

Each silent shame endured in disgrace does deliver us unto this hell
May the world be her witness, to hymns of the fathers she fell

(and the dance of the dead in this hell…)

Never to rise from the silence
So deliver us up from ourselves
The world be our witness
To a new day of freedom
The lies of this culture,
The bonds of oppression: revealed
The night falls fast so shut your eyes
In this reign of hearts enslaved…we die

We’re offered up body and soul
And nameless violations untold
In the hours adrift in despair
Your whispering cold embrace
As Eve crowned in sorrow laid bare
Breathes suffering like sacrifice

And each breath of shame
And each stare degrades
For every word borne in disgrace
In this culture of hate
When defiance is all that remains
6. (Arrangement for Invisible Voices) (1:20)
7. For the Dying (3:25)
Lost to stagnant waters of apathy
That have been flooded by ignorance
The spirit of revolution, of change, of cause
Suffering silently, cast aside and forgotten
Hungers for a better day

And are we dead within these cages we are sold?
So close your eyes, pretend to dream as you grow cold

This culture has been crippled by the emptiness of life lived
With nothing and no one to die for

In this darkness so thick with no hint of light
We cling to the promises of science and technology
All the wonderwork modern miracles leading us
Always and all ways
To one ancient vision, one way to live

And we submit, ruled by the lies we have been told
So lift your head, pretend to feel as you grow cold

What are we waiting for?
In the comfort of naivety
What are we living for?
Awaiting the death that silence brings

what can we offer this world in which we have taken
more than our share?

And all that we give, all we will spare
Is a festering greed for that which was never ours

and always what to not-see, what to not-hear
what to do and how to live
Clenched fingers numb and weary
White-knuckled and gripping tight
To who we are, what we are, no more and no less
Hopelessly satisfied with the filth we have created
Never striving for anything beyond mere survival
Yet surprised by these feelings of loss

Thirsting for something more than this life
But unwilling to make it our own
Patient we wait for that last fleeting breath
Unfulfilled, unknown
But I will not stand by
I will not stand by
8. The Age of Grace (3:58)
Born and enslaved to this modern age
Where blood stains each step of this path we have paved
And what price our reign? At what cost their fate?
In this night unending when dawn comes too late

For each life that’s stolen and each cry unheard
For our lust that’s written in scars on this Earth
The lies which they teach, with forked-tongues they speak
Of this world created to conquer, to rule their greed

Are we corrupted by their greed?
Infected, decayed; corrupt with deceit

In this days of madness where misery reigns
When all hope is abandoned in promise of pain
And never a light from the darkness of hate
They hunger for death, their bodies as graves

our corrupted memory dies to see through compassion’s eyes

Lives consumed, flesh abused, tortured existence, encaged, entombed
Freedom lost, bodies marred, eternal hell, life behind bars

Their traditions die, as we fall no longer
With this reverence for life, we will fall no longer

In this world of the desperate and lost cast in filth
Compassion condemned in this nightmare fulfilled

The blind and their faith, to empty skies pray
The road to their heaven and god paved with rape
The hidden years have ended
The age of grace begun

The starving sound of fire, as heaven and Earth collide
Cast off like skin this suffering, on broken knees to rise
To sift through bitter ashes, to bleed like sacrifice
Our hearts forever burning, to breathe with newfound life
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